Steven’s weekly e-mails

We will be posting each of Steven’s e-mails here each week - most recent at the top.  Enjoy and don’t forget he LOVES letters and e-mails. =)
Week 105

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 3:36 PM

why hello there everyone!

I’m writing to you all from Valle de Bravo! Woo! Cause it’s our last week we got permission to come out here for pday today and switch it up and we worked yesterday but more on that in a second. So last week was soooo sweet! Everything just came together and the Lord has been blessing us a ton!!! Man do I love this work!!

Like we said Angel and Jose got permission from their Mom to get baptized and they got baptized on Saturday after the scouts activity! They were super pumped the whole week! Then on Sunday Angel got the priesthood. He’s the man! They were both taking about how they wanna be missionaries and they just Love the Book Of Mormon. They’ve read almost every chapter we’ve left them and every time we go over they’re like, what are we gonna read, what we gonna read?? haha they’re great. Then also Maria Gloria and Claudia, who were gonna be the miracles of last week got baptized on Saturday as well and a soon to be missionary helped us out baptizing too; it was a sweeet experience. But the story with Claudia is pretty cool. So the first time we went, she was like no I’m catholic and I love the virgin, I don’t believe this stuff. She was just really negative about everything. but then the second time was a little more receptive but before we came back the second time she had that problem at school…oh i just realized you dont know about half this stuff casue my letter last week got erased =/ haha sorry but yeah at school they were having a end of year party and she was drinking soda but someone had spiked it with who knows what and she got really messeed up. so bad she had to go to the hospital and almost passed away. But when we talked to her about the expirience she was so humbled by it she was like I know God didn’t let me die cause he wants me to change and come closer to him and now she’s all pumped on all spiritual stuff it’s way cool. It was like an Alma the Younger story basically haha. but it made me think a lot about in Alma 32 where it talks about those that are humble because they choose to are even more blessed than the people obligated to be humble. Like if we just do the will of the Lord we will be hugely blessed but sometimes we wait till we have problems and challenges and then search. We are still blessed for that but I was just thinking about how many hardships and trials we can avoid if we just get closer to the Lord. If we do so, he will help us avoid so much and we won’t need to be humbled in the future! Just a little food for thought.

but yeah then on Sunday Aldo and Esmeralda got baptized! Their step Dad was kinda disanimating them about it but they were like no we wanna do it and their Mom was like if it’s a step to follow Christ they have my permission. They were way happy and there Mom, Malena, wants to be baptized too but the only problem is that she needs to get married =/ and her husband doesn’t wanna right now but we’ll see what happens. were gonna keep working with them.

SO the Lord was just doing work here and it felt so good. A lot of times in my mission I just think I can do it for myself. I get prideful and I know it’s not good but it happens. But a huge reason I feel that we had all this success last week is that I was trusting completely on the Lord. I wanted to just do His will and I knew He would do the rest and it worked out. It’s something I wanna keep putting in practice the rest of my life and I invite you all to as well. Also last week Elder Richardson and I taught a couple pastors. It was pretty sweet, we taught them the restoration and there was no way they could deny the Spirit there. The first one, his name’s Antonio, he is a cool guy, and a boyfriend of a member. but we taught him the restoration and the Spirit was way strong. at the end he had some doubts about Joseph Smith and some other things but we just Explained the importance of knowing he is a prophet through reading the Book of Mormon, which is a fruit that we can have in our hands to know the truth. Mom mentioned she’s giving a talk about a talk by Elder Holland called Safety for the Soul. Man I love that talk! It is soooo powerful. Especially the part where he lifts up the same Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith was reading as he was martyred and talked about how he sealed his testimony with his blood wow its a powerful talk look it up! But that’s what we explained to him, that The Book of Mormon is the Keystone to everything and he accepted to read. Also we taught Don Chen Cho which is the Pastor we had already taught and the other Elders did a while back and it was another powerful lesson and he basically said that when the Chapel is here he is gonna take his congregation to join with us. Which will be a TON of people, he really is a goodhearted man and I do believe he’ll do it. It was a good week all in all.

Man…it’s the last week I can’t really belive it. We had our last meeting today it was really cool Elder Ross, the district leader, Elder Richardson and I all shared something and it was pretty sweet I loved it. man I have learned so much this change I can’t believe things are winding down…but the work continues we got lots to do cause we didn’t bring anyone new to church so we gotta find some MIlagros!! The Lord will provide the way! SO after the junta today we had pday! We went to climb the Peña, or like cliff, and it was soo cool. We went up the pathway behind but the view was amazing then we went inside a cave and went all the way in the back to explore it was way cool and then went and ate then went to the waterfall!! it was wayy cool a way fun way to have our last pday together.

Well I love you all for all the help and support you’ve given me I hope you’re doing great!

well see ya soon.


Elder Juker

Week 104

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 11:11 AM

wow what a bummer =( i just wrote a huge letter and it frozeup and got
erased =(

I’m sorry but there’s not time left and I’m way bummed about

that so I’ll just right something quick.

It was a good week had a lot

of people in church and a lot of possible baptisms for this week so

we should see a lot of miracles! We got a bunch of referrals from some

members and they’re looking pretty great right now so we should be

baptizing a bunch of families soon!

Oscar who got baptized last week

got a job! The Lord blessd him so fast its sweet! except he told his
boss he wanted Sundays off and he said it was ok but then this sunday
he didn’t let him leave, so Oscar couldn’t get confirmed =/

But we had a good church service. I gave the priesthood class it was cool it was

on temples and the importance of them. I was kinda nervous at first
cause a member brought a pastor of some sabbatical church over. but it

turned out good and he really liked it. We’re gonna go teach him
tomorrow haha I’ve never seen so many pastors open to listening to the
gospel. Usually they just wanna fight but he’s like the 4th here that
openly listens. So maybe he’ll be the one to get baptized haha!

Well  i love you guys so much and hope your doing well. i promise ill write a
better letter next week this one just got erased sorry =( be good!

until next week! oh i might write on Tuesday though so if i don’t write on
monday don’t worry haha love you all!
Elder Juker

Week 103
From: Steven Juker <>

Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 10:40 AM
Happy Julio! (thats july in spanish ;) haha)

Hows it going everyone? Man last week was amazing. Full of tons of blessings and great things that happened. So i think i talked a little about Oscar and his family last week right? He is a stud. THe whole week he was like I need to get married, I need to get married now, so I can get baptized. haha and his wife was kinda ify about it but he pumped her up and they got married on Friday! but that’s another story.. But the whole week they were just way excited then we were teaching them and the 8 year old daughter was like i dreamt about you guys and i was like really when and shes like the day before you came. And I asked what had happened and she said we went to her house and taught them to sing haha which is true cause we sing in all the lessons. It was way sweet. It’s amazing how close to the spirit the people can be down here if they just open up their hearts and look. but this whole family was just way elect.

On friday we went to San Simon de Guerrero to get them married. A pueblito like 35 min away in car so we got there and the secretary was all ticked and like how do you think there gonna get married today?? they need this and this and other things but well see what the…idk the name in English..but the guy that marries people says. so we figured he knew us and he’d be cool but he came and was the same way. So we were like well lets just go back to Tejupilco it’s more expensive, but they can do it today. So we were gonna leave, but the 1st counselor of the branch presidency was with us and went to talk to the boss of the place and told them what had happened and he came down and told the marriage guy to marry them today. It was such a huge blessing! and we were super lucky he came with us. Cause we were gonna take them to get married by ourselves but like an hour after we had set the time to get married we were in the street and the counselor was there and asked if he could help with anything so we asked him to help us out with taking them and everything worked out perfectly. It just goes to show that the Lord is preparing everything so that his work comes to pass.

We also had like 12 solid people committed to church but they had all fallen through but a little bit after the meeting started a sister came in with these two neighbor kids of her that we were teaching with there gma and they loved church. During the baptisms they were telling everyone they are gonna get baptized next week. So we went to there house to talk to the Mom about it, but one of there Aunts was there preaching her something…they were in the other room and wouldn’t come out to talk but I just heard her yelling and saying like we gotta fight for salvation fight for it or we will be thrown down to the fires of hell and we will suffer forever and blah blah blah it was pretty bad but then we talked to the gma and she was kinda upset at first but just cause she had just come from talking to that crazy lady who did not have the spirit but we explained everything to her and she softened her heart and gave permision. Weve got a bunch of peple to work with this week. A few families of three that look pretty good and a couple otheres that should come to church. im pretty excited the work is gonna start going crazy right now and were just gonna be harvest all the fruits of aour labors im pumped!! love you all be good!


Elder Juker

oh no i almost forgot some amazing news! So on sunday the stake president came out and announced that we are now officialy a WARD! wooo!! thats so cool. So they set apart the branch president as Bishop and they are gonna buy a plot of land and start to make a Church building as well! Im so pumped to see the church growing so much! also a branch where i was whne i got here…tenancingo theyre gonna make it a ward in december and also open up a branch in ixtapan de la sal which was part of the area. THe Church is growing way good here and im so grateful to be part of it!

Week 102

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:56 AM
hello everyone,

Another week has flown by and it was a great one. I’m really loving it right now. We’re working super hard and we’ve been finding a ton of people. Just gotta find the elect. We had 32 news with 47 lessons and 161 contacts so were doing work; I love it.

We found a bunch of families but we only had 3 people in church but they are way great. Just one couple needs to get married first so we’ll see how that goes this week. Something I was really grateful for last week was the guide of the Holy Ghost. It was way sweet like 5 times we were walking to another place to go knock, cause our appointment had fallen through, and I like walked past a street and felt…this one. and went back we found a great family at like the first door each time. On Saturday that happened. I was kinda bummed cause none was really committing to go to church, but we were knocking doors behind the house of prayer. Then I saw this gate with some houses behind it. But just a few and they were like just in the middle of like some fields and I felt like we should go there so we went down and at the very bottom there was this tiny cinder block house it had two bunk beds pushed together on one side and then a dresser on the other and basically no more room. It’s such a tiny house. But the family is super cool. SEVEN people live in that house! 7! it’s crazy it’s not too bad right now cause it’s the mom and dad and the oldest girl is 8 but in a couple years when the kids are bigger it’ll be crazy. But they were super elect. They all accepted baptism and to go to church. So the next day we passed by and all the little kids came out all super excited to chake our hands and they loved church. Only the dad the 8 year old and then a 3 and 2 year old came but they were all super pumped after. They loved church and the Dad was participating and everything. Then after church we went by and taught them about Joseph Smith and they loved it! and are way excited for their baptism. The only thing is that the parents need to be married and they don’t have much money so well see how that goes…. but they’re way cool!

Then we had found this brother and sister that we were teaching and they were way excited for church. but we got there to pick them up and the brother was leaving to go somewhere else and the sister had already left but said she’s get to church by herself…which is what they always say haha but she actually came through! and she loved church and also as a firm baptismal date for next week. I’m way pumped for them! and a bunch of other people we found are way cool too. Right now its kinda rough cause everyone’s running around with the politixcs and what not. but elections are the first of july so it’ll b e done soon.

My companions doing good, he just gets bummed sometimes with all the changes and the language and what not but he’s doing better and I have him watch a video from Elder Holland every morning to pump him up haha he’s great.

I love you guys so much and am very greatful for your love and support. hope your all doing well i’ll talk to you next week.


Elder Juker

Week 101

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Hey family!!

sorry that i didn’t write last week but here i am =)

Man the last two weeks went by even faster times just flying. But here in Tejupilco I am now with my new companion Elder Herd. He’s from Sandy, Utah and he’s the man. He’s way cool he’s got a ton of desires to work super hard just is kinda struggling with the espanish; but it’s cool everyone passes for that phase. He’s got a family even bigger than ours. They have 14 kids but it’s way fun to be his companion; he’s like the kid I’ve always wanted. haha Not that the other ones I didn’t like, but he just is like brand new really willing to learn. Which is way sweet cause he just soaks up everything and I learn a ton from him as well.

We got to the area last tuesday at like 9 so we didn’t get to work but we still got to work super hard and had lots of stuff to do. We found this family of 14. Thy are pretty cool it’s just hard to teach families that are so big casue they have so many different doubts but they are really open and the dad and 2 daughters came to church on Sunday which is great cause if the dad comes we’ll pull the whole family!

The lessons the last week have been pretty sweet, it’s cool cause I’ll teach them the doctrine and explain and testify then my companion will come in and try to teach a little and just bear some solid testimony and the Spirit just gets them. It’s way fun trying to teach him spanish i can’t wait to see him just speakin to everyone like nothing by the end of the change. We also found a bunch of people but like always the first lesson they always accept everything and look soo elect but then satan gets in there too. but we gotta just help em out to see the light. Like this one family we were teaching them, they make tortillas and sell them at there house, but they were acceptive but didn’t wanna go to church cause they needed to sell. so we taught them a little about it one day but didn’t have much time the next day we came back and had  a way spiritual lesson and they accepted and we left them a chapter to read in the bom. then on saturday we passed by to confirm everything and they were like man i love that book your gonna have to tell me where i can find one for us. and were like it’s yours to keep and they were all happy so we thought they were super elect but they had a ton of work that day so we tried to talk but thy were just making tortillas then we asked if they were excited for church and they were like no we gotta go to the market and then just wouldn’t listen cause of the work they had then we passed by sunday morning and they were there and were like yeah i know it’d be good but we just got stuff to do =/ it was a heart breaker! but its cool well find more escogidos.

My goal this week was to have my companion baptize someone so we were working really hard with the possibles and we had 2 with date for sunday but we went by them in the morning and they left to visit there sick sister =7 so i was way bummed. But it worked out case there were these 2 8 year old kids of recent converts that were gonna get baptized so my companion and elder richardsons companion got to baptize 1 each it was sweet they loved it.

Now this week we’ll have like 6 for them to baptize!

Love you guys a ton hope your doing good. I can’t beleive how fast time is going its rediculous but i love every minute! gotta take advntage of each were working at 2 today! haha i love you guys be good!


ELder Juker

Week 100

Steven Juker

Jun 12

hey mom and dad how are you guys sorry i didnt write yesterday with
the changes i didnt have time everythings great elder richardson is
coming out to tejupilco and were both getting kids so im here in the
offices waiting for them love you guys so much the work is great! ill
tell you more next monday!
Love Elder Juker

Week 99

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 9:02 AM

To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hey everyone!!

So it was another wonderful week here in tejupilco. it hasnt been raining as much so it was super hot all week but it was good. WE found a lot of news and had a ton of lessons this weeek i love this place. We had one person with a baptismal date for this sunday, luminosa. She was doing great and then we found like a million other possibles. Like two weeks ago this guy and this girl contacted us in the street asking what we believe in so we made an appointment and went to go teach them buut where they live theres no directions or street names or anything so we were just gonna meet up in a school nearby but they didnt show up =/ but last week we were walking around and we saw the girl and her sister and were like hey can we share someting now? and they accpeted and turns out that the sister had gone to church like a year ago! and she was super pumped to ge baptized but her mom got her kinda desanimated so she wanted to wait =/ but they both came to church and loved it so they should get baptized this week. Then on saturday we were talking to letycia. Shes the one who her son was recently murdered. We hadnt been able to find her cause shes been with the Testigos de Jehovah all the time =/ but shes got 5 months with them and she said they just started to prepare her for baptism. So we explained how knowledge is not a requirement for baptism and how its something we need to be able to get the holy ghost to be able to teach us and shes like that makes perfect sense. I need the holy ghost to help me out adn comfort me and i shouldnt wait for it. And we invited her to be baptized the next day and shes like yeah yeah i wanna i just wanna advise the JW’s casue ive been with them for a while but who knows what happened cause she didnt come on sunday =/. i ate a chicken foot last week as well…it wasnt as bad as youd thing. It was just gross as you like bit off the toes and cuase it didnt have any meat basically just cartiledge and nerves..but mexicans love em! haha Weve also found some wild animals. i have videos of them but i cant send them home sorry =/ someday youll see them but for now you cans ee how we tamed the donkey haha. WE went to go visit this less active family that we are the home teachers to and its wayyy far away. as we were going up we saw the donkey but we went in to the appt. and we taught them and the daughters and the dad commited to go to churcH! the mom had to work =/ but it was cool casue the dad really did come but only one daughter! the branch here has a lot of desires to grow and they work hard at it its way cool. They fault just a little bit to be a ward so soon they should have everything set. But back to the donkey haha when we left to appointment we took a picture of the donkey and the sister came out to take her daughter to school and was like get on it doesnt do anything and we were like hmm and shes like come on get on…so we did haha We also ate pretty god last week i sent pictures of the bean and cheese burritos i made and also the pancakes and eggs thy were deliscous! So changes is coming up next week but im pretty sure i already know mine. The lst few tiems i talked to president he said im gonna get another hijito =D so ill be a dad again haha itll be sweet and also that Elder Richardson is probably coming out here to tejupilco with a kid as well so thatll be wayy fun. BUt still got one more week to tear things up with elder christofferson! love you guys!


Elder Juker

Week 98

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 28, 2012 at 9:11 AM

Hey everybody

Man this week just flew by. And this change is going suupperrr fast as well its already week 5 wow. SO it was a pretty good week. Friday morning i was finishing my bowl of cereal when Presidente called. My companion answered and I thought he must have called to talk about when he was gonna come out here to see the pastor. But then he asked to talk to me and he sounded pretty serious and I was like, uh oh is he mad at me for something? lol But then he told me what happened with Grandma. It was like mom said to me in a letter a surprise but not a shock. I thought she was doing better and that she was gonna be able to make it so I could be able to see her again but her time has come and now she is at rest. (alma 40 11-12). I’m so grateful for this wonderful Gospel that we have and the knowledge that we know where she is and that she is gonna be ok. I think the Lord was preparing me for this. Last Sunday, not yesterday but the day before the other elders in our branch were gonna give talks on the atonement but they had to go pick up investigaters so at the last minute Elder Christofferson and I had to give the talks. He spoke on how Christ overcome the spiritual death and I spoke about how he overcame the physical death. It’s amazing the love that our Savior has for us. That He would give so much to bring about the atonement so that we could be able to see our loved ones after this life. I know that Christ gave his life for us. And then he took it up again to overcome death that we might be able to as well. (alma 27:28) I feel sad that Grandma is gone but I guess that’s kinda a selfish feeling, I know she is doing so much better and that we will all see her again some day. Stephaine said to me that it’s interesting to think that grandma is looking down on us from the other side and it made her want to act better I laughed when I read that casue I was talking the same thing to my companion and one of my buddys here in the zone. I remember how mom would say Grandma would love hearing about the letters from her grandkids on the mission and would think, Is she watching me right now? and it would help me to work even harder. I think the mission field is the best place to be when something like this happens cause I get to teach and learn about the plan of salvation everyday and learn so much about it. It’s amazing. I know it hurts but just trust in the lord and receive the happiness he has for us. I can’t remember where the scripture is its in the gospel of John…i think like 16 or something….but im not sure its the last verse of the chapter and i like it a lot. It says These things i say unto you that you might have peace. in the world you will have afflictions but trust in me. I have overcome the world. I know these things to be true and know that our father in heavan is there to help us in our times of greatest need i know that our saviour Jesus CHrist suffered all that we feel so that we can feel releif through him! Dont forget it! =D

But yeah this week was kinda rough we were working super hard and had a bunch of people committed to church but we didn’t have anyone to baptize. =/ Then on like friday and saturday like half the people that were gonna come to church were like aawww now im not gonna be able to go =7 we still had like 7 commited but we had way more. Then on sunday only one of the people came to church but she is super golden she accepts everything so we were pumped about that but bummed we didn’t have more or baptisms. SO we went out to work. We ended the week with like 144 contacts and 40 lessons and at 830 we were like ok lets go by isaias. Hes a guy that went to church 2 times last change but didn’t wanna get baptized cause he said he needed a little more time. so we went by, even tho we had past by many times the last couple weeks and hadn’t found him. But we got there and sat down. And my companion asks so how do you feel about baptism? haha and he’s like yeah its good but idk and was kinda putting some pretexts. I was all thinking what scriptures should I use, What way should I go about inviting him to be baptized and all but then I just felt like I should just invite him. SO I testified about baptism and then invited him and he’s like yeah i’ll do it(which basically everyone will say yes they want to but the date is what they always have problems with) so I was like you wanna do it right now? and he’s like….you know what.. yeah let’s do it you gotta follow Christ lets go do it! Oh man it was such a huge miracle! so we went to the house of prayer and he got baptized at like 9 at night! It was the perfect way to end the week! we were getting kinda frustrated cause weve been working super hard and not seeing to much success but the Lord Provides. and now we have a bunch of people lined up for the next couple weeks and its gonna be great! well i love you guys hope your doing good and feeling ok. If you feel down just grab your scriptures and read I promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ that you will recieve the help you are looking for in THe word of God. Just gotta do it!


ELder Juker

ps i contacted this american guy that lives next door to us. Hes kinda a weirdo my companion thinks he either killed his wife and came here ot hide or that hes a drug dealer hahaha his names mark dalman and has been living here for 15 years and he likes it better than the states..i say hes crazy like yeah its nice here i love it love preaching the gospel but id never live here for good haha hes from LA and said he wanted to get away from the Rat Race and find some peace lol i think hes a hippy but well see if we can teach him this week =D thats your intersting fact of the day!

Week 97

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 9:24 AM


Today is may 21st which means today I complete 22 months! That’s way crazy!!

This last week was pretty sweet. We went to Metepec on Monday, like I said, cause of the zone conference. We went to some big idk how you would say it in English….. but where they just selling tons of stuff in the street and I bought a couple belt buckles; they were pretty cool. Then I got to work at night time with Elder Deardan; it was pretty cool.

Then on Tuesday we had zone conference man was it a spiritual feast! I loved it so much. Normally I always learn a ton from the Assistents and Sister and President Villarreal and just enjoy the talks from the ZL’s. But this one was wayyyy good!! Like all the talks and messages were wayy cool. I’m not saying that before I didn’t learn anything from the zone leaders, but just that this time like all of the talks were way sweet. They talked alot about time and choosing to use it well cause we don’t have much time. About how our actions show if we choose to return with God and how nothing is impossible for us cause were children of God and he loves us so much. The summary doesn’t give them justice but it was way cool. Then Sister Villarreal talked about all the attributes that we need as missionaries and we read a ton of scriptures in D&C which was way cool cause I had been studying that as well recently so I learned a lot. Then president talked about just giving more and making sure our hearts are in the work as well and talked about helping the church grow and abolut retaining converts. It was wayy cool and I enjoyed every second! I think it was cause the majority of topics were things that have been on my mind and that I’ve been studying as well. But I guess that’s how revelation works! haha The only bad part is that it was my last zone conference =( but it was great!

Then we didn’t get home till like 7:30 cause we live so far away haha and just when we got here it started to rain a TONl. And the next two days were the same it would be all sunny and bright till like 7:30 it would just rain forever. But it slowed down now but they say that when the rain season is in full blow that’s how it is everyday. But my shoes don’t have holes and I have an umbrella so everything’s fine haha.

This week was lots of fun lots of hard work but not too many fruits. We missed the first two days of work basically but we still had like a ton of lessons and news and contacts. We had these two families of 9 that we were teaching one the dad was kinda interested at first but we didn’t know anybody else in the family and in the other one the mom was like I wanna get baptized, I wanna go to church but you gotta talk to my husband first. So we finally talked to her husband and for lack of a better way to describe him, he is crazy, haha he’s just way closed in his beliefs and won’t look at it any other way. Even though what he would try to say made no sense. haha So we went to try to get permission for the mom and kids to come and we went and the mom had left but the dad and all the kids were there so we taught the restoration ann the daughter of 16 was just trying to be all crazy too. She asked us, who is your church founded in? and we said Jesus Christ and she was like i was under the impression that it was supposed to be founded in Peter haha and then she’s like i don’t care if i’m with my family after this life cause I’m just gonna be worshipping God; so it was pretty sad. We had to drop the huge family.

And right after that we went with the other family of nine. And they accepted everything baptism, Joseph smith, and to be baptized the next day =D It was sooooo amazing; the lesson was sweet. But then on Sunday the dad had to go to work early and the mom had unexpected visitors come and they couldn’t get baptized =/ It was a bummer but I know as we keep working we will see the fruits. Just cant get bummed. We just gotta work even harder and i know well have even mor success.

I love you All hope your doing great! have a great week!


Elder Juker

pictures of me and elder ortega me and elder esquivel and a peacock and some random pigs on the side of the road and some nazi truck we found

ps im pretty bummed about the lakers president on tuesday was like I have chinese something, I can’t remember the word, for you.. The school bus is driven by thunder cause the thunder had beat the lakers pretty bad and he’s been updating me on their games haha hopefully they’ll turn it around

Week 96

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 14, 2012 at 8:08 AM

To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

hey everyone! long time no see! hows everyone doing’ that was pretty cool to see everyone yesterday! its crazy to think how soon it will be that we will see eachother in person. But everything here is going pretty great i tried to atatch a video but it was too long =/ sorry but there are som picture the box with a milk box leading up to it is a home made mouse trap we made but it hasnt worked yet =/ haha last week was pretty good we saw lalo and his family that were supposed to get baptized on tuesday and everything was all good for there baptism on sunday but then we went by thursday and there was nothing in the house and we think they got kicked out again and we havent been able to find them =/ i hope theyre doing ok and that we can find em. This last week like i said yesterday we were knocking a lot of doors but we found a bunch of people going through a bunch of family problems like that lady whos son was just murdered and also the day before we had found a lady whose husband and son were kidnapped from there house 4 years ago and she has not seen anything of them since. It was super sad but helping them understand the plan of salvation is amazing the joy it brought to them is just so wonderful. to know that the family can be together forever and that death is just another step that if we live according to our heavanly fathers plan we can be with our familys forever helped them out a ton. Basically everyone here away from the church just thinks that in heavan we wont know each other or that death is the end or they just dont know, So its so great to be able to share these restored truths. the only bad part is, like with everyone, even when they learn it and know it costs them to do the necessary to have an eternal family. I know sometimes it can b hard but as we strive to do what’s right and to do te lords will he blesses us and helps us and we can do the hard things that he asks of us. Like nephi said the lord dos not give commandments we cant keep and like Paul said God will not tempt us more than we can stand. That’s a great comfort in this life o know that with every temptation every trial comes with a way to pass by it, we just gotta trust in the lord. Have faith in our savior. But faith is verb. faith without works is dead. The lord expects us to be doers of the word not just hearers. If we really have faith then we are gonna show the lord. it doesn’t matter what he asks of us. Whether it be to build a boat, fight against a huge army, go to church, get baptized like our savior, keep the commandments. If we really have faith in him we will show it and do these things. Cause even though it seems hard, it is always worth it. Everytime. It’s something that before i didn’t understand very well before. i still don’t as much as i should but i still want everyone to understand it more and show their faith and receive the great blessings that God has in store. I guess its something that peple have the same problem all over the world, god has given us our agency and it is up to us to choose freedom and eternal life through our savior or not. i love you all so much sorry if i looked kinda sad yesterday i was just bummed that not very many of you guys went to church. I guess ive just heard too many stories of elders like there mom who never wanted anything to do with the church got baptized while he was on his mission or his brother or sister who was falling away from the church came back while he was on his mission and sometmes i feel like i must be doing something wrong cause i dont see too many of those haha but its ok i know the lord has a plan for all of us. Hes always there waiting with his outstretched hands to help us on our way. But we gotta go to him i love you all so much! have  a great week!

Love Elder Juker

Week 95

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 7, 2012 at 10:13 AM

To: Nancy Juker <>


So another week has come and gone. I really like my new area its pretty sweet its way hot tho. It’s not as hot as Visalia or other places but now I’m accustomed to Mexico and I’m not used to the heat so it’s pretty warm. haha But the people here are pretty sweet we had a great week like 43 lessons and 29 news so were finding tons of people that’s what I like about here tons of people accept you. But as always the challenge is getting them to act. But getting in the door is over half the battle.

So we had a ton of people commited to church but only one came but she seems pretty good so we should be able to baptize her and work on her family as well. She walked in during gospel principles class and saw the teacher and I guess it’s one of her friends so we have some fellowshipping now! woo haha Then we have this family of 4 that we are teaching. They are way nice and super receptive but very poor. They had a baptismal date for the Sunday before I got there but they got kicked out of the place they were staying at on Saturday night at 11 pm so they didn’t get baptized. They were staying just in a little room all four of them in one room it was pretty sad so they were looking for a place and on Tuesday found another place it’s two rooms now which is a little better, but it makes me sad to see such poverty and not be able to help them. So we were teaching them and they all were good to get baptized Sunday. Then on Saturday night we went by to how they were doing and the husband was saying he had to work the next day cause if they didn’t pay 800 pesos by Tuesday they were gonna lose the house. But we animated him and shared some scriptures and testimony about searching God first and he was like ok we’re all gonna go get baptized tomorrow! and they were super sure about it. But then we passed by in the morning and the wife told us his boss came and told him to work and he said no then his boss was like I gave you work when you asked for it and now you wont help me? If you don’t come, you lose your job. So he went to work =/ and didn’t get baptized. It was pretty sad but I know they’re gonna do it. It’s just a bummer they couldn’t be recieving these blessings already.

We meet in a house here in Tejupilco for church it’s just a normal house when we got there at like 9:57 there was like 6 people there so I was kinda worried. But then it filled up a little and there was like 45 or 50 people in the branch. But they are all way pumped on the missionary work. Some seem like they wanna help a lot but some say dumb things sometimes. Like here is where in January one companionship baptized 31 people and the other one here in the branch baptized like 20. But a bunch of them are less active just a couple families still go so some members were like ¨don’t worry about baptizing¨it’s better to have a few solid people than a bunch of baptisms. I kinda wanted to tell them off but I didn’t haha cause baptism is something that everyone needs. Without it they can’t have the Holy Ghost. How do you expect someone to take good choices without the Holy Ghost to guide them in difficulties? And if they go inactive at first at least they have that planted in them. They have those great feelings and memories to help them come back one day. It’s something that members and even some Elders don’t understand sometimes and can be frustrating. But were just gonna keep working hard and helping these people take these steps towards heaven.

So remember how I said some Elders were teaching a pastor? He is also in this area. haha So we went to see him last week. He’s a cool guy, his name is Don Chencho he makes sandals out of old tires. haha I’m gonna buy some. We went to visit him and he asked us about baptisms for the dead. So I explained it to him with the scriptures and everything. It was way cool I felt the spirit so strongly as I testified and taught him it was wayy cool. I learned I need to trust in the Lord a lot more when I teach casue I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda nervous to go teach a pastor. He’s got like 40 years as a pastor, So I just said a prayer on the way over there and trusted in the Lord and He helped a ton. I sometiems fall and just trust in my self and think I can teach good so I don’t have to worry but it helped me to realize I always have to trust in Him and search His help and things will leave so much better. I know if you guys do the same you will see your lives go way better. We just gotta trust in the Lord in all we do!

Our house is pretty sweet, right outside of our bedroom there’s a little balcony and you can go on the roof. That place is now my meditation place. haha Every night I go out there just to think about the day think about things i can do better and ask for help for everything. It’s sweet cause from our roof you can see like the whole city and the stars are pretty clear as well it’s super tranquilo and I love it.

My companion is the man even tho he just has a couple changes in the field he teaches me a ton every day he has a huge desire to always be better and is really humble so i learn tons from him. I really love this area. It’s way fun. And last change they lost the phone so we don’t have one yet till like next week, so it’s pretty great there’s no worries about other elders and how they’re doing. And there’s nobody checking up on us all the time haha It’s sweet, just get to concentrate on doing work all day! i love it!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all your love and support! Oh yeah so my other package is in Valle De Bravo and they’re gonna bring here tomorrow! But I almost forgot, speaking of Valle de Bravo, I finally got to go! woo! haha But just for district meeting. One week it’s over there then one week it’s here and it changes like that. So we just walked through it but its pretty sweet. I took a picture of the lake from the taxi we were in. It looks like a way sweet place we’ll have to visit it one day!

Well I love you all hope you have a great week and well talk to you on Sunday! oh I’m gonna call at 6 pm my time and I will try to use oovoo but it depends if the family lets me download it on there computer so just be ready with both haha love you all!


Elder Juker

Ps remember to go to church or im only gonna talk for 15 minutes…….moms gonna be pretty ticked if someone ruins it for her =)

Week 94

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 1:08 PM

To: Nancy Juker <>

Hey everybody!

So six weeks felw by again and here i am in Tejupilco! I Got changed again. I was really not expecting it because on Tuesday we had interviews with President. He told me that I would be opening up a branch they are gonna open up in Ixtlahuaca and it was gonna be my ¨kingdom¨ haha But then on Sunday morning they told me I was coming here; but I’m not complaining, it’s pretty sweet here. They baptize a ton and it’s a sweet area. It’s like the opposite side of the State of Mexico from Atlacomulco and the area is just as big. Everyone says it’s pretty hot here so that should be fun, but the food is supposed to be really good as well so thatll be great.

My companion is Elder Christofferson; he’s the man. He is from the same generation of missionaries as my last kid Elder Mazariegos. He’s from Lehi, Utah and yes he is related to the Apostol Elder D Todd Christofferson hahah but yeah so I’m pretty pumped.

The last week was pretty sweet Enrique finished the Book of Mormon and is now in Doctrine and Convenios 20. His Dad got confirmed and he was so happy it was pretty hard to say goodbye to them; they are a great family. We were teaching Ramons wife and he was bearing his testimony to her it was sooo powerful and just to see that joy and happiness in his eyes was wayy sweet. Josefina and Quetzali also got confirmed which was good but I left a broken heart in Atlacomulco. Haha 8 year old Quetzali was pretty sad to hear that I was leaving but it was way sweet cause they were kinda bummed and this big family came over to start to talk to them and fellowship them and help them out, so they are gonna be great as well.

We worked pretty hard last week and had 2 people on date for Sunday but they didn’t come =/. But We did have a family of 4 come to church for the first time. The Mom, Monica, has a lot of desires to listen and learn more. the Dad left angrily the first time and the second time we came in to teach them but finally opened up and listens and came to church! He has a lot of doubts tho but I’m pretty sure they can get him for this Sunday.

Here in Tejupilco we have like 6 people that we can baptize pretty easily so im pumped on that. Oh man I shoulda taken pictures of the house it is soooooo sweet!! It’s like two stories has a full kitchen a little family room thing with 2 couches and a couple chairs 2 bathrooms and its just wayy sweet its gonna be great! and I’m pretty close to Valle de Bravo. a sweet lake town that I’ve always wanted to serve in. So I will probably be able to go there some day on pday. So I’m pretty excited for the work! I like changes cause they always give me just another jolt of excitement and energy. Ihave 2 changes left which is sooo crazy so ima have to take advantage of it and i know my new companion will help me a lot with that.

Oh I got my package with the shoes and they are great thanks so much so I threw out the old broken ones thanks dad and mom you guys are the best! And the one with the camera came it is wayy sweet thank you so much monica! your the best! I sold my other one to Elder Valencia so I’ll get the money back on that one cause the one you guys sent I like way better! And the other package is in the offices who knows when I will get it tho… haha its all good tho.

I sure love you guys and hope your doing great. Here everything is way good. We ended the month with  425 baptisms and 433 confirmations! which is something amazing nobody in a looong time has gotten that the Lord blessed us soo much! So now time to thank Him and work even harder and get to the next goal! 500! it’s way possible as long as we just keep´following the lords will. I love this work. I hope you guys can do the same. The promise the Lord made to the Nefites and Lamanites in the BOM is for everyone, as we keep the commanments we shall prosper in the land. I love you guys so much and to end I want to invite you all to read a supér sweet amazing talk that i read! its from the abril ensign an its by Elder David A Bednar on the atonement I loved it so much. there are two quotes that i loved from it especially ¨the role gospel is to make bad men good and good men better´ I like that one cause sometimes we can just get complacent by being just good but as we strive to be better always we will see more blessings in our lives. In every part of our lives so we just have to apply the gospel more. The second one is ¨the enabling power of the atonement strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity¨ The power of the atonement is real and it is powerful if we apply it in our lives, I know that we can overcome any trial or test.

I love you all so much and hope you can read and ponder and put in practice all the things you learn from the talk from elder bednar. love you all!


Elder Juker

ps remember to go to church on mothers day or i will only talk for 15 minutes!!! =)

Week 93

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 8:40 AM
Subject: hellooooooooo

Hey family! hows it going? I’m having a little bit of  dejavu cause I’m at a ciber here in Metepec where we always used to go. haha We’re gonna play soccer today against them! woo! Thanks bob for the shoes I’m gonna tear it up with those! =) Before I forget I did get my birthday package,  in like March I never said so? I’m sorry, thank you guys so much Mom and Dad it was sweet! Then one package is here in Toluca that they are gonna give me today. It’s the one that says missionary suplies as the stuff inside and then the shoes are in the offices but tomorrow we have interviews so they’re gonna bring it out to me tomorrw. I also got your letter Mom and sent one off too. You guys are the best thanks soo much.

So this last week was pretty great, we have a bunch of families we’re teaching. One of 5, one of 6, one of 4, a couple of 3, and a few others. So we we’re pretty pumped about the week. We had 21 people committed to go to church and like 15 of them seemed pretty sure then Sunday rolls around and well, none of them came =( We were pretty bummed, but I felt worse for my companion cause he was way excited and I don’t think he realizes yet that the people do this a lot haha. But one good thing is that Enriques Dad, Ramon, did come and Enrique got the Priesthood and baptized his Dad! man it was wayy awesome. They were both super pumped we took a pic of them and Ramon was like; can I get a picture with the people who are responsible for this and we took one with him as well haha it was way cool. Enrique was in Helaman 4 Sunday morning so he should be finishing the Book of Mormon by next week. He’s such a stud! haha

The last few weeks we’ve been knocking a lot of doors cause everyone we have appts with is always in like the night time or at the same time so it leaves lots of time to find news. Sometimes it can be kinda stressful. Cause people are kinda hard headed like 2 days ago I contacted this lady and she was like I’m not interested and so I tried to explain her what we do and she just got suupper mad and was like what don’t you understand I don’t want anything, when she didn’t even know I just want her salvation. lol So it can get kinda frustrating; but it is all worth it when you find super elect familes. We found this one in a place called Tecoac. The Dad reminds me a lot of Dad. Who knows if it’s his way to be or just his beard, but he does haha, or that he didn’t come to church on Sunday ;) haha any of those could be but the family is way cool they love everything and wanna get baptized just have a little bit of fear of going to church cause they feel like they’re turning their backs on their tradition, their ancestors, and the catholic church. Bu they are understanding more and I’m sure they’ll come this Sunday and get baptized the next!

Oh hey so Mother’s day is coming the 13 right? Well I’ll be making a call home again, probably skype like christmas if I can. BUT there’s something you guys gotta do. So normally when I call I get an hour right? But like everytime I’ve called nobody has gone to church that day =/ so if you guys all don’t go to church I’m only gonna talk for 15 min. Just so you know and can make the plans and arrangements to go so we can have the full hour haha. I love you guys and hope your all doing good. Mexico is great I love it. This month in the mission we already have 311 confirmations and have a week left we are for sure gonna break 400 thats so crazy there are miracles happening so often I love this work.

Be good and I’ll talk to you all soon!


Elder Juker

Week 92

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 8:57 AM

Hey family!!

Hows it goin? Another great week here in Mexico! so remember Enrique that got baptized last week? Well like the Friday before his baptism we gave him a Book of Mormon. On Wednesday when we went to visit him he was already in Jacob 5! and now last night he was in Mosiah 18 so by now he probably finished Mosiah haha he’s a stud. He got confirmed and next sunday will get the Priesthood. And the coolest thing in the world could happen. His Dad, who was the first to accept us but then was like I’m catholic, came to church with him on Sunday so were gonna try to get him baptized this Sunday and Enrique can do the baptism; it would be way sweet!

So last week, I don’t remember if I told you guys, but we had a Grandma and her Granddaughter that accepted baptism and to go to church but the member didn’t pass by them. So we went by like Tuesday and they were kinda upset they had been waiting for three hours all ready to go =/ and they were still super excited for they’re baptism so we talked to President and he said that it was ok if they got baptized after the services on Sunday cause the last one they were gonna go but the member didnt go by. They were way excited. It’s cool cause at first the Grandma was like I’m catholic, I can’t accept other religions in my home. But then her heart was softened and they were like yeah baptize us!! So on Sunday they got baptized it was sweet! I baptized Quetzali the little girl she reminds me of monica and maliah cause she’s crazy just like them and learns super quick haha.

Then last night Elder Valencia and Elder Heward baptized a family of 3! it was sweet cause I got to teach them a lot as well. Elder Valencia and I found them and they accepted everything then I did the interviews a little later and taught them a few times as well they’re way solid.

I really like this area; like all of the converts are just super solid. When we went and taught Enrique and he was asking about being a missionary and what he needs to do he’s way pumped. When we go with him we just share missionary stories from the Book of Mormon and he loves it. Woo!! I love it!

Last Monday when we went fishin it was pretty fun the poles were expensive and we didn’t know where they rent one so we just bought wire and lures and when we went found some sticks and made some ghetto fishing poles haha We weren’t catching anything but then I went to the side of the lake and dug up a worm and boom caught a GIANT fish haha but it was all we caught it was fun tho. It’s way pretty and they baptise there sometimes. Were gonna have to take some people there cause its super pretty.

So you guys are booking a cruise? That’ll be sweet where to? Chiapas? haha That place looks way sweet but wherever it is I’mm sure it’ll be great.

I love you guys a ton hope your doing good. This Saturday I’ll complete 21 months; man that’s soo crazy. Gotta take advantage of the time that’s left and keep working.

Hope you guys do too! be good

Elder Juker

Week 91
From: Steven Juker <>

Date: Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Hey everyone!

Hope everybody had a great Easter! Here in mexico it was splendid. So a few of you asked what they do here for Easter. Well as far as the church go they don’t really do anything. It’s kinda lame they just are like yeah this is when the world celebrates Easter. But as far as Mexico the Catholic church does it pretty big. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it last year but tis ok I’ll go again. They have a week called the ¨Holy week¨ or semana santa here in this week they reinact the last few days of the Saviors life. Including the judgement from Pontius Pilot, and the crucifiction and resurection. It’s kinda crazy, they have it all over the town and gets pretty big and at the end they actually crucify the guy playing Jesus. Well usually it’s just tied up by ropes to a big cross on a hill but in some little pueblos they say they actually put in nails; but who knows how much is just rumor…I wouldn’t put it past them tho haha. Also on Saturday is called Saturday of Glory and they go around throwing water on everyone like I got soaked last year remember? But this year we kept dry. Everyone here said that the cops make sure they don’t do it anymore. Not so they don’t get people wet but to save water, haha but yeah it was cool.

This was a good week. We had lots of expectations and saw a bunch of miracles again. We got a reference from a convert and we went to go teach him and his fam. He is sick and almost can’t walk. We taught the plan of salvation and they accepted to go to church and baptism as well! The Spirit was super strong in the lesson it was pretty amazing. I gave him a blessing after the lesson and he was crying during the lesson and felt so much peace. His sister in law told us that Christians would go by but he said they just stressed him out more and he didn’t like it but he loved the lesson but he felt sick on Sunday and couldn’t go to church.

Then on Sunday we had 4 people with baptismal dates! woo! We were pumped but then Angel wasn’t at home in the morning Matilde had to go to work and Sinai her son couldn’t go either. So three of them fell =/ but Enrique is the man and he got baptized. Everyone at church the last two weeks were like oh theres 5 elders now cause he always was with us and in his suit as well. He was asking about how he could be a missionary and is a great kid I know he’s gonna be way strong and help his family accept the gospel too. And Elder Mazariegos got to baptize him! It was the first baptism that he was done so he was pumped.

It was a pretty good week we just were disapointed cause last week we had 11 in church and this week 1 well the family that got baptized got confirmed this week as well so that was cool.

But yeah just don’t have as much to work with but were gonna get a bunch of miracles. Still haven’t got those packages don’t worry tho everything was closed here basically the past week and I’m way far away, but I think the aps are gonna come work with us this week or the next so that’ll be fun and they should bring packages. And the cooler thing is that both of them were my companions haha Elder Vazquez and Elder Richardson.

Well I love you so much family hope your all doing grand. I’m gonna go fishin in the presa brockman in El Oro look it up online it’s prolly there but take care!

love you all


Elder Juker

Week 90
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 11:49 AM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hey everyone!!!

How bout that conference ey? I was kinda scared we weren’t gonna get to see all of it, but I saw the Sat morning and both the Sunday ones. On Saturday we could only go if we brought 3 investigators so we only went to the first one. But I sure loved it. We were waiting for some investigators before the first session and just hearing the voice of President Monson (and the translaters voice haha) I felt the spirit so strongly it was way sweet! I know with all my heart that he and all of the leaders of the church have been called of God to lead us in the way of Christ. The one bad thing about conference is that it was my last one in the mission =/ which is kinda a bummer but at least it was wayy good. It was made even better cause on Saturday we brought three investigators and they really liked it as well.

Then on Sunday morning we had 3 more investigaters for the first time who liked it a lot and also 5 investigaters for the second time so 11 in total! It was a great week! And to top it off, after the first session of conference the family of five that had come to church last Sunday and came for the second time got baptized!! It was sooo cool. They have TONS of member family so the room was packed and everyone was soo happy and the Spirit was so strong it was a great expirience. After the baptism the parents gave there testimonies and wow they were powerful the Mom was like my life felt empty until last week when I came to church and since then i have just kept feeling better and better. Then the Dad was just super emotional and happy for his family. It was way cool. Then after the baptism one of our investigators, his name is Enrique, was  there I asked him if he had any questions and with a smile he was like uhh about the baptism thing, does it have to be the whole family? Because his Dad isn’t very receptive but he loves everything. He’s 20 years old and his Dad said for him he didn’t really wanna listen but if his kids do its ok. So we explained that the gospel is for families but it doesn’t need to be the family all at once and that he can set the example  for his family and he is gonna get baptized this sunday! Theres soooo many miracles in this area I LOVE it.
We have a goal of 31 baptisms for this month and its really possible we just gotta keep working. The other Mom and son that came to church last week had to go to Michoacan cause her mom got sick but they wanna get baptized as well and are really excited too. We’ve been working super hard and its paying off. I love it so much.
My companions great too, he works hard and learns really fast. We’re just loving the work. That’s really the secret I think in anything of the church. Like in the mission if your just thinking about the bad things, your gonna hate it and its gonna drag on forever. But if you focus on the best and just do work, then you love it. I know cause I’ve felt both of those feelings at some point of the mission. Oh I forgot to tell you Mom, I met that Elder that would read the blog and I think his mom added you on facebook. haha I didn’t really get to talk to him just when President brought our hijos over he was there too and was like hey do your parents put your emails on a blog? I think I read a couple of them. lol But yeah small world huh? I think he’s in Michoacan.
So anyway I hope you guys got a chance to see conference. If not then REPENT!!! and go watch it right now. Or as soon as you can really I got a lot out of it and thought about ways it could help basically all of you so go watch it and you will love it!
Today there’s like some like exhibit thing from Oaxaca with like things from there to see and buy and food so we’re gonna hit it up and see what we find! But enjoy the pictures there’s a bunch; the new house, my desk, pancakes with peanut butter, me rescuing the lost sheep, haha and the ones of us in the middle of nowhere is us walking home on Sunday. We were waiting for the taxi, but none came so we walked and may have taken a wrong turn. lol The houses off in the distance and where I zoomed in on, is where we live.
Love you all so much be good well talk to you guys soon!

Elder Juker

Week 89
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 4:19 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hey family!
Another week has come and gone. Since I wrote last Thursday my Hijo got here he got here on Saturday. His name is Elder Mazariegos, he is from Syracuse, Utah and his parents from Guatamala so he speaks good Spanish and English so we don’t have to worry about that. He was in the Salt Lake City mission for two changes that’s where I was before coming here; so that’s pretty cool. He knows a bunch of the Elders I knew while I was there.
So President brought them out here on Saturday; we had a meeting thing then got to the work. It’s kinda slow but we’re finding some investigators and managed to teach a bunch of lessons and have a ton of contacts this week. With Elder Valencia we had like 120 contacts and then with my kid we had like 60 and ten lessons. We’re working hard but we haven’t found too many people that wanna progress.
But on Sunday we had some HUGE blessings from the Lord. WE had seven investigators at church. Members from the ward brought them all it was sooo sweet! We talked to them and 2 of them wanna get baptized, so prolly this week. The other family of 5 isn’t sure but were gonna teach them this week and prepare them for Sunday! I was so happy when that happened. We were kinda bummed out cause we had a few people committed and some looked pretty sure but no one showed. But then the members just showed up with a ton of people; it was awesome.
Then at the end this Jehovah’s Witness that we taught during the week showed up as well so we ended up pretty happy. The Lord makes things happen if we just do our part. I’m sure if we wouldn’t have been working so hard this week and doing so all week, we wouldn’t have seen those miracles. And it’s something we can all apply for in our lives right? A lot of times we need and want things from God and we ask for them. But do we really put forth our part? Faith is two parts believing and acting. One with out the other doesn’t help. If we believe, but don’t show it with all we can, nothing will happen and if we act without faith in God it’s pointless as well. That’s a big thing I’ve learned here in the mission. It can be super hard to do sometimes cause there are always tests to your faith and sometimes they get us to fall. But you just gotta push through the hard times and trust in the Lord, he will guide us through.
So I can get around the area a little better but I just know like the center of the town where we live and like 2 little pueblitos. It’s such a huge area! On Tuesday we’re going to Acambay to eat for a food appointment and someone told us there are some pyramids there, so were gonna ask about it and maybe go on Monday it’ll be cool.
hey how’s Daniel doing? I haven’t heard from him in a while. Tell him I say hi and hope all is going well. He finishes soon doesn’t he?
About the shoes they are breaking both of them, I sent some pics. And I never saw that you guys asked if I wanted to buy the camera or you guys send it; sorry. So I saw that you had put money in my account…and I bought one today lol Sorry it’s pretty sweet though it’s a Samsung SH100 it only cost 1399 pesos so just over a hundred bucks and it was like half off on the offer. So I guess I’ll just sell one of them when the new one gets here. or what would you like me to do? lol I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll get it for a while cause I’m so far away. They don’t bring me letters or packages or anything. Just if I go to Toluca I can get them I think; but oh well it’s ok.
So here in Atlacomulco everything is dandy my companion’s cool! Elder Valencia’s kid is as well. We’re just out here running around preaching the gospel and having fun. The people are pretty cool here. Kinda closed but some of them open up and listen. Hope you guys are doing great and going to church and all is well.
Love you so much!
until next week
Elder Juker
Week 88
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:08 AM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hey everyone sorry I’m writing so late. As you know there was a giant earthquake down here and I was spending my time crawling out from under a building; haha, no not really. But we had changes on Monday and like almost all of my mission I got sent way far away again. haha I’m now in Atlacomulco. It’s in the norhtwest part of the state of Mexico and basically the whole northwest of the state is my area, lol its HUGE.
Sister Villarreal called me last night cause you guys had emailed her sorry I didnt say anything and had you worried. Here in Mexico everything’s great, there was an earthquake and I felt it, but not very strong and it basically did nothing everywhere else.
I’m here right now with Elder Valenica. He’s from Sonorag. The work is my focus now, cause now I’m not a leader or anything so i can just focus on the work and my area and not stress out about problems! haha and I also get to sleep on time woo! lol Elder valencia and I are pregnant, tomorrow we shall be recieving 2 newborn Americans. I’m pretty excited. The last few days we’ve been working together and it’s been way fun we have no idea where were at or how to get around but were working a ton we’ve only worked in the area for like 7 hours, cause we’ve had to change out here. Then I had to go back to df for my visa renewal then come back and all this stuff but we’ve already got like 75 contacts and like 7 news; so the works going pretty strong. We’re gonna tear it up. Especially when my kid gets here.
Thats pretty cool that Jenny and I will both be training at the same time. I like my new area the air is fresh I can see the stars and the food is great!! The ward mission leader just took us to eat some tacos cause this morning is pday. I had one of eggs one of chorizo and nopal (its cactus) and one of a bunch of different cow insides they were good. And ginormous I was used to the littel df tacos but these are wonderful.
On monday we had a meetng with all the other trainers and President was talking to us about how the training has been going and what we will be doing. He told me he might try to give me a kid each change before I go home. But it depends on the caliber of kids that get here. But it doesn’t matter I’m gonna turn them into studs! haha I only have this change and 2 more so I will probably end my mission here in atlaco. I’m pretty excited for whatever happens cause its gonna be great.
Well sorry I didn’t write much there’s not time I wanna go get to work so we can find the people were gonna baptize this week! I sure love you guys be good and be safe!
Elder Juker
Week 87
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:52 A

hey everyone!

SO another magical week has come and gone here in the happiest place on earth. And I have good news, we’re gonna go to Carls Jr. after we finish emailing! haha

This last week was a good one. We had a lot of miracles happen. First off we have this couple weve been teaching Salvador and Yenni. He’s a member and she’s an investigator. She accepted baptism a while ago but, like 99% of the people here, they are not married. haha We’ve invited them, but Salvador was scared to get married. But on Saturday we finally took them to the marriage place and they got married!! Wooo! It was way sweet. A bunch of their family came too and they are way nice and this week were prolly gonna start teaching them as well. So that’ll be great.
Then on Sunday Yenni got baptized! It was good but I guess she didn’t put much attention cause when she got in the font she was kinda scared and was like your gonna put me under the water? and my companion said yeah just like Jesus got baptized. And she said no Jesus got baptized like this and grabs some water and acts like she was gonna throw it on her face hahah but she was just messing around and got baptized and everything was fine.
Then at night we had another miracle! so like a week and a half ago I was on exchanges and my companion was contacting and contacted this less active family. We went to visit them and they had a daughter in baptismal age so we started teachng her and she wanted to get baptized so bad like we’d ask the family, so how can we get closer to Christ? Someone said praying, other said reading scriptures other going to church and she was like umm getting baptized, those that aren’t baptized yet. haha  Then we asked her what she likes to do and she said I like to get wet, haha at every chance she had. She was making comments about her getting baptized so Sunday night she got baptized and the whole family was there to see it. It was so great to see the whole family there in church again seeing their daughter get baptized and I got the blessing of baptizing her. It was way sweet it reminded me a ton about when i baptized Monica. After I baptized her I went to the bathroom to change, and this is one of my favorite parts about baptizing just being in the bathroom by myself and hearing everyone singing hymns while they wait for us. I felt the spirit super strong and felt so blessed to be here in this great work. I LOVE it! We also had a good day bringing investigators to church. We had 7 in the church in total 5 for the first time and 2 for the second. The two for the second time got baptized and I’m pretty sure we can get these other 5 to get baptized as well just gotta marry another couple haha they’re pretty cool though. We started teaching the Mom and her daughter in law then we were like hey we wanna teach your son too (the husband) and both of them were like no no no hes not gonna want to listen. He went to hide when you got here. He’s a drunk and doesn’t want anything; is basically what they said. lol So we were like well we will just present ourselves, then and we said hi when we left and he was all nervous and showed little interest. Then the next time we came and he actually listened then the next time he just looked super happy the whole lesson and he participated a lot and each time he just got better and better and he went to church and loved it. All of that came after the mom and wife were like no no he doesn’t want anything. It’s amazing to see the Spirit work in the lives of the people. I know I say it a lot but it’s so true.
So all those people at home that you are like, oh no they don’t want to hear the gospel, or oh he already did and said no why ask again. Don’t be a little girl and just invite them! If Ernesto comes to church just cause his wife and mom invited him to listen imagine if a member invites someone! Its amazing how much better the work goes when that happens. So that’s your ^Challenge Time^ task haha sorry Jenny.. but yeah invite someone to hear more about the gospel and have a gospel conversation with some people and let me know how it goes ok? ok! this week is the last of the change already that’s soo crazy. so next week I might be in a new place or with a new companion or both or with Elder Monahan still whatever happens it’ll be great!
I sure love all of you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Juker
Week 86
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:56 PM
Subject: hi

Hey everyone!

So hows life in wherever you’re at? hope its swell! This was a pretty sweet week lots of miracles as always and a ton of work as well. On Tuesday we had our council thing with the President that was pretty cool. I always love learning from him it was a great meeting we talked about things we need to do better as a mission and ending we read in D&C in section 138, I think, and applied it to missionary work. It was way cool. Then we ate tons of tacos at presidents house. Because it was mine and Elder Ostlers birthday last month, they shoved our faces in the cake. I love mexican traditions haha.

Then Wednesday, all the missionaries in the mission that are in D.F got together to get our flu shots. It was way sweet to catch up with old friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. And also I’m basically a doctor now, haha. They taught me how to give shots and I gave like 5 or 6 flu shots it was fun. While they were giving the shots we had our district meetings and the meeting with the District leaders. Elder Monahan and I planned somethng pretty sweet. We contacted people on the street and brought them in for the elders to practice their teaching. By doing a baptismal interview but just like teaching everything. The companions of all the district leaders and I left to go contact people and bring them in and at first they were all timid and scared; so they weren’t bringing anyone in. SO I went out with this Elder from a different zone and the 3rd person we contacted came in and accepted everything and wants to get baptized; it was way sweet, but he lives in the State of mexico in another mission, but it’s all good we passed the direction. Then 3 of the four district leaders had, had the opportunity to teach and we needed one more but the Elders contacting were like not really trying again. So I was there with one of the Assistants, Elder Guyman, and we were like, come on lets get one more person in here. Where is someone? And on the other side of the road this guy was walking so we ran across 6 lanes of traffic to contact him and he was like, yeah sure I’ll listen and he also accepted everything and lives in the area of the zone so we saw some sweet miracles. All of the Elders left the meeting super pumped.
We’ve got some pretty cool people that we are teaching. at the internet place where we are at right now we are teaching a guy named Artemio. He’s way cool; he’s from the jungle of Chiapas and is basically 100% Lamanite. When we taught him the Book of Mormon his eyes just lit up and he loved all of it. It is so amazing to be here in a land blessed with so many chosen people. We get to see the promises of the Book of Mormon come true everyday and i feel like those great missionaries from the Book of Mormon; like Ammon or Alma; its so sweet. Well I don’t feel exactly like them cause they baptized thousands of people and were just studs but I can get a little taste haha. We were knocking doors the other night and the first door we knocked was this lady who had listened before. As we were trying to teach her, this kinda weird guy walks past going to exchange his empty bottle of coke for a full one. The lady rejected us and we went to the next door and that same guy walks up with his coke bottle still empty and opens the door to the big gate and just says comes on in. lol So we went in and he opened up the door to his house and showed us some seats and was like sit down. It was kinda weird but we felt good about it and turns out he is a Captain in the Navy and he had been listening to the missionaries like 8 years ago and they stopped coming by but he was so pumped to see us and has a huge desire to be baptized; it was soo awesome. We also found a bunch of possible baptisms for this week from street contacts of people that just moved in and have church assistance and old investigators. I’m pretty excited for this week its gonna be a good one.
I did exchanges on Saturday to do an interview and we went to visit this family. The son is an ex-mafia member; lol hes pretty crazy but he’s in love with the gospel. He contacted the Elders there when he was high on cocaine one day and told them he wanted to be saved so they just blew him off cause tons of druggys always say that, but they found him like 3 more times and have been teaching him and he’s stopped doing drugs and the mafia boss gave him permission to leave the mafia if he goes to the church. But the boss told him that he had to come teach him all that he learned. Its way cool to see such drastic changes in peoples lives. He hasn’t gotten baptized yet he’s still workin on the leaving the drugs completely and he´ll prolly need a special interview, but he’s way excited and bringing friends to church and everything. Oh yeah we had another super milagrote! Perla got baptized! So when we went back to see her, her mom was making fun of her like of you don’t have faith if you really wanna get baptized you woulda done it, even if you weren’t sick. But she stood strong and was like I’m gonna get baptized; no matter what, on Sunday. So she wanted to do it at 8 at night so her whole family could come. So we were waiting there at 8 and she didn’t show up. The bishop was there, the guy we asked to baptized her, members, everyone, and she didn’t show up. So we called her and her mom was like she doesn’t wanna get baptized anymore, she’s too nervous. So I was super bummed, but then my companion heard laughing in the background on the phone and was like no you’re just messing around and she was like, yeah I am, and they all came and Perla got baptized! woo It was way sweet cause there were a bunch of members and it was just a really nice baptismal service.
Got another great week ahead of us and I’m pretty excited cause we won’t have so many meetings and stuff to take away from work time, so were gonna do work.
Love you all hope you have a great week!

Elder Juker

ps can i get a Lakers update?

Week 85
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 2:02 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! it was a pretty good birthday and the week was pretty good as well. We are teaching this couple Jose and Magdalena (he is 79 years old and she is 69 idk if i told you that last time or no but oh well haha ) so they have been together for like 51 years and have never been married but we committed them to get married on my birthday! So we went to the place that helps us marry people in Los Reyes La Paz and kinda got lost on the way cause Jose drove, haha, but finally got there and we went in to talk to the judge and turns out they couldn’t get married =( cause his birth certificate was from like 1932 and i guess thats too old to accept it. haha But the judge was saying that its like a historical artifact now cause it’s so old and that in a couple years it could be worth a lot of money. So were gonna have to get another one of those here quick now only problem is they have to go to some little pueblo to get it. =/ So we’re gonna be working on that.
Then after when we were going home Sister Villarreal called (presidents wife) to wish me a happy birthday, then she was like you should go eat a nice taco or something; then, oh better a pizza and I said well have to do something like that but we went to pizza the other day and she was all then you should go to like Carls Jr. is there one in your zone? And I told her no it’s outside and she said well I’ll ask the President to see if you can go there for your birthday dinner. She called us back and said we could! haha It was so sweet! I have pics but they’re at the house =/ so until next week. haha Then like 3 different families gave me cake they were all delicious haha and they have a tradiccion here where when its your birthday you gotta take the first bite then they slam your face in the cake so our neighbors did that to me haha it was fun.
On tuesday we had some appointments fall through so we were knockin some doors and found a few potentials but like everyone wouldn’t let us in just made other appts. Then the last door she looked super interested but also didn’t have time and said to come back the next night so we did. When we got there we started talking to her and she was like yeah I always see you guys walking around and you always look so happy and you say hi to everyone you guys have already passed me twice and said hi so i was wondering who you were and when you knocked the door I just felt like I should listen to you. She and her daughter accepted baptism and everything just they said they want to check with the Dad and he was out of town so were gonna have to check on that this week but they look super golden.
So the whole week our possible baptisms needed to get married but nobody did so we were kinda bummed on Saturday but we just kept working a possible baptism apt fell and we were like hmm what do do.. and this old investigator that we had come to my mind and she had been the last like week or so when we were over there so we went to visit her. And turns out she had already been to church in the past and she accepted baptism for Sunday! woo! we found a super miracle! but then… she got sick… she’s pregnant and the baby’s like high risk so she had to go to the hospital and didn’t get baptized. =/ but then on Sunday there were more miracles. We got a call from the Elders in a ward by ours and they said, hey this member family brought an investigator from your area to the Stake Conference today you can go baptize her! So we were all pumped and found out where she lived from some members but they’re like oh Elders every Elder that has come here has passed by for there and they don’t accept. They’re super Christians. So we were like hmm this might be tough but just went in there trusting in the Lord and we had this Super powerful lesson. The spirit was super strong and they were all accepting baptism..all 7… but they said they want to do it in their church.. =/ but tis all good cause tonight were gonna go teach the restoration and they’re gonna love it and all get baptized! I love finding big families to teach it’s just harder here in the city.
We’re also teaching this guy named Robert hes a Mexican wrestler, haha retired now but he fought all around the world; even in the states and the WWF. haha His name was Capitan Aguila or Capitan America. HE showed us some pictures and they were hilarious he looked just like everyone in Nacho Libre haha he’s cool as soon as he finishes his divorce process and then gets married to his new wife they both are gonna get baptized.
So there’s a lot of work here just gotta get going and do it i sure do love you all hope your doing good! see ya!
Elder Juker
Week 84
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 1:33 PM


Hey whatsup everyone? So to start out I have a couple of announcements that we recieved on Friday. So now I can only write 2 emails one to president of the mission and one to the family to have them fwd it out. He told us this cause a bunch of elders are abusing there email privledges so to help us out he put that rule…so what i can do is send the big message like always to mom then at the bottom attach the emails I would send to all of you that write me and she can fwd them off. I can still read all the emails I want so keep em coming!! haha But just to get your response, it will come from Mom sorry. But that starts next month. and one more thing that I will be coming home a day later. Cause the Mission President is gonna take us on a huge tour of Like Book of Mormon places in the Pyramids in Mexico and stuff like that. I’m pretty pumped it’ll be sweet.
Some members in our ward are related to the guy who gives the tours and they were telling us about them and they are wayyy cool; I was like, man I’m gonna have to take my family back to go on them. haha so we’ll see =).
Anyways it was kinda a rough week this week, but what’s new, thats the mission right? Had a few last minute baptisms fall through and we were kinda bummed. But it’s all good, were just gonna work even harder this week. We had zone conference and we gave a talk. I prepared it a few days before but like always I was changing it then almost completely rewrote it the night before. But I was ok with that cause we were planing on getting to the conference like an hour early and I would be able to study and practice it. But we were waiting for some misionaries and they got to the place over an hour late. We couldn’t leave them cause they didn;’ know how to get there…and they were sisters lol so we ended up getting there like fifteen minutes late instead of an hour early. Bt it was all good the President wasn’t mad; but i was just kinda nervous about my talk. But the Lord is great I Love how he just helps us out all the time. He calmed my nerves and the talk went really good! The zone conference was pretty cool I liked the messages that were shared. Learned how important it is to have the Spirit in our teaching and to trust in the Lord. Too many times we rely on our own talents and skills that the Lord has blessed us with and we try for ourselves and sometimes we can have success but when we submit to the Lords will and search His help to help us develop our talents more is when we really see the blessings. That’s what I talked about. Turning our hearts into God in all that we do. Searching His help and doing it with good cheer cause if not all we do is in vain.
So this week I had some events happen…they are very personal to me… I accepted Jesus into my heart! hahaha So we went to go teach this family we had and this guy dressed up all nice was there so we figured it was their pastor. My companion really had to use the bathroom so he went and I was talking to the pastor he was just trying to show off with numbers of assistence in his church and the ¨healings¨ they do and what not, so we didn’t wanna fight with him cause he just had a spirit of contention and just said well we’d like to leave you guys with a prayer. My companion said it and then the pastor was like now its my turn and starts saying this prayer and yelling and then all of sudden stands up and I was like, oh great, lol and he put his hands on our heads and told us to recieve Jesus in our hearts. It was kinda funny but afterwards we felt bad. Like it really strengthened my testimony that those kinda things are just acting and dont bring the Spirit they actually offend it. So we said a prayer after we left and we felt sooo much better. It helps me realize how much I really do have the Holy Ghost with me because when it’s not there you don’t feel very good.
But then I went and did an interview for this guy and he was super golden. And he got baptized yesterday! This week were gonna have a ton of success and work hard and eat some birthday cake! woo Love you all sorry i didnt send pics for a few weeks my card had a virus and my cameras been acting up but enjoy the ones I send today!
Love You all!
Elder Juker
Week 82
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 2:29 PM

Hey family!

So its almost my birthday! and David thought it was in January haha. Anywho I just didn’t wanna start my letters like I always do.
SO here in Mexico it has been going fantastico. The week has been a wet one. In many ways Cause its been raining a bunch and we baptized!! woo. That’s always great.
Elder Monahan and  started off the week great! We were working super hard and seeing a lot of success. We found 17 news this week so we’ve been finding a lot but like always a bunch of them don’t progress. Thats how it is here in Mexico tons of people will accept a lesson many will accept to go to church and get baptized; but few do it. haha So that’s why we just gotta keep finding news and sorting through them till we find the elects. And when we do it is so sweet.
WE found a bunch this week we had like 15 people commited to go to church but they all fell except 3 but its cool that’s something else that happens a lot. It’s rare that the first week everyone just accepts everything and goes to church usually the first week they don’t go, then 2 weeks later they’ll get baptized. So we just gotta keep teachin ‘em good and the Lord will do the rest!
The two people that we baptized were pretty cool. These two kids that had been going to church the last 2 weeks this was there 3rd sunday in church its always sweet when the Lord gives you sweet blessings like that. They were super excited to get baptized and their Grandpa who has like 5 months as a member baptized them ;it was so cool to be able to see that. The Grandpa was soooo happy as he got to baptize his grandkids. The dad of the kids was there too he’s super solid. WE taught him for the first time last week and he accepted everyhting and was like, yeah i want my kids to get baptized this week, and his mom was like no maybe they should wait and him by himself was like, no this is what they need to do. They need to follow Christ and they wanna do it so they are gonna do it. I don’t even care if my wife doesn’t want them to (luckily the wife also gave approval haha) but yeah he’s super animated for his baptism this week, we just gotta get him married this week. Another problem that happens a lot. But there’s a place here close in the metro los reyes that marries them the same day for only 500 pesos so that’s cool.
There’s this family we teach the family Quezada. Man they are soooo crazy! The Mom used to be a drug addict the Dad just got out of jail and the kids are basically out of control. But it’s crazy to see how fast they progress. The kids were baptized a while ago and everytime I go they’re more and more calm and the Mom should be getting baptized soon cause she’s left her addictions. It’s so sweet to see the gospel work miracles in the lives of these people. And in my life.
I know I say it basically every week but I’ll say it this time and probably many more times. I love this work. IT doesnt matter how many doors get slammed in your face how many bad words are yelled at you or other bad things that happen, all of that goes away when you see a family changing their lives and following Christ. It’s wonderful. I wanna challenge all of you that you can feel this great feeling as well. I want you to prayerfully consider your friends and families that aren’t members and invite them to listen to the missionaries. There’s not a specific way to do it just invite them. If you search the Lords guide he will prepare them or show you who he has already prepared. The other day we had a appointment fall through and we were like where should we go.. We Both thought of this one family we have been teaching and we went to knock their door. They didn’t answer but while we were waiting another family walked past and asked if we were looking for someone(lots of time they ask that and then tell us their not home and to go away haha) but she was like oh I dont know them so we presented ourselves with them and the lady was like I know who you are I’m a member of your church. But her husband and two kids aren’t so we went and taught them and the lesson was way cool. The Mom was like I’ve been praying and then just this morning I told my daughter that I was gonna go back to my church and now look. God just clears the path so we can follow him. I know that is so true. But we gotta take the decision to go first. Even if the path seems hard or with problems if we trust in him he will lead us safely through.
I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Juker
Week 81
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 1:44 PM

Hey there family,

Another Monday and also more changes. The change is over already and this time I’m staying here in Tacuba and I’m receiving a new companion. Well I already recieved him his name is Elder Monahan. He’s from San Diego well Carlsbad California. He says that Uncle Dave goes to his same church just a different ward. So that’s cool, a companion even closer haha.
So this week was pretty fun I basically worked in my area like a day cause we were on exchanges all the time. Monday in the night after the Meeting we had an elder who was sick, so we had to go help them out.
Then Tuesday morning we had meetings, like always, and in the afternoon I worked in my area.
Then Wednesday we had pday cause we missed it Monday for the meeting. We went to this way cool place by metro balderas that is like an artisan plaza. It was way cool. Mom and Dad would have loved it! It has a ton of like Aztec statues and stuff and all sorts of cool things.. I bought another coin holder thing cause I left my last one on a bus in toluca with like 80 pesos…. But it’s ok. lol But yeah, it was cool. I’d like to buy tons of stuff from there but there’s no way to get it home. haha. But after the food at 3 we started working again and I went to do exchanges at like 5 and I thought it would just be for a like a day. But then the next day someone else called and someone else and someone else and I didnt step back in my house till Saturday morning. It was kinda a bummer cause I couldn’t change cloths, but it was really fun to work with a bunch of different Elders.
Elder Nauahi went home today; he was my zone leader in Tenayo. He is one of the best Elders I’ve known, but I got to work with him for like a day and a half and it was fun. I learned a lot from him. Like to just love the work and take advantage of everyday. Its such a blessing to be here. We have a short time to serve The Lord and have to do the best we can.
I’m pretty excited for this next change Elder Monahan has one more change than me. He’s a really great missionary we’re gonna see tons of miracles. I like changes cause its a time to be able to reflect on the past see what should be done better and then put it in practice. So that’s what I plan on doing this week. Well starting from right now.
I love you all! I hope all is well. Talk to you next week!
Love Elder Juker
Week 80
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 3:18 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

hey family!
How’s everyone doing? This was a pretty good week lots of stuff happened. Today we had a meeting; it was pretty sweet. We ate baked potatoes with chili and a ton of wonderful things mmmm it was so good.
So this week we had to do a bunch of exchanges again for all the interviews and I got to stay in the area. This week, it was cool but we had a lot of difficulties. We were working a ton but everything was falling. Elder Lauritzen came with me for like a day in a half and while we were together we taught like 10 lessons and had like 51 contacts. We were doing a ton but the people weren’t accepting very well. It was pretty trying but we just kept pushing on when we felt like everything had fallen and we had contacted a ton of people and nobody wanted to accept us, I kinda wanted to just rest but we went to the top of another apartment complex and before I knocked the doors I just said a little prayer in my heart asking God to help us find people that want to hear and I felt I should knock a specific door, so i did and they opened and accepted everything; it was so sweet.
Then on saturday like everything the whole day fell through and we had knocked tons of doors and nobody even opened we went to check a reference in a gated apt complex and someone opened up the door we don’t even know how and we went in and the same thing passed, just nobody would accept but then I said another prayer and boom the Lord let us knock a door and this couple who was super cool answered and accepted everything. It’s like that in life sometimes we feel like a ton of pressure and too much stuff and we get tired but you just gotta push on and the lord will help you. That family that I told you about got baptized they were way cool. The parents didn’t get baptized though; they need to get married first but i love finding people that are just so chosen like them that just accept everything Mexico is full of them.
I love it here. In the meeting today we learned a ton of stuff it was pretty cool President talked to us about Having better attitudes and more faith and those are things that really help us so much. Like sometimes we lose a lot of blessings cause of our poor atttitudes and lack of faith so i want you all to work on that this week.
I love you all so much hope all is well well talk to you soon!
Elder Juker
Week 79
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 2:58 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hello everyone!!!

Man another week flying by and tons of things happened. Like always I’m sure I’ll forget tons of important things but oh well; that’s life. haha But thanks so much mom and dad I got the package on Monday! It was awesome! Thanks so much for everything the pijamas are sweet and I’ve been sharing the chocolate and treats with like everybody and they all love it and say thanks. There’s a sister that lives in front of us in our apartments well she’s not even a member but her kids yes and she loves the missionaries. She took care of me when I got sick when I first got here and always brings us food or milkshakes or something she’s super nice; so I took her a plate filled with a little bit of all the candies and goodies and she loved them all. She was super grateful and her and her family say hi and thanks so much. My goal is to baptize her before I leave this area but it’ll be kinda hard cause she’s gotta get married and doesn’t look like they wanna but we’ll make it happen!

This week was pretty sweet! As always filled with a ton of work but it was really amazing to see the hand of The Lord in our work. We found a ton of new people this week we had 18 news and like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we found a family of 4 like everyday it was so cool. We’ve been working on trying to have the spirit more and focusing more on the work in everything we do and say and we saw a ton of blessings from that. First well all these news and the lessons are just so much more powerful. We did a bunch of exchanges this week and when I was with Elder Herrera (he looks just like Elder Montierth haha) we went and taught this lady the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and it was awesome. I got to share the first vision and before I shared it I told her to put a lot of attention to her feelings and how The Spirit works through good feelings, and as I shared the first vision The Spirit filled the room sooooo strongly and she felt it so much and she was in tears and me and my companion as well. Man it was so cool. She accepted everything and should get baptized soon. I love being able to feel The Spirit so strongly so often it is something amazing that sometimes we don’t recognize it. We have all been baptized and received the Holy ghost from someone with the priesthood. and if your reading this and haven’t then go do it already ;) haha but we have the right to have this Spirit with us all the time just gotta search for it and be worthy and it will be a huge guide in your life.

SO on Thursday Elder Guerrero and I were knocking this apartment complex and these Christians opened up and were like no were Christians but then later accepted an appt for the next day. We went back but the wife was just there so we shared something and made another appt for Sat. So on Saturday we walk in and there’s like 4 guys sitting around the table with there bibles out like waiting for us. And I thought this will be fun haha. But it turned out pretty good we talked about baptism the importance of the authority and then shared about the Church of Christ and the great apostasy I really wanted to share the restoration but we had to go do an interview so we couldn’t =/ but they all liked what we taught and were going back tonight. At the end of the lesson it turns out that one of the guys there is the pastor of their Christian Church so we’ll prolly just baptize their whole congregation. haha thatd be cool but who knows if he’ll be open. We’ll see tonight at 8 haha but it was a really cool experience.

On Sunday we brought 7 people to church it was great we had a family of 5 that we had found this week come and they have  baptismal dates for this Sunday their so cool I know I always say this but it’s amazing how the Lord really is preparing people everyday. I was supposed to give a talk but they pushed it back to the next week. Then after the services we had a baptism!! Mauricio got baptized it was kinda funny cause we were joking with him in the week that we were gonna do it in cold water with ice and everything and he was all yeah that’s fine haha but then on domingo the gas had gone so we couldn’t heat up the water. lol So he really did have his cold water as he was getting in he told me, “hey it was a joke about the cold water” haha but it was still really cool and everything, besides the water, went great.

In our mission we have numbers of excellence that are like goals we should try to reach every week that I had never reached all of them in one week. lol But they’re 1 baptism, 4 with baptism date, 6 in the church, 30 lessons, 10 news, and 140 contacts. So they are kinda high and I’ve had like some of them or almost all but never all of them but this week we reached and passed like every goal. On Sunday we ended some exchanges after we were helping some Elders resolve some problems and we falted like 60 contacts and it was 8 at night we were like that’s impossible, I guess we won’t be able to do them. But we had all the other goals met and only lacked the contacts, so we just started talking to everyone and we did them we finished at like 925 but we got em! haha It was cool and we found a bunch of really cool people from it. I’m excited to be able to teach them this week.

So as you can see I remembered a lot more things, I guess it’s cause I wrote things down in my agenda and usually I forget to write down what I wanna write on pday. haha So I now have over 18 months on the mission, which is wayyy weird. I remember seeing Elders with that time and thinking wow he’s got so much time and is so good but I sure don’t feel that way about me. haha But oh well I put a bunch of goals for the last 6 months and I’m gonna work the most I can and finish running until the end. Its just so crazy how fast time goes man….. anywho we played this game called handball today it was fun its like lacrosse but with a little ball. And we ate tacos…they cost 5 for 8 pesos…. I’m pretty sure they were made of dog but they tasted pretty good. hahah Then we went to this store called Waldos that sells stuff imported from the states and they had Mt Dew! It was great, so we bought a few and they were only 8 pesos. Everyone was pumped I think Elder Esquivel more than anyone. haha He’s from Fresno and was in my district in Morelos but he hadn’t had it in his whole 16 months in the mission so we was pumped. haha

Anyway, I love you all so much!! Thanks for all your love and support hope you guys are doing well! be good and well talk to you soon

Elder Juker
Week 78
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 9:56 AM

Hi everyone,

This last week was pretty great. We were working super hard and saw a lot of miracles. We started off the week with like 10 people on date in the zone for this week so I was pretty excited. Then on Wednesday like 4 fell, but every time they fell we got more. In our area we had 2 people on date then we put another one on that was a super miracle. haha We found her last Sunday and she came to church with us in the moment that we found her. Then we taught her one time and she acccepted everything and to be baptized last Sunday. She was way cool, it was sweet to see how the Lord prepared her.
We had another person that had a baptismal date, but he got payed on Friday and didn’t come back home all weekend… So we gotta find him. lol So we were kinda bummed on Sunday cause we only had one but then in church this little kid of 9 years came up and was like hey when can i get baptized? So we were like today! and he got baptized it was sweet!
This week we found a ton of people that are really cool like 8 or 9 people that the first time we knocked there door and taught them they accepted everything. It’ll be cool seeing how fast they progress. We’ve been striving more to reach the goal of the 140 contacts every week and got them this week, it was really cool cause we saw the blessings so fast. Like on Wednesday we were making a phone call and I said hi to this lady as she walked past then she came back and was like hey you guys are Mormons right? we said yeah and then she was like what do i need to do to be part of your church? It was sweet. Then last night we needed like 26 more contacts at 830 so we started talking to everyone. Then we walked past this taco stand and the lady came running up after us and was like hey are you guys from a certain church and we presented ourselves and she was like yeah my friends told me about you guys i need you to help us cause my family has a lot of problems.  We have appointments with them this week; its exciting.
It’s amazing how much the gospel blesses us. Like if you don’t see the blessings just take a second and you’ll see them
I love you guys so much and hope your doing good!

Elder Juker
Week 77
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Hey family!

How is everybody! I’m doing pretty good; kinda bummed but pumped for a new week! We had kinda a rough week in all of the Zone but we also had a few miracles. We were working super hard all week long contacting a bunch, teaching a bunch, and we found a ton of hmmmmm I don’t remember how you call them in English could be elect people or gold I can’t really remember how it is but we found a bunch of escogidos. Like people who just accept everything and are super open to the gospel. I was knocking doors with Elder Janis on Monday night and this guy opens up and lets us in. I start talking to him about God and about how to be able to return with our Heavenly Father we need to take a baptism like Jesus and he interrupts me saying, yeah that’s true but my problem is that I haven’t been baptized for immersion, how can you help me with that? It was so great.

Then we were knocking doors in some of these apt complexes in our area and this guy yells from inside, Who is it? we tell him and he goes to the window to talk to us and we presented ourselves and he looked very uninterested but then we said something about families that the importance it is to raise them with the help of God in these times so difficult and it touched his heart and he opened the door. We taught him there in the door and he accepted everything and committed himself to everything so it was pretty exciting.

We took 4 people to church for their first time and all 4 seem like they’re progressing a lot and are gonna get baptized this week. So I was feeling pretty good on Sunday, but then we realized that nobody in the entire zone of Camarones had baptized last week and nobody had anyone that was gonna get baptized and an entire zone in our mission hasn’t blanked in sooooo long and even longer a zone that’s in DF so we were like, oh man we need a miracle so we called every Elder and Hermana in the zone to animate them to find a miracle that day! We really saw everyone put forth a huge effort to find someone and 2 areas found someone to baptize that same day it was amazing! One of them couldn’t cause it turned out he wasn’t married but it was way cool to see that miracle and from searching so many people a lot of missionaries got dates for this week not dates with girls but baptism dates. haha  We found like 5 people that we could probably get baptized so this is gonna be a huge week for us. SO i was pretty bummed but the Lord gave us some miracles and were gonna see even more this week!!

On Saturday my companion and I went to the temple her in DF I had never gone; it was pretty sweet. I went just in time cause it’s gonna close, well its now closed and they’re remodeling it for a year.

Today were gonna go eat at a buffet which is always wonderful, haha, and my shoulder is feeling really good. I have an appointment tomorrow to check it out so all should be well with that.

I love you all so much hope your doing good and doing what you should be! like going to church and stuff =) well talk to you guys soon!

Elder Juker
Week 76
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 3:49 PM

Hey family
Wow, so its been a while to write no? Since like last year! ha Well it’s a new year that’s so crazy. A bunch of new things coming this year right? I’m excited, here in Tacuba everything is dandy; I went to the Dr. today for my shoulder, he said nothing is torn that it’s just super loose. I have a funny brace I gotta wear for a week, then I go back for an mri. So I’ll keep ya updated.

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 today in honor of the New Year, with permission of course, it was pretty funny movie. So we’ve been running around all day and I have like no time left to write. =/ but this week was really fun we were working like crazy and saw a lot of success. We found a bunch of new investigators and taught a bunch of people. I still get super lost in the area but were doing exchanges soon.
Today and I’ staying here so well see how that goes. haha Its cool being here, I already know basically everyone from the zone cause I’ve been in their zones before so we all get along really well. I just didn’t know the 5 sisters that are in the zone.
We had like 6 people that were for sure coming to church and they all didn’t come. I went to go pick up this one guy we’ve been teaching Jose Luis, and he was out front of his house so I was all excied. I said hi and he was suuppper drunk. lol He almost fell over then he started saying he couldn’t believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet and a bunch of other stuff so he didn’t come or his Mom either. Then the other big family we had didn’t make it back from there fiestas so they didn’t come either. It was a bummer, the parties got to us this year but oh well. We’re gonna bring a ton to church this week!!
It’s way different here in the city. I got super sick the other day I had to stay home for a  day cause I was dying, but now I feel better so don’t worry. But it’s way different than the little towns. The food, the atmosphere, the everything but i really like it.
Transports are way cheaper, everything costs 3 pesos so its way cheaper to get around and in the metro they sell tacos 5 and a soda for 20 pesos but those are like dog meat so I avoid them. hahaha The zones really excited to work and we’ve got some high goals so I can’t wait to reach them!
I love you all so much! So I wrote you guys last time telling to make some goals nobody told me anything as usual so who knows if you did it. lol But one of mine this year, this change, and this month is to focus on being more Christlike. Chapter 6 of Preach my Gospe is focused on Christlñike attributes and I’m going to work on those a lot.
I love you guys so much hope you guys have a great new year and be safe.
Elder Juker
Week 75
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 12:46 PM
Subject: Feliz Navidad!!

Hey Family!

SO it’s been like forever since I’ve talked with all you but how are things? haha Well As you know today I got changed here to the zone of Camarones! In the area of Tacuba Its in The Delagation of Miguel Hidalgo. Its pretty cool back here in The D.F as mom would say haha.
This last week was pretty cool we had a fantastic Christmas. Sergio and Liliana got baptized on Sunday morning and then later confirmed at sacrament meeting. It was really cool but sad to leave everyone that night. My New area is pretty cool my house is the bomb. We have a washer, which may not seem like much but here its a miracle haha and the boiler is really good ,you don’t have to be turning it on all the time so that’s good. We live in some gated apartments so the security shouldn’t be an issue =) The life here is soooo much different than Xona. There its all slow and calm and here the big city life everyone rushing around and what not but they say its a really good area and they always have a lot of baptisms. We put a goal right now for 15 in the month of January. Its possible we gotta work super hard but we can get it i know it.
It was pretty sweet to be able to talk to you all yesterday and see you to (apart from johnny and steph cause they weren’t there =/ and extended fam) but i still love you all. So counting this change there is only 5 left that is so crazy I don’t want them to end lol.
My new comp is Elder Guerrero he is from Tijuana he’s really cool he’s got the same time in the mission as I do and were gonna do work this change.
Monday was fun we went and played volleyball and made hamburgers it was pretty fun. Then on Tuesday we had a Christmas devotional and after did a gift exchange. I bought this saber tooth tiger hat for Elder Jimenez and I got a beanie a box of really good chocolates and there gonna give me a 12 pack of mt dew. They don’t have it here, but a member went to the states and brought a bunch back lol it was fun. The devotional with pres was good we watched part of the Christmas devotional from the first presidency and some of the new Christmas movies.
I’m very grateful for this time we have to remember our Savior. That’s something I really appreciate from the mission, I’ve had the best Christmases ever. Even though I may not have received a ton of gifts, or ate a bunch of good food I’ve been remembering the importance of Christmas the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And with New Years coming up it’s a great time to examine our lives and our actions and see what we need to change in order to put our lives in more harmony with Gods will. I invite you all to do that this week and put goals and make plans to achieve them. If you’d like, you can share them with me and I can try to help you. I’ll share some of my goals with you all as well the next week so you can help me.
Thank you so much for everything I love you all have a great week and a very happy new year!
Elder Juker
Week 74
Hi - Steven asked me to add to his email the following:
“Merry Christmas and my only wish is for you all to go to church. love you all!”

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 9:18 AM
Subject: Im dreaming of a white Christmas


So this week was pretty crazy. Since monday at like 6 I was sick it was terrible i could barely speak. We did exchanges that day so i was with Elder Malagamalii he’s Samoan. Funny story; he is family of the family that I stayed with in Salt Lake while I was there, man the world is small lol. Anywho, he doesn’t have too much time in mexico so some people had a hard time understanding him and with my voice cracking and going away all the time it was kinda rough but we made it happen. We taught like 16 lessons and a bunch of contacts in 3 days but 2 of the days were like less than half days so we did really good.

We were working hard all week and it was rough cause we weren’t seeing many fruits. We did find a lot of elect people and had a lot of work but we didn’t have anyone to baptize for this week. On Friday we had a pretty cool experience. Elder Lecuona and I were knocking some doors in these apartments. We knocked a door and there were like 5 young guys sitting there and the one who opened the door was like “welcome” but in spanish lol and we were like woah that’s cool. Then they noticed we weren’t who they were waiting for and we talked to them and one of them is all naw we’re ok, were just waiting for the drugs to get here so we can all get high. He was kinda kidding, I think lol but we left cause they didn’t want anything. That’s not the cool part tho haha the next door we knocked we presented ourselves. So you can have a little more background when Elder Johnson came and did his mission tour he talked to us about doing contacts and focusing more on the spirit and not falling in the routine cause everyone would always be like ” hey were missionaries of the church of Christ and we have a message to share with you” it was ok but just like thrown out there fast and without the Spirit. He told us to Present ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ Cause that’s who we are. We are the only Church in the whole world that has representatives of Christ…everyone has missionaries but we are different. So we’ve been doing that and focusing on bringing the Spirit with us and that phrase ” we’re representatives of Jesus Christ” really helps. So we contacted her and she accepted. To end the lesson she was going to pray and started to cry. She started to tell us about a bunch of problems she was passing through in her life and how our visit helped her a lot she said when we knocked her door and presented ourselves she felt something inside and in her own words said ” I felt Like God had Came to visit me.” the Spirit was so strong and I felt so good to be able to bring that peace to the lives of others. Man it was a great experience. So we kept working and teaching and everything but we had no one to baptize our one possible had an interview on Friday but said no so we were pretty bummed.
On Saturday night we went for one last try with Mary Carmen, the only possible we had, she is the wife of a member the one I talked about last letter i think; lol anywho she was like no I don’t wanna, no maybe later but then as we were looking for her doubts trying to help her fix them she felt the spirit and accepted to be baptized and confirmed the next morning. It was a huge miracle it just shows that if you keep pushing forward God will provide even if it seems late, for you like 10:05 on Saturday night, lol but he will make it happen.
I am so greatful for the opportunity I have to serve here and see all the miracles! Oh another one on Thursday we finally got Sergio and Liliana to get married! It was cool they are gonna get baptized on Christmas morning. Thus the title white Christmas.
It’s gonna be such a sweet experience I’m way excited! We had a Christmas party as a family group on Friday night. We brought a ton of investigators and we were gonna share a message too so we were there. It was pretty cool but kinda uncomfortable as a missionary lol but I did get to break a piñata. haha All the little girls went and they couldn’t do it so everyone started to chant my name to go break it ahha it was fun. Then my comp went to break one later but punched it and broke it with his hand cause he was blindfolded and missed with the pole lol. But here there a little different cause the middle is like a clay pot so it kinda hurt him haha.
It was a pretty good week. Lol not much other news…I wrote a lot today huh lol oh yeah i started to study portugues i bought i BOM and I listen to it and read it in the mornings it’s super close to Spanish and easy to understand but I have no clue how to pronounce it lol. Well we will see you all on Christmas..for skype of course

love you
Elder Steven Juker
Week 73
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 1:27 PM
Subject: Its The Virgin Day!!!
Happy day of the Virgin Guadalupe!!!!!!!!!
That’s the holiday yesterday, so everyone started their parties last night. lol It was pretty funny; the worst part is all the fireworks cause they’re all the same. They’re just suuuppper loud not even cool looking, don’t even make sparks, but just BOOOMMM. haha it’s cool though, I like it.

So before we get into the letter I’m gonna give you guys a little background on the Virgin Guadalupe Day. Lol So the story goes that a long time ago in a galaxy far away.. well not really just here in Mexico,  but this guy Juan Diego, was walking around and all of a sudden The Virgin Guadalupe appears in front of him and tells him - make me a church… the part i don’t really get is they say it was the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus but I’m not sure why the name changed. Anywho… he decides to obey and walks back to the city to tell everyone. He was carrying some roses, then when he gets back he puts the roses down and there’s a picture of the virgin on his clothes and nobody knows how it got there. And that’s how the Virgin Guadalupe started! That’s the Mexican history for the day. I may be wrong in a little of the story but forgive me; it’s what the people tell me. lol

Anywho this week was hmm, it was good. It was kinda rough, but good. I think i spent like 30 hours in my area; if that. lol I was on interchanges all of the days basically. It was kinda a bummer cause the area is kinda struggling, but it was good to be able to help and work with and get to know all the other elders.

We’ve been having a bunch of problems as a zone no like huge disobedience or anything like that just lack of success but this is gonna be a great week for everyone I’m pretty pumped. We’ve been focusing on having even more of the Spirit with us and in the lessons. And we saw a lot of that this week; it was pretty sweet! I taught with Five different Elders this week but with each one i felt the spirit so strong as we were testifying of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so cool.

On Sunday night we had a really cool lesson. We were teaching a less active member and his wife. At first the wife was just saying she didn’t want anything, but then she was talking to us and she opened up and said how she really liked the church. Then we started teaching her and the Spirit was super strong and everyone was crying. It was pretty sweet. Things are looking pretty good for a white Christmas. We have a lot of people and a lot of possible we just gotta keep teaching and helping them and the Lord will do the rest. I love this work!!

ok well we will talk to you all later be good!

Elder Juker
Week 72
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 14:32:15 -0600

Hello family!

How is everyone doing?
So today I’m in the offices cause we had a meeting yesterday and were gonna have another one right now. We had a pretty good pday today. We went to this place called the Socalo; it was pretty sweet. We took pictures and stuff I sent some.
This weekend was pretty sweet too. On Saturday we had a zone conference with the Elder Johnson Of the 70; it was so sweet. I learned a ton and the spirit was super strong. Then on Sunday night we had another conference but just 20 elders from the mission, the Pres, his wife, and Elder Johnson, and his wife. Man it was soo powerful and then after he left we all shared our testimonies the Spirit was super strong and it was so cool to be able to hear the testimonies of all the other elders. It was sweet but the conferences with Elder Johnson were so cool. It was a real humbling experience. I learned so much that I can do better and I want to start putting it in practice better. I said I’m going to start putting it in practice so that I can be the missionary everyone thinks i am at home. That helps me a lot to strive to be better when I think of all of you guys at home; all of you say oh your so great and stuff like that, but i know its really not true. lol  But it helps to push me to be better.
So today in the Socalo I saw an Elder that was serving in Salt Lake with me too it was cool but also a bummer cause I found out that one of my companions from SLC that went to the North West mission went home it was a bummer.
Well I’m loving the work here; its pretty sweet. So somehting cool from the conferences with Elder Johnson - he focused a lot on the Spirit and how important it is in everything, especially missionary work. How we need to live worthily to be able to be in tune with the Spirit because when we have the Holy Ghost with us He will tell us what the Father wants us to do. And if we follow it we always be on the right track! So I want to invite all of you to reflect on your life, on the things you may do that gets you further from the spirit and try to fix them so you can try to receive more guidance in your life. I know if you strive to do this you will feel more peace and tranquility every day.
Well i gotta go now but I love you all talk to you soon!

Elder Juker

Week 71
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:58 AM

Hey everyone!
Hows it going? Here in Mexico everything is fantastico! We had a pretty good week, I forgot like everything that happened though. It went by pretty fast. I went out to do some exchanges with some other elders. That was fun to be able to work and learn from them. Then on Sunday we had Stake Conference. I was kinda bummed cause we didn’t bring any investigators; but we did bring 9 people to recieve there confirmacions which was pretty sweet! After the conference we went to a room to do them and it was so cool cause they just kept going and going and the spirit was very strong. Speaking of spirit Boy was it strong at stake conference President Villarreall spoke and his wife as well and they were good talks. Then at the end one of the area 70 spoke his name is Elder Mendoza his talk was so sweet everyone was crying and the spirit was so strong. He spoke on missionary work and about how his family knew the church so it was even cooler for me.

Then on Sunday we had a council meeting thing with President it was sweet We learned a lot of stuff and he shared a pretty cool message about integrity and the importance of that.
I have another new companion his name is Elder Bell he’s waiting for his kid from the states to get here. He should come tomorrow so he’ll leave us; but he’s cool. He gave me a sweet tie so I love him.
So this week in study I was reading in Alma and thought of something to write you guys kinda forgot exactly what it said cause it was early in the week. But in Alma 33 and 34 it talks about what w need to do to be saved to be able to Have eternal life with our families and our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we think it can be really hard to do those things; to repent of our sins to stay on the path. But really if we use the Atonement and search Gods help he will make it easy. I think it makes a reference in those chapters to Moses and when his people were getting bit by the snakes and dying and all they had to do is look up to the serpent on the pole and be saved. I was thinking about that and like man that is so easy how could thy not do that Just had to look. But I’m sure people look down on us and say “Christ suffered so much for them all they have to do is follow him, but they don’t; its so easy”. Really He gave us the perfect example to follow. He taught us the way, we just need to follow Him, it’s an easy task, If we try, but we gotta put forth effort. If not we will be like the people with Moses who wouldn’t even look to the serpent. So when i read this it made me think of things I should be doing better, ways to work better, to waste less time, follow more rules, just do the will of The Lord and I invite all you to do the same. I know you will be blessed to do so. Even if it seems hard or impossible but it will be worth it!!
I love you all so much!! sorry I cant type very well this keyboard sticks alot but be good we will talk to you soon.

Elder Juker
Week 70
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 1:47 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>

Hello World,

Hows everything going up north? Here in Mexico everything is fantastico! This past week was super sweet we saw a ton of miracles! I’m loving it! So as I said last week we had a lot of people at church and a lot of people to work with this week so I was pretty pumped. But then Monday we went to search for the fam of 4 and got lost and there were dogs chasing us in the dark on our bikes and stuff so we went back after searching like an hour.

Then Tuesday we went again got lost again found like 3 other families that live super far away that were not home, but it was good cause we found new ones. haha But then finally on Wednesday we found their house and all of the family was there which was a miracle in itsself cause the dad always works. So we taught them and the spirit was super strong everyone felt it and everyone accepted baptism even the wife’s mom who we had taught for the first time. Man it was so cool to find a family so prepared to accept the gospel! Then they had their interviews and everything went great. Then on Sunday the Bishop baptized them all. It was such a cool service cause 6 people got baptized (one from the sauces ward too) and the Bishop ALCALA sang and played the guitar. They sang “I Heard Him Come”, I think it’s a song Mom would sing and reminds me of her; lol but it was super sweet. I recorded it, but it was like 5 min so can’t send it. =/ Bummer, but it’s ok. It was something really amazing to see the whole family take that step of faith together! They are a great family; super humble and close to one another. They live in a tiny cement block house about the size of mom and dad’s bedroom and all five of them live together. It’s cool to see how people can live so happy with so little. Sometimes we forget about the important things in life and get caught up in money or worldy things and get all worked up about that, that we forget about the important stuff and the importance it has. So i want us all to try and put a little more focus on that and try to see what we can do to have a family closer. Maybe having family prayers Family home evenings, scripture study, going to church, all these would be wonderful. Just pick some and get going and I promise you that you will have a better relationship with your family. Doesn’t matter what your going through, the age of your kids, your beliefs about God, just do it and your family will be blessed immensely!

Anyway on to less spiritual things lol today we went and walked around some stores cause it’s like black friday here I bought 2 ties for 49 pesos each and some american candy from this one store and we ate at mcdonalds. lol It was pretty fun walking around at all the stores and messing with the stuff and just relaxing a while. At this toy store they had these giant boards of like Guess who? the game. But it was of animals and we played it lol it was funny. It’s been a while since I played that but it was a good time to relax with the other Elders and have some fun.

well idk what else to say just hope your having a good time and will hear from you soon

love you all so much
Elder Steven Juker
Week 69
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Hey family!
Santa vaca! Another change come and gona! Wow it feels like I just have like 4 days in Xona but now Elder Richardson left and Elder Vasquez is here! He’s pretty cool I knew him from before in Tenancingo and in Tenayo. He was my zone leader in Tenayo and in my Distirct in Tenancingo. It’ll be a really good change he’s a great teacher and I know I’m gonna learn a ton from him! I’m pumped!

So we’re at the terminal of Toluca waiting for one more elder to get here who is taking forever. So we decided to email while we wait. Last week went really good we had a ton of miracles we were kinda struggling in the week to get people to church and to get baptized but at the end of week the Lord came through big =) haha. So there is this girl, Angelica who didn’t get baptized last week with her Mom and Aunt. Well she wanted to get baptized but was wanting to do her first communion or something like that. Idk how to say it in English, lol but she couldn’t miss the doctrine classes for that on Sunday or she would be kicked out so she didn’t wanna go to church on Sunday. We tried explaining the importance of church and baptism, but she just didn’t grasp it completely cause we were kinda beating around the bush. But then the next time, we just explained to her good baptism is something necessary to go to heaven and the other thing is not and doesn’t have the authority; which sounds kinda harsh but the Spirit was there and she understood but she was still kinda scared that her mom would get mad. So she said she was gonna pray then on Saturday night she called us telling us she was gonna get baptized! it was so sweet The Lord helped us out big time on that one!

Everything went really good on Sunday and a couple from the ward sang a really cool musical number of “Asombro me da” I forget the name in English. =/ Then we were blessed with even more miracles on Sunday we had 9 investigators in the church! it’s the most I’ve ever had I think. There’s this family of 4 that came that are super cool you can tell that they come from humble backgrounds and they are super receptive and they are prolly gonna get baptized this week. We have a ton of possibilities, we just gotta keep putting our part so the Lord puts his it’s really a marvelous thing. The Lord always blesses us when we obey him. If we do as He asks we will be on the best path ALWAYS and we will receive the blessing He desires to give us. Like its automatic! We just put our part even if it’s little and he puts a ton. That means that the invitation for you all this week is that you can put more. That you can sacrifice a little for the Lord He sacrificed todo and if we do that we will see His hand in our lives I know it. I’ve seen it so much on the mission and so much in the lives of all of you sometimes we just have to search it and count our blessings.

Well I’m pretty excited for this week; gonna have a ton of work and a ton of opportunities to help others! I love this work.

Love you all hope your doing good and have a good day of thanksgiving! when is it again i forget? I’m turning Mexican lol I forget all the American things; but if its before next Monday have a good one! haha love you all

Elder Steven Juker
Week 68
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 1:54 PM

hey family!

another week down! and it was great! We had a ton of miracles this week the Lord blessed us so much. We have been working really hard and pushing forward and finally it payed off! On Thursday Lala and Ernestina both got baptized; It was super cool I got to baptize Lala and it was the first time I baptized an old lady here in Mexico. haha They are really cool from the start Ernestina accepted everything and loved the gospel Lala coasted more work but she accepted too. At first, when we started teaching them they thought we were Catholic Fathers. haha But we explained it and they are super happy with they’re decision.

Our family group is growing a lot. We had 4 investigators in church and there was this less active family of 11 who showed up; so once again there’s no room in our house for prayer so we had to stand up in the back but I don’t mind. It’s great to see the church growing. Last week Elder Anaya of the 70 came and made a comment like how this is how the church started just a tiny group of people in a little house then its all over the world now. As he said that I just imagined the future wards and stakes that are gonna be here it’ll be cool to go back in like 10 - 20 years and see the huge growth! Then after the services we had 3 more miracles! Lilia, Alondra and Vanessa all got baptized as well they’re a family we were teaching with the other two and they are super cool. They’re from Ixtapan a part of my first area in Tenancingo and they are so happy in the gospel and after the baptism you could just see how happy they are.

So we’re gonna be working hard again to get some more people for this week its so great to see the Lord put his hand in our lives and blessed us and I know as we work He will do so.

SO this week I have been worried about you guys; all my family out there. Just been thinkin about you guys what you need, how I can help you and something that came to me as we were teaching a lesson last week is the power of prayer. Not just the routine prayer we sometimes fall into but the prayer when we just really talk to our Father in Heaven. Cause we need His help we can’t do anything without Him and we need to search His help. It’s something I’ve gained a big testimony of this change is praying with more intent with more power and just talking with God. Just like you all love to hear from your kids know what’s going on, Our Heavenly Father loves to hear from you. SO that’s one invitation this week that you can pray to God talk to Him ask what you need to do better and follow the inspiration you receive. Also in our reading of the Book of Mormon (which I know all of you are doing lol) this morning I read Alma chapter 5 really I loved it so much its kinda long like 6 pages (well in spanish) but it was so good. I love the inspired questions he uses it really makes you think how we need to live everyday like it could be our last and I’m not saying that like how they say it in the world, I’m saying it like we need to live everyday so that if Christ came again tomorrow we could stand in His presence and be happy not ashamed. It helps put a lot of things in perspective. So I want each of you to read it then tell me what you learned! If you don’t do it I’ll be pretty upset! haha even you gotta do it dad =) I know you guys can find time, just make it and you will be blessed greatly.

On a more non gospel note Today was a fun day we went to play soccer against metepec we bought Germany jerseys they were pretty sick and looked even cooler with the sweet cleats Bob sent me! and man did they help lol it was pretty muddy and everyone was slippin around but me haha i scored 4 times and we won 12-11 we were losing like 2-8 but came through in the end. haha It was super fun I have a bunch of pics but this computer won’t let me open them- who knows why. =/ Next week I’ll send some.

Well love you all! Thanks for all your love and support! keep being the best and after church on Sunday write me a letter tellin me how it was =) love you!

Elder Juker
Week 67
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:31 PM

Hey family

Another week come and  gone super fast. It was a good week but I lost my agenda yesterday so I forgot all the things I was gonna write, lol and I had written a ton of things.

So this week we did exchanges and I went to Atlacamulco. It’s pretty far away for the north of the state of Mexico it was pretty cool there. I was with a few different Elders there. We passed by a ton of people but nobody was home so we contacted and found and taught a few people. It’s a pretty cool area then in the night on Thursday or no Wednesday I think, lol we went to teach this family of 6. We had taked to President Villarreal so that he could come out with us and he did it was such an awesome experience. The spirit was so strong and I learned so much it was pretty sweet. They agreed to pray about getting baptized on Sunday and looked pretty animated.

Then i went to El Oro on Friday or The Gold in English it’s to the north east of the state like almost to Michoacan it was cool. The area is really nice and with a lot of history it’s like some super old gold mines. We climbed up a giant mountain on bikes to try to do some interviews. It took an hour and a half; it was cool. There were parts so step we couldn’t ride and had to push the bikes. lol But then we ate at the top and the family gave me an arrowhead they had just found in the farm. It’s cool; then we went down the hill and it only took 25 min cause we went so fast it was super fun. Then at night we went to do the interviews of that family of  6 I got to interview the Dad it was pretty cool except it took like an hour and a half or 2 but he finally accepted for last Sunday. He kept saying no for the 13 of Nov I’m gonna do it then don’t worry and was like why don’t you let me do it then but I told him if Jesus Christ was here talking to you, when do you think He would want you to be baptized.  He was like today so I explained how we are reps of Jesus and have to do what he wants in his way and he accepted for Sunday. All the family accepted also but only the dad ended up getting baptized last week. The rest should this week they’re a pretty cool family.

We had a big miracle on Sunday we had 6 investigators come to church!! It was sweet they are really good and they have 5 more family members that didn’t come. We’re gonna try to get them baptized this weekend. They already accepted we just gotta figure out the times and resolve some other little doubts. It was a huge blessing and helps a lot cause I’ve been gettin kinda stressed but I know the Lord is just helping me be better and teaching me. And I’m grateful for it.

Yesterday we went to a leader coucil meeting it was so cool I learned a lot and it helped me find a lot of things I can do better and do to help others. It already Nov and Dec is coming soon. I’m excited for Christmas so that we can have a White Christmas; not like you Dave with all that snow but with baptisms! its gonna be sweet! Today we’re gonna go eat somewhere as a zone or something should be fun. I love you all and hope your doing good have a great week

Elder  Juker

Week 66
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 1:58 PM

hey family!
Man is time flying by fast; this change is going by soo fast it seems like just yesterday i got here but now its already the start of week 4 man! This last week was all right. Today was fun we went and played soccer against the zone of Metepec it was like the good ol days when I first got here cause a ton of people from the zone are there in Metepec again it was cool we beat them like 11-4 it was great I scored twice. haha Then we went to that giant hamburger place again idk if you remember the pics i sent last time but yeah we went there it was good. It makes it seem like time is going by even faster cause it seems like just yesterday I was getting here to Mexico even and over there in Metepec but time flies.

Anyways this week we did some exchanges Elder Richardson went out to work with a district in Toluca while I stayed in the area with Elder Rosales. It was pretty fun I was pretty sure I was gonna get lost a bunch; but I didn’t. I was happy cause we had to go find little pueblitos and everything but i didn’t get lost. Just if I felt like I didn’t know where I was, I asked someone and I was on the right track. haha But we worked really hard and taught a lot of lessons and found a lot of news.

But once again the end of the week didn’t go too great. On Thursday Elder Rosales and I were going to some appointments but everything fell through, so we started to contact and knock doors. We found a bunch of people we had 8 lessons and 6 news it was a good day. But we just couldn’t get anyone to church. We had one lady who was gonna get baptized. Like she went last week and passed her interview but she left town last weekend so she couldn’t get baptized it was a bummer. But we should have a lot this week cause that couple is finally gonna get married then the other lady from last week and there’s this other guy that has been in Examens so he hasn’t had time, but they end on Wednesday so he’ll be good too.

We’ve been struggling lately and idk why, but we just gotta keep pushing forward we’ve been working hard being obedient and everything but were missing something; so were gonna be trying to focus more on that. We talked about it and were gonna start teaching more. Like applying everything to the investigators. Like we teach well and we teach what they need, but we need to help them understand why they need it and how they can apply the teachings. As we do so we’re gonna see more miracles.

So last week Elder Richardson left which means this week it’s my turn to leave I’m going to Atlacomulco it’s super far! They like don’t come to the meetings or anything cause it’s so far but they have like 13 or 14 possible people that can get baptized this week so were gonna work a lot with them. It’s gonna be fun cause it’s more like little tiny towns. haha

On Sunday we were waiting to do an interview and I finally met our ward mission leader. lol He;s really cool! He was playing and singing church songs on the guitar; it was sweet it reminded me of mom. haha

Well hope all is well in the states and your having a good time. Oh hows the reading goin on the Book of Mormons? I’ve been loving it I really enjoy reading it over and over again cause each time I understand more like the Isaiah and Jacob 5 parts. Before the mission I was like what the heck is this talking about but now I can get some stuff out of it. It’s cool what happens when you actually read. haha so you guys do it too! haha

love you all !

Elder Juker
Week 65
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 2:43 PM

hey everyone
hows life going? This week went by ok we had zone conference we learned a lot and have been trying to put it in practice. I had to give a talk in front of all three zones and pres and everyone so I was kinda nervous, but it went good, my comp said I didnt look nervous so that’s good. lol
We had a pretty good zone meeting on Wednesday and we thought it was gonna be a great week. Elder Richardson and I have been putting a lot of goals so we can be better and so that we can help the zone be better and we have been striving a lot to complete them but we haven’t seen as much success as we would like. We put goals like contact a bus every week. haha Which is actually kinda fun; you just stand up on the bus full of people and tell them who we are what we do, share a little something and then we passed by for everyone to see, if they wanted to listen. It is cool! lol Also to contact 10 people each each day; stuff like that. lol We had been working hard and searching for a baptism but we couldn’t find one. The two we had on date weren’t married and then went out of town, so we were working hard but nothing came through for us.
But we did have some miracles! We had a couple that IS married (sometimes hard to find here lol) come to church for the first time.  Also on Saturday Elder Sorenson and I were on interchanges here in xona and we went by someone to interview them but they weren’t home. So we contacted a lady walkin by and she accepted while in front of her door another man came up on his bike and asked what we preached so we told him and he said “and why haven’t you came to visit me?” So we settled that we would pass by for him the next day for church and he came! It was a miracle.
So we have a lot more to work with this week and were gonna have a really good week. We played soccer today it was pretty fun I scored like a million goals, but then my companion killed my foot. lol I sent pics from ice skating last week haha my comp is the one with the pumas jersey on ( it’s my jersey but I let him borrow it).
So we’ve been having some trials but were not gonna get down on it cause also we’ve gotten a lot of blessings and we can’t expect to turn around all at once. We need new people to church before we an start baptizing like crazy and that is what the Lord provided us this week. It’s great to be able to see his blessings in our lives but we gotta look for them and be grateful cause like in the mission many elders would be like aww I didn’t baptize I didn’t get blessings and not realize the blessings of having people in church and seeing the Lord prepare the way. But we gotta realize that in all you do in your lives too. Sometimes we see what we want and don’t see things happening but we gotta see what the Lord wants and how He is making things happen for us cause if we are living righteously He will bless us!
This week I’m going to complete 15 months I’m getting old lol its so crazy how fast it’s going!! But I’m loving it.
I love you all hope your doing good well talk to you soon
Elder Steven juker
Week 64
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 2:20 PM

Hey family!
Hows everyone? Here everything’s going alright. We had a pretty good week but we didn’t baptize =/ so it was kinda a bummer; but we were working hard. We had like 35 lessons and on Wednesday we’re gonna have 2 baptisms, it should be great.

Tomorrow is Zone conference so were gonna learn a ton should be wonderful. This week was fun! My companion Elder Richardson is really cool he played football at BYU and likes the same things I do so we get along great. We were in a lesson this week teaching this lady.Her brother, that the other missionaries had taught, got home and was super wasted and sat down and asked my comp what happened to the other one? We told him he got changed and he kept staring at me then asked me where i was from like 3 times. lol Then said to Elder Richardson this guy is guapisimo. lol it was hilarious. But now he keeps making fun of me cause some drunk guy hit on me. haha

My new area is pretty cool its a little town but its nice we have some pueblitos a little far away but we ride bikes to them its fun. lol We should see a lot of success the next few weeks we’re gonna be working hard. We went ice skating today, it was pretty fun. Then we went and ate at Sirloin that american food buffet place; it was cool I didn’t fall until we all started pushing each other haha it was fun.

So my area isn’t a ward, it isn’t a branch either but its a family group. On Sunday we had like 35 people there with 2 of them investigators and 2 others us. lol But it’s cool we meet in an apartment it’s super tiny but supposedly were gonna be a branch soon were gonna move to a bigger place in like 2 weeks should be good cause where we meet is super tiny. well love you all be good

Week 63

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Hello world,

Hows everyone doing? this last week was pretty great with pretty amazing ending. We didn’t baptize but conference was great! I loved it!

SO I’m in a new area back to the boonies. lol I’m in a little place called Xonacatlan its pronounced shownacatlan. It seems pretty sweet my companion’s name is Elder Richardson he seems awesome; he’s from idaho and played football at byu and is probably gonna go back to playing after the mish hes a cool guy.

Wanna hear great news? We have bikes! lol We rode them here to the internet and to the store for groceries; it was great! lol But mine’s missing a peddle. Last week we had some cool things happen so we were walking home one night and pass this lady and tell her buenas noches then kept walking when she called out hey wait then asked us,¨how can I be part of your church?¨ I thought she was talking about the high school cause of the way she asked it and a lot of people ask how they can get their kids into the high school of the church which is by our area so i said the high school or the church? also cause it’s kinda rare to hear that lol and she said the church so we explained how everyone was always welcome and that we’d stop by the next day to explain more. So we went and explained baptism and she accepted! and her 10 year old son. The only problem is that she’s not married so I hope Sagastegui and his new comp get that taken care of and get her baptized! Then she came to General Conference and saw a baptism after. She’s way solid she loved everything. It was kinda sad leaving Morelos cause the members were super cool there and we left a bunch of converts, but i know the work will move forward here that were gonna tear it up and do work!

So how bout that general conference huh? It was pretty sweet I thought Elder Callister’s talk from the Sunday morning session was sweet! lol He just told everyone what’s up and that the church is true. haha But yeah it was cool. I liked Pres Monson too about how the values in the world are changing but the Lord’s are not. Its so true you see so much of that these days and I think even more here, but there is no lack of falling morals in the states too. lol But that’s why it’s so important to feast upon the words of Christ, to study the scriptures, and go to church so we can have the strength to overcome and do The Fathers will. There was a talk about reading the BOM -I forget who, I  think like 3 people talked about it but I left my notes at home and forgot to go over them before i wrote - but i encourage you all whoever reads this to start to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning; especially if you haven’t read it. Start to read it and make goals to finish it and as you read put Moroni’s promise in practice and ask God if the things you read are true I promise you He will answer and you will know and you will be closer to God, find more peace, and find the answers to the questions you have. The Book of Mormon is the best! lol

love you guys talk to you soon wish me luck in the middle of nowhere! =D haha


Elder Steven Juker

Week 62

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 3:14 PM

hey everyone!

This week was awesome; it was really  a week of miracles! So the assistants gave us a promise as a zone that if we had over 50 baptismal interviews, we would have at least 10 baptisms.  So we made plans to go around like crazy doing interviews. Then on Thursday we had a district leader council meeting. It was super amazing! President Villarreal and the Aps gave us training and I left on like a spiritual high; from there it was great. SO we were all pumped and ready to work super hard. I think I was in my own area like 5 hours total this week cause I was doing so many interviews but at the end of the week we had 15 baptisms as a zone 7 from our district and as a mission we had 95. Last week we ended the month of Sept with 305 which is  a huge miracle and accomplishment. We’ve gotten over 300 twice before but in months with 5 Sundays and this month just had 4 it was sweet!

Today we played futbol against lomas verdes another zone close by it was pretty fun we got brasil jerseys they’re sweet but they put my name as junker =/ oh well he said he’d fix it for me but i told him don’t worry ill just keep it to remind me. lol I totally scored a goal it was sweet and played some killer defense! lol

I forgot to tell you that last week for the independence day I bought a giant flag so I sent a pic its pretty amazing. So next Monday are the changes I kinda wanna leave cause I have more than 4 months in this area but I have a feeling I might stay but who knows. Last week I completed 14 months!! That’s so crazy; times flying but I’m loving every minute.

We’ve been having problems getting people to church; it’s weird cause we never have I think its prolly cause my family isn’t going ;) so you guys should help me out here and go! =) haha were gonna work harder and committing people and helping them realize the importance. To help me with this I want everyone to send me a message about a way church has helped them or has answered prayers or something like that ok! If you can’t think of one go to church on Sunday and I promise you, you will have a good experience then share it with me.

Thanks for everything family love  you all

Elder Steven Juker

Week 61
From: Steven Juker <>

Date: Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 2:57 PM

hey family!

So its been a whole long time since weve talked right? lol everything has been pretty good. Thursday was cool we saw “Remember the Titans” I love that movie, its sweet; then ate tacos and then we stayed the night with Elder Keetch and Elder Lauritzen cause we were like 10 min from our area and there weren’t anymore buses. It was fun lol but we didn’t sleep much. haha Then we played soccer on Friday and today too it was fun!

On Friday we had a baptism! woo his name is Miguel. He’s a boyfriend of a recent convert and pretty cool he came to church by himself and was really receptive. We’ve had some difficulties in the district but this should be a really good week! We all have a lot of people that are progressing and can be baptized!

On Sunday night we went and taught a family that we had taught the wife the week before and it was a really cool lesson. When we got there they told us that after the last time we taught when the husband got home he saw her and she just looked so happy and peaceful and he was like what happened? and she explained how we had taught her and so they were super excited for our visit then we taught them the plan of salvación and they loved it! The husband had a lot of questions cause his mom recently passed away but he loved the lesson and they said it brought a lot more peace in their house. The only bad thing is that they’re moving soon =/

I went on interchanges with Elder Esquivel this week and we were walking when this member all of a sudden was like Elders Elders and came running up and said i have a referral for you in the church right now!! So we went and taught her and it was an amazing lesson she had been searching for an open church of ours for like 3 days. Some guy added her on fb and stated talking to her about the church and she loved it and started to search for it! I think she was from like cualtitlan izcali which is like 30 min or more from our area but she came all the way down there searching for the church and when I said the opening prayer she was crying The Spirit was super strong in that lesson. Then we taught her and we didn’t even teach much about baptism cause we couldn’t invite her cause she lives in the other mission. But at the end of the lesson she was like yeah I have a question so when can i get baptized? lol It was so amazing to see someone so ready just walk into the church! Its’ crazy how God is preparing people all over the world to accept his gospel

I invite all of you to invite 3 people to listen to the missionaries this week or at least talk to them about the church or Jesus or something! If you do it you will feel so good and your testimony will grow i know it i love you all be good!


Elder Steven Juker

Week 60

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 2:34 PM

¡¡¡¡¡Viva mexico!!!!

so it’s fiesta time here in Mexico once again. But this time its night like every other week its fiesta time. The 15 of Sept its Independence Day! woo so that’s why i didn’t write Monday, cause we had a normal day. Today we’re stop working now to be safe and tomorrow is p-day. We’re gonna go watch “Remember the Titans” in a little bit and then eat as many tacos as we can; its gonna be great! Any bets on how many I’ll eat? haha

Anyways the work here is pretty great kinda frustrating though. Last week was a uper bummer we had like 3 possible baptisms others in our district had 5 and others 2 and they all had accepted and everything then Sunday comes around but they don’t. It was a bummer, I got pretty down about it but then realized it wasn’t my fault, I’m doing my job to invite I cant force them. Missionaries all over the world always say their purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ but sometimes when they don’t come you get down. lol But we invited like 23 people to baptism last week so it just wasn’t the time I guess. We do have one set up for tomorrow night so we should be good.

Last week we did a bunch of exchanges I went with an Elder Lauritzen in my area and we taught seven lessons in one day! It was such a blessing we were just running around everywhere it was sweet. Then the next day I went to Elder Esquivel and Elder Huertas area and did 5 interviews. It was super crazy; so we’ve been runnin around super busy that’s always good.

Yesterday I got my package thanks so much dad and mom the shoes fit great and the candy looks wonderful I’m gonna make it last haha. They got here just in time cause my other ones started breaking too but they can be fixed. The last couple days we’ve been running into a lot of Christians and they have just wanted to fight. Like the ones we’ve taught the last couple days just look super mad and talk all fast about Jesus and I’m like; hey calm down Jesus is all about love and please don’t be all angry, smile. lol Then the lady today just kept asking what our doctrine was so we explained to her about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end and she was like no that’s not it and explained the same stuff with different words. It’s funny when they don’t even listen, they just wanna be right; but it shows how important it is that we need the spirit with us because the holy ghost will testify of the truth always.

Well i love you guys I’ll write again on Monday so it won’t be too long from now haha but ill send pics then too be good everyone!


Elder steven juker

Week 59

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Hey everybody hows it going?

This was a pretty good week we had an old investigator that wasn’t married that we had dropped cause he wasn’t progressing; but we still passed by every once in a while to see if he was gonna get married. Finally we talked to him and his wife and they said they wanted to get married! woo! So we went to los reyes la paz (the kings the peace) lol and they got married there. It was cool; we took the metro and saw all the crazy people there. lol There’s a guy that walks around with his shirt full of glass then puts it on the ground and throws himself on it and asks for money; its pretty cool. I’ll have to take you guys to meet him some day haha ;) jk But yeah, it was cool; they got married then we went and ate a ton of tacos at their house; it was great. Then on sunday he got baptized! woo But our bishop was kinda upset cause he hadn’t attended our ward for a while. But like everything was fine that he got baptized our bishop just likes to be dificult and he called the pres, but the pres just told him everything was ok. Then in the night he called me and told me I did what I was supposed to and handled it perfect cause he wanted to try to get mad at me so I just didn’t say anything. But it’s ok cause Aldo got baptized; it was sweet. After his baptism he was like -  wow I didn’t really expect to feel so different, I guess I kinda took it lightly. lol But he said he felt like super good and was pumped. It was pretty cool cause his wife is less active but now there gonna be going to church every week, and they really like it. They have a two year old son who reminds me of juj cause he’s crazy. ahah

We also had a bunch of people come to church and one of them accepted baptism for this Sunday and I’m pretty sure we can get like 2 or 3 more it’s gonna be a good week.

I was studying a lot about humility and pride this week I’m pretty sure this is something I’ve never had problems with ;) haha but I was looking up the definition of pride somewhere and it said something -  like wanting to do your own will before Gods and I was thinking pride is what starts all sins. If we didn’t have pride, we would have a perfect world cause we would accept God’s will and search to do it. It’s something we always have to work on and we can never say - ok I’m humble now, but if we strive we can have such better lives and help others too because humility shows our love and we come closer to one another and everything just turns better. So it’s something I’m gonna be trying to work on and I invite you all to do the same.

I love you all.

Thanks for all the support hope your doing great!
Love Elder Juker

Week 58

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 11:44 AM

what up fam?

This week was pretty good, but kinda frustrating at the end of the week. It was going great we found some good new investigators we had like 5 people that accepted baptismal dates for the 4th of Sept and had like 9 or 10 that said they’d come to church. I was super pumped! but then came Sunday… we get up leave early and make our rounds for like 10 houses before church and guess how many we brought with us? Zero =( it was super sad. But two others came that we had invited so we’re gonna focus a lot on them.

I’m kinda bummed cause we haven’t baptized for like a month I think. Not saying the mission is all about baptizing; but here in Mexico the leaders of the church have said that the area is ready to have baptisms each week and we haven’t been completing it. But were not gonna get discouraged just gonna work harder! There’s tons of stuff we can do better so were gonna do it! We fell short on our contacting goal this week we only had 93 =/ So we’re gonna to have to work harder this week.

We have this investigator that we teach and we invited her to church and she was like I don’t feel like I can I’m not very good with God right now and we asked why and she said she didn’t wanna talk about it then she told us… She said she sees spirits all the time of like people who died and it seems like she was 100% serious so we gave her a priesthood blessing to help her feel better. When she said that I wanted to ask her if she saw any right then but I got scared haha.

We had a mom and a daughter that were gonna get baptized on Sunday they accepted we were gonna work with the mom to get married to her spouse and everything but then like Wednesday they fell off the map and wed go by the house but here usually a bunch of different families live in the same house so the always say that they’re not home even if they are like we passed by and asked for them and they said the mom left and the daughter was showering then 2 seconds later the daughter walks down the street like oh hey lol it gets kinda annoying sometimes but oh well. so yeah we couldn’t find them and they didn’t end up getting baptized =( so it was pretty disappointing this week.

But its ok were gonna work harder and see more blessings! its like in Ether 12 you don’t receive any testimony until after the test of your faith I hope that’s how it goes in English but something like that haha

Well i love you all family i hope your doing great and being good. Go to CHURCH. you’ll be happier I promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ so do it =) talk to you all soon!
Elder Steven Juker

Week 57

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM

So another change has come to a close.. and this one went by even faster than the other ones. It seems like yesterday we just had the last changes lol but its all good! I’m still with my son cause he’s new; we have two changes together its gonna be pretty sweet I’m excited. We have two new zone leaders and they are pretty cool. I know them but it will be the first time working with them; I’m excited. It’s gonna be a good change and there are 2 new elders in the district.

This week went by super fast and it was pretty good. The past few weeks we’ve had our goal of having 140 contacts. Presenting ourselves to someone and inviting them to listen is a contact. We were kinda slacking but this week we did it, we had 140. So now every week we’ll have it! lol But with all the contacts, the work went well. We found some new people a few good a few not so good, haha, and one of our invest went looking on the internet for stuff about the church and found some pretty funny anti stuff. Like Joseph Smith came to the United States from some foreign place riding elephants and is a false prophet and that we call each other brother and sister because Satan was our brother and we worship him; it was pretty funny to hear it. But supposedly she was pretty freaked out, haha but its all good.

We were working a lot with a lady named Yadira and her family; the husband can’t get off work Sundays so he can’t get baptized yet but she can and has shown a lot of interest so we were teaching her and she loves church and everything. She said she wants to get baptized but has a ton of fear of water so she’s scared to get baptized. We haven’t been able to help her overcome her fear. There’s another family; the parents are Roberto y Noelia. The mom is a member but the dad; no. But they’re not married, their daughter Neftali got baptized in March but never confirmed until Sunday! It was pretty cool. But they got there after the Sacrament and the Bishop was closing the services and wasn’t gonna confirm her so I had to go up and talk to him. He was gonna make her wait till the next Sunday so I talked to him about it and she got confirmed =) she was super happy and we have plans with the parents to get married this week so roberto can get baptized on saturday.

Have I ever said I love being a missionary? It’s pretty awesome! It’s going by super fast though! Yesterday I hit my 13 month mark I still feel like I have only been here like 4 months, lol its so crazy but its fun!

With the changes a bunch of friends left the zone but a bunch of other ones I knew before came so it should be pretty fun. We played football this we played futbol/soccer. lol I’m turning Mexican but yeah we played that and it was pretty fun! Then we went to sirloin the buffet. While we were eating I wanted pie, so i went to go get some but they wouldn’t come cut it for me, so I just grabbed the whole pie for me and another elder. lol But then as we were eating it the lady came out and took it. It was kinda a bummer lol but the food was good we left super full it was good cause it was 2 buffets for like 160 peso like 13 dollars so not too bad.

This week were going to work even harder so we can see more success and help more people come to the waters of baptism!

I love you all and thanks for all the prayers and words of suport you send me your all great! love you guys a bunch be good!
Elder Steven Juker

Week 56

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 2:25 PM

Hey Family
How is everybody? This week was pretty good we had some difficulties but it went ok. We had someone that was gonna get baptized but she lives in the other mission and the President said we couldn’t baptize her; so she’s gonna have to go to the other mission. =/ but its ok. We’re on the same team here haha.

Other than that just the normal working hard but this week was kinda rough there were a few problems with elders in my district so we had to try and help them they seem to be going better; so i hope they really are.

We found an investigator from the area book that was taught like 5 years ago and had a baptismal date but it fell through. She seems really nice and she’ll progress. That will be cool; we have an apt. with her and her family Wednesday.

On Sunday it was pretty cool cause one of our recent converts received the priesthood. The bishop asked who he wanted to give it to him and he chose us it was a super sweet experience.

Changes are coming up this week but we already know we’re staying together so I’m pretty excited to just keep working hard with elder Sagastegui.

I was reading a talk this morning in the Liahona from conference; it was pretty sweet! It was from the Sunday morning session and it talked about how our trials are to help us grow and to make us better. Something we’ve been trying to teach a few investigators a lot lately because a lot of them have had some pretty difficult things happen. But sometimes I just don’t get how much more plainly I can explain that the only thing that will help them is living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having Faith in Him and repenting, being baptized, following his example, receiving the Holy ghost, and enduring to the end. It’s the only thing that will ever bring true happiness in this life and the eternal life in the life to come. I really love this work helping people know that; but when they don’t wanna accept it I just wish I could force them but that’s the plan of Satan we cant do that!! lol

Today we played soccer against the zone of Lomas verdes it was pretty fun we bought USA jerseys. They were sweet, but this computer doesn’t recognize my camera so I cant send the pics. =( but its all good next week I’ll send them.

Well I hope you’re all doing well. I want you all to think about the 5 pàsos of the gospel and think where your at and how you could do better in his plan for us cause we all can.

I love you all so much talk to you soon!
Elder Steven Juker

Week 55

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Hey everyone!

Hows life? Here, everything’s going good. We had a pretty fantastic
week. On Thursday we went to Tequisquiac, in the state of Mexico, to take
a couple to get married. It took like 3 hours to get there and like 3
to go back, and I couldn’t even be a witness cause I’m not a Mexican. =(
lol But it’s all good, they still got married. Then we were inviting them

to the baptism that they were gonna have and Christian the husband was

like my baptism? We said, “well yes it could be yours too” lol but he
was like naw jk not mine. So we talked about it and he said let me ask
my wife so he asked Yadira and they were like yeah sure. So they both
got baptized on Thursday too. Also Aaron, who was supposed to get
baptized last week but waited till now. It was so cool. Aaron’s uncle
baptized him; elder Sagastegui baptized Yadira, and Christians brother

baptized Christian. It was sweet. Then after it started to hail a ton

and the hail was pretty big like marbles I’d say. There is a picture of
me in the hail attached, haha.

Then on Friday I had to do some interviews for

some elders in my district and when I went back to the area. The bus
stop was filled with ambulances and cops and people. I guess a little
bit before some guys came and shot and killed three people where
all the buses are and drove away. It’s pretty sad; but cool that the Lord
protected us cause we got there like 30 minutes after I think. But my

comp and another elder got on the bus just a few minutes before they

came cause as they were on the bus they saw the ambulances and cops.
The Lord really protects us and guides us it’s pretty sweet.
We’re teaching this older lady who’s name is Claudia and she has had a lot of
problems in her life. She said she wanted to get baptized but wanted to

wait so we were teaching her and talked about the holy ghost and the

comfort and guidance it gives us, and she was all ok I’ll get baptized I
want that! lol It was pretty cool to be able to help her.

Today i got some letters from some recent converts from Atlatlahuca. It was so
sweet to hear from them. They have such strong testimonies and to see
how grateful they were for us is something I will never forget. It made
me so happy to hear from them. The mom is now the secretary for the

young woman and one of the daughters just got made her like group
president I cant remember what its called; but her class in young


I love this work and the ability to bring such happiness to the
lives of the people; its sweet! I love you all so much hope your doing

well and being good talk to you all soon!


Elder Steven Juker

Week 54

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 12:23 PM

¡hola familia!

¿Que dicen? ¿Como estan? This week was a good week and a not the best week lol. We worked hard and found a lot of news (new investigators) and taught a lot of lessons and had like 7 investigators come to church; BUT our baptism fell through =( it was a bummer and also Vicente didnt come to church till after sacrament so he couldn’t get confirmed. But both those things are gonna happen the next week! lol

This week I almost died lol. So we moved about two weeks ago but we didnt have gas so we haven’t had hot water. Finally we bought a gas tank and we just needed a hose to connect it. We brought home the hose and it didn’t fit so the next day we brought an adapter and put everything together nicely and turned it on. We heard gas leaving the tank like sssssss but we smelled and everything and it wasn’t leaving from the tank or hose, it was just going in the pipe. So we were looking for our boiler and decided to go downstairs for a lighter to turn it on. When we went into our house we heard the same sssss and it smelled like gas; so we ran back upstairs and turned off the tank then opened all the windows and doors of the house to air it out. There was a gas line for the stove we don’t have that didn’t have a cap; so then we bought one and now everything is ok…we just don’t know which boiler is ours so we still don’t have hot water =( but hopefully today the owner comes to show us lol

Oh hey I got the package it was great thank you so much mom and dad the socks are wonderful and all the candy and stuff too the only problem is I dont have a discman to listen to the cd’s but I’m looking for one someone can lend me =) This morning at 6 we went to go play soccer it was pretty fun I had a few sick headers lol. I’m pretty much full mexican now being down here for so long you guys probably won’t recognize me when you see me next. haha

But I really do love it down here! The work is pretty great. We found like 5 or 6 new people this week that when we taught them the first time accepted to be baptized. It’s pretty amazing to see the openess of the people to accept the teachings of Christ. A lot of times I think of how before I wasnt that open and didn’t give the importance that I should have to Christ His church and His will. But now I see how important it is each time we choose to contact someone, knocking a door or in the street, we need the spirit we need His guidance and it’s so important we can have it and live worthy to keep it. Its so cool to walk past like 4 people then feel like you should contact someone and have them accept; its pretty sweet! I love to be part of this work.

I want to invite you all to evaluate how much importance you give to God and His son Jesus Christ I know we all can do better and I want you guys to set some goals so you can be better that’s the purpose of this life; to be better and repent and prepare to return to Our Heavenly Father and this is the day to do it! I love you all so much thanks so much for your prayers and letters and everything your all the Best =)

talk to you soon!


Elder Steven Juker

Week 53

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Hey everyone

This week was pretty great. As always. I was running around all over the zone cause i had to do a bunch of interviews so I wasn’t even in our area that much; but we did work a bunch.

Vicente got baptized yesterday and it was pretty sweet to see him and his family there. They were all pretty happy! He and his wife have been separated, the rest of the family got baptized like a while ago, but he recently started going to church and he really likes it and wants to fix things with his family; so everyone was so happy with his decision.

This week was pretty good! There is a lady were teaching named Araceli; her sister got baptized like 2 months ago so were trying to teach more of her family. Araceli has had a bunch of problems basically her whole life and even more right now, so she finds a lot of happiness in the gospel. It’s pretty cool to see the help she can find from getting closer to God. On Sunday she came to church too, it was cool! She really liked it and felt super comfortable but is kinda scared to be baptized, but says she’ll do it someday. So were gonna see if she can get baptized on Sunday.

Aaron also came to church; his brother got baptized like 3 or 4 weeks ago and Aaron is gonna get baptized next week. He’s a pretty cool kid he is like 14 years old; but when he prays you can tell he’s really putting his whole heart into it. It’s cool! His Dad also came to church, we haven’t ever taught him but he seems kinda closed off. We went in the chapel and we were like oh we’d like to introduce you to the bishop, and he’s all no I wanna listen first. lol but it was pretty good.

We found a couple that needs to get married, but they had listened to the missionaries like a year ago. So they’re gonna get married Wed and then baptized on Sunday. I hope it all works out.

On Sunday while we were waiting to start the baptism, it started to rain like super hard! It was crazy and hailing and everything and cause our area is a hill all the streets flooded. It was crazy there were buses trying to go up the streets but couldn’t because of the rain. The church didn’t flood and our house either, because were on the 2nd floor, but our zone leaders house got like 6 inches of water they said. haha it was pretty cool. But then, like as fast as it started it went away.

Man it’s so crazy I already have been out a year in the mission!! I cant believe it!! I burnt a shirt on Thursday, it was cool! I have pics but can’t upload them on this computer.

Well love you all be good well talk to you soon!


Elder Steven Juker

Week 52
From: Steven Juker <>

Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 1:18 PM


So first week with my hijo was pretty great. His name is Elder Segastegui. He is from Tamaulipas. He is pretty cool. He speaks a little English too so its fun too teach him. This week we were working pretty hard. We found a lot of new people to teach but a lot are not gonna be here too long. We found a family that’s visiting from Florida and taught them. They were pretty cool but in a little bit they’re going home; but maybe they can go home members =) haha the work is pretty sweet.

Last night everything fell through and we had nothing to do so we went to some members to ask referrals. This one family gave us like four so we went to go teach them. The first family are Jehovah’s Witness, well just the dad is, and the kids were the references. But the dad was like oh we are testigos we don’t need anything. But we made another appt. The next family we went and knocked on the door and the lady answered and said we could come in.  She had a bunch of family there so we came in and there were like 10 people and i got all excited but they don’t all live here lol but we taught them the restoration. It went pretty well; the first while it was super good like we were teaching everything super well, but then they started all asking questions and trying to answer one another and some of the brothers were kinda arguing and it didn’t end too well; but it was a really cool exp. We might go teach them again next Sunday but who knows.

On like Thursday we were knocking a door of a recent convert, but they were out of town. There was a car outside with a couple in front so we contacted them and the mom was like yeah i want you to talk to my daughter go talk to her now we live right there. So we did and we taught her baptism and she accepted to be baptized then the next day we came back and the mom was kinda mad and we taught them the restoration and baptism and they said they didn’t want to.The girl just said it cause her mom doesn’t want to. The mom wasn’t too open that lesson and very less the grandma. They are super catholic but we came back the next day and taught the plan of salvation and at the end the mom was crying and she really liked it all and everything. On Sunday, the girl came to church but not the mom or the other daughter (dad didn’t come cause they’re separated) but they’re a cool family and I think they’ll accept everything soon.

We played soccer today and it was pretty fun; I scored a goal. Now were gonna go to wal mart I might buy some mt dew lol but its like 100 pesos. Well hope you all have a wonderful week and we’ll see ya’ll soon. Oh yeah I’m gonna have a year on Thursday! wow that’s so crazy! If time goes as fast as this first year did I’ll be home in what seems like a week. haha

Love you all! Be good do what’s right and pray!


Elder Steven Juker

Week 51
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Hola familia,
How is everything with you guys? This week was pretty good and there were changes today! on Saturday I was just about to do an interview when the President called me and told me…. I’m gonna have a kid haha I’m getting a new missionary tomorrow as my comp so i get to train. I’m pretty excited about it just hope i can do a good job and help him out.
There are 5 Mexicans coming in and two Americans so I’ll probably get a Mexican but you never know you’ll get more info on him next week. So while I don’t have a companion I’m just wandering around by myself.. no not really I’m with the zone leaders for today until I go to the offices.
This week was good; we didn’t teach very many lessons again cause my comp had to go to the Dr a couple times and he went once with another missionary cause we needed to help them out. But it was pretty cool on Friday we went with a family that has been listening to missionaries for a while but the parents haven’t wanted to get baptized or been to open until recently. They need to get married so we were teaching them and we were gonna invite their 15 and 16 year old kids to get baptized. We invited them and the daughter was like well i want to but will you guys get mad - to her parents. But they already gave permission and were cool with it. The son had  a little bit of doubts but we explained some stuff and shared some scriptures and he accepted too. Then on Sunday I went to their baptism, cause they invited us, and it was so cool!  The Spirit was super strong and the kids bore their testimony after and it was just a great exp.
We had a baptism as well you can see in the picture that I sent. He has a ton of family that recently got baptized and they thought he never would make the decision; but he finally did. It was super cool and his brother baptized him. After the baptism his sister was so happy and she was just like thank you so much, thank you so much, we all thought he was impossible but i guess not. lol So now were gonna start to try to work with the parents.
Were gonna work super hard so my kid has a great first week here in Mexico it’s gonna be great. But were changing houses on Wed. The weather has been pretty crazy cause we live in hills it was flooding a ton, but it was cool I like the rain. And I finally got my rain jacket back so it’s not bad. haha You can see were the street’s flooded and it almost flooded in out house in the pics
well i love you all be good we’ll talk to you soon
Elder Steve Juker
Week 50
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 2:32 PM
Hey family
Happy Fourth of july! the celebrations are huge down here haha yeah right. But we did eat hot dogs in comemoration. and play basketball and volleyball. .
So this week…..went by lol i would have to say probably the worst week that has gone by in the mission. lol But its all good we just basically did nothing cause my comp had a bunch of dr appointments and we had to do exchanges cause some other elders had a  dr appointment and an interview. Then i got kinda sick on saturday so it was just a super uneventful week where we did almost nohting. It felt terrible. But its a new week with new hopes so were just gonna work even harder.
There was hope the last day of the week though. Antonio, an investigator we have taught only the last few Sundays came to church. We’ve taught him like twice and the other elders once but since the first time he was like, “I’m not gonna get baptized I don’t wanna change, I’ll listen to you guys, but I won’t do anything.” is basically what he said. So we asked if he would get baptized if he recieved an answer from God and he said yes so we kept teaching him. The first time we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was reading it and really liking it then last Sunday he was talking about all the parts he read that he liked we invited him to come to church the next Sunday(which was yesterday) and he said he would try. Also we invited him to baptism for the following sunday(the 10th) and he said he would think about it. But basically no cause he didn’t wanna change so we invited him to pray. On Sunday it was fast sunday and his niece bore her testimony about her baptism and said how she hoped her uncle too could feel the spirit she felt and get the blessings she has gotten. It ws super sweet. Then after we went with him to the classes and he was happy the whole time looked really into everything. Then at the end of church we were setting up our next appointment with him and he was like oh hey when’s my baptism again? What do I need for it? Just like ready for it so we set up a appt to go get everything ready for him it was pretty cool and a nice blessing to end a terrible week. That’s just the way the work goes one minute it can be great an the next not so great but you just got keep rolling on right?
Well family something I’ve been thinking about lately is the power of the Book of Mormon in our lives. It can be such a wonderful tool if we just let it. If we just utilize it. Life is like were digging a hole but just with our hands it can go easy sometimes but your gonna run into hard patches rocks clay other obsacles. If we study the Book of mormon daily we have a shovel to help us. It’s the tool we have to help overcome our problems. It’s way easier to dig a hole with a shovel. It doesn’t mean its gonna be super easy but it will be easier. The same way if we use the Book of Mormon more in our lives. I’ve really grown to love it on my mission, but even here I sometimes dont study it as much as i should. So we should always strive to do it more. Cause if we do we’re putting the Spirit more in our lives, we’re gaining the knowledge we need to face daily challenges, but what we read today we won’t necesarily use today or tomorrow. But if we study it we will have it there for when the challenges come and then as the devil lances his torments and trials we’ll be on the firm rock of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we wont fall. I want to encourage all of you to read the book or mormon at least like a couple verses or something every morning and I promise your days will be happier and filled more with the Spirit!
I love you all hope your doing good and enjoy a nice bbq and firework show this 4th of July cause you know I won’t here in Mexico haha
love you all
Elder Steven Juker
Week 49
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 4:05 PM
So another crazy week and another short email =( sorry we just barely got home we went and played soccer against another zone and we demolitioed i forgot how to spell but we won by a lot. then we got back late and it’s raining a ton.
So if you remember last week we had an early appt with a fam of 3 to get baptized so we went to that and the dad showed up( the parents are separated) so I called the pres real quick while we went for the keys for the chapel and asked him if they could all get baptized this Sunday if the dad just went to church one time. We talked about it and he gave the ok so we went back i was all pumped to get this whole family but when we started talking to them the dad just wanted to fight. Not fight like punches but like bible bash he is a Jehovah’s Witness and was just wanting to fight the whole time. I kept trying to teach him but he wouldn’t have it and so I put another appt. If it was any other jw i would have just told him how it is; and i cant think of the word in English I would use, and then just leave, but I wanted to try to save the family. So on Wed we went by again I had my zone leader come by too for some back up. haha But we went and he wasn’t there so we taught the plan of salvation and invited them to baptism and the middle girl was like ya, the mom like i wanna but it seems so quick and it seemed like there was no hope for this Saturday. So we read some scripts and invited her to pray for this Saturday.  We went back on Thursday and I just asked how was your prayer?  She told me it was good, so I said, did you ask about this Saturday,  She said,  yes. I asked - how did you feel? She said, good. I asked,  do you think that’s an answer from God?  She said, yes. Then I asked, So everything’s good for Saturday and she said, yup.  I was all - woo! haha It was soo cool and like as soon as we walked in her house I knew she had her answer cause the Spirit was there and there was just a change in her. It was so cool!! So she had her interview on Friday and i guess it took like an hour and a half cause they taught some crazy stuff in relief society and she had a ton of questions. haha But everything went great and they asked me to baptize them. It was such a blessing to be part of it! The little girl who’s 10 didn’t really want to at first then when the mom asked who was gonna baptize her we gave her a list of people and she was like you can do it and then asked her kids and the little one was like you and pointed at me. lol But the spirit was super strong as I was in the baptism water. It was a great experience!  It’s so sweet to have this chance to be here on my mission and help people come unto Christ.
Thanks for all the love and support! Sorry I’m kinda behind in responding but I’m gonna work on it. lol We’ll see how that goes =)
well keep being good and doing what The Lord wants, that’s the only way well be truly happy.
i love you all talk to ya soon
love Elder Juker
Week 48
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:52 PM
So another week more changes and less time to write wow everything is going by so fast lol. We went and played soccer today for like 4 hours so that took up the most of the time but it was super fun. Then we played against these guys that came and we lost 3-2. It was a bummer lol but fun. We stopped cause i  was goalie and i blocked a goal with my left arm and got scared my shoulder was gonna pop out again. lol
So this week on Tuesday we were going to some lessons and Elder uc didnt feel too good so we went by the house and he was not doing good and we called the doc and he said he had to be in complete rest. So he’s in the offices right now and I got a new comp his name is Elder Shelley he’s from Colorado. He’s pretty cool a little weird, but cool. haha
So this week I was worried cause I know like nothing of the area but we managed to get by and we met this kid named Saulo who is 17, and we taught him and invited him to be baptized and he got baptized on Sunday. He had come to church before with his family and he’s pretty cool. His uncle, who got baptized like a month or two ago, baptized him it was pretty sweet.
We had a ton of people come out to the church this week, we had 8 it was sweet. I think our new church building helps a lot. We have this family we are teaching it’s a mom and her  3 daughters that are 12, 10, and like 1. The one year old is super cute in church when we were singing she was all dancing and waving her arm leading the music she kinda looks like Sydnee so she reminds me of her. =) haha But the family is pretty good we’ve only taught them like 1 time in the last two weeks but they’ve come to church the last 2 weeks in a row. We’re gonna invite them to be baptized this weekend I’m pretty sure they will accept.
This week we had a district leader meeting and we took a taxi cause Elder Uc came to stay in the offices too and we took 3 hours to travel not far, like in the metro it takes something like 30 45 min, but we were super late. But the meeting was great presidente talked about a ton of stuff to help us out. I just need to put it in practice. It’s like life, sometimes we know what we need to do but we just miss that last step to just do it. Same in the mission to be a better missionary. I know a lot of things I can do, but its hard to keep focusing and do them but that’s life, we gotta keep striving to be better and doing The Lords will and as we do we will be blessed.
I love you all so much, sorry this letter is rushed and short again we have a lesson with that family I talked about in like 10 min. Love you all so much be good talk to you soon!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 47

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 3:47 PM
So im super rushed right now cause i only have like 17 minutes left. We had an appointment in our pday and were kinda behind but lots of things have changed since the last week.
So after I sent the letter last week we went to cut our hair and as mine was being cut the phone rang so i passed it to my comp and when he got off he was like, hey new district leader and i said what? and the said there were special changes and I was leaving as DL. So I was like no, stop lying and called back the zone leaders after and it was true. So I had to go home to pack all my stuff I had just unpacked. lol Then Tuesday morning we left.
My new area is called Morelos, it’s here in the zone called Tenayo. It’s pretty cool but it’s like all hills. Just a ton of houses on a hill that goes up and down all over the place. It’s sweet!! lol My comp is Elder Uc (OOK) thats how you say it he’s pretty cool, he’s from Cancun but hes kinda sick so were not working too hard. =/ He had surgery on a kidney stone so he can’t go to fast or be out for too long, so its kinda rough but were making it happen.
We have a new church here in our area. The Sunday before was the first one that it was open. It’s super cool and the font is so sweet. We had a baptism this week, his name is Alan, he is 18 and goes to the benemerito (think i spelled it wrong). It’s the high school of the church here. It’s like on the other side of the road, but it’s in the other mission; so were right on the border. But he already knew everything basically had seminary for four years went more than what i did. lol But his parents had told him if he got baptized he’d have to leave the house. But finally he talked to them and they let him get baptized. It was pretty sweet cause a ton of his friends came. It was cool to see the support they have for him. The only lame part is that the dad bought like 200 tamales for after and just before the baptism he left to go wait for them to drop them off and then the leader mission asked us if we could get the em so he could hear the musical number. So we figured he’d get us before the baptism, so we went. But then when we came back he already got baptized; it was a huge bummer. But still I’m happy he could have his day.
I was kinda nervous about being DL cause now i have to do interviews for my district. But I did one last Friday and it went really well. It’s really just like teaching, but you gotta make sure that they’re not doing anything bad. haha But yeah.
I love you all sorry its kinda short but there’s not much time i love you all hope your doing great and being good talk to you soon!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 46
YAY another great week!

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 1:23 PM
Hey family so now went by the first week in D.F there are a ton of people here in our district.  In our meeting on Tuesday we made a deal that the companionship that didn’t contact 140 people had to buy food for everyone that did so we had to kick it into gear cause we had none at that point.  But we picked it up and ended the week with 150 it was sweet.
We talked to so many people but the majority are like,  no time no time and try to start running away. lol It’s great. The food was better in the boonies! We’d always have tortillas from hand but here no =/ but its all good. My comp is cool; he has 20 months in the mish so he’s dyng (leaving? dying? idk) soon. lol But he’s cool.
We have a ton of investigators but they’re kinda crappy. Like we were teaching a lesson to this guy the other day and he was just trying to crack jokes the whole time and not paying attention or anything so we dropped him.
The members seem super nice its a pretty big ward the chapel is nice and the stake center is huge. There’s a ping pong table in our chapel so were gonna go play in a min. Tell Mitch and Clayton I’ll be practicing for when I get home. haha
The city is pretty cool cause they have 4 peso tacos they’re great but I was expecting more; but its all good. lol We’re working hard but not seeing the results we want but I know as we keep working hard The Lord will keep blessing us; just like what has happened my whole mission.
I want you guys to try to look at things the same way sometimes we try to do good things get closer to Christ but we don’t see the progress. But remember what it says in Ether 12:6 we don’t receive any testimony until after the test of our faith so just keep trusting in The Lord and searching for Him! He can help us out always in all our problems I love you all so much hope your doing fantastic!
Everything here is great we played soccer this morning Americans vs Mexicans and of course we won it was fun, but we played on cement lol kinda lame.
Have a great week talk to you in ocho dias!
Elder Steven Juker
P.s Sorry i typed so terrible this keyboard sucks! lol
(Oh is that what the problem is son - hmmm not so sure =)  The better his Spanish is, the worse his English is)
Week 45
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 30, 2011 at 11:12 AM
Hola family!
So another week past in Mexico and another change past as well.  I am now serving in D.F Finally! Im pretty pumped I’m in the area, it’s called Aquiles Surdan in the stake of Chamarrones. It’s gonna be pretty sweet. The area is one of the smallest in the mission, so i went from one of the biggest to smallest. Also my new companion is Elder Taylor from Salt Lake City, Utah. He seems like a nice guy reminds me a lot of Daniel so it should be a good change.
This past week was pretty good. On Sunday we had 4 confirmations it was so cool! Tamara and her 2 daughters and also the daughter of Perla got confirmed the spirit was really strong. I was kinda bummed tho cause it was my last Sunday in Alta. Really I learned to love that place, even if there were a bunch of weirdos; haha it was great!  I was like 99 percent sure that Elder Ortega was gonna go and I was gonna stay; but I was wrong. lol But I’m excited for it here.
Also Veronica finally got baptized it was a cool experience. We were kinda scared though cause we were gonna pass by at 5 to go with them to the baptism and we did but they weren’t home. But we passed by after a lesson we had and they were there and everything was fine and ready to go. I think it was a blessing for using our time wisely, cause the dad was like oh they left they’ll be back in half hour and instead of just hanging out or doing something else we kept working, cause it was all we could do and the Lord blessed us by preparing their hearts.
I’m so grateful for this service that I’m in it’s so amazing to be able to see all the miracles and everything. It was pretty sad to say goodbye to all the converts and everyone in Atla. At the beginning of the last change our District leader was talking about how we needed to work hard and love the pèople so that we can help them and when we do that it’s hard to leave an area cause its like leaving your family again. and really it was kinda like that cause the people that we left there were so great. So many memories I’ll never forget; it was such a blessing to serve there.
So in our zone we had 40 baptisms and our zone is usually like the lowest baptizing like 20 or so normally is good but we did work. lol But the mission as a whole did even better we had 319!! WOW When I heard that I was amazed!!  I think we all got a huge boost or something from the visit from Elder Oaks. Jaja
Well i love you all it’s time to make the memories and the things happen here! I’m pretty excited, kinda nervous, but I know it will be great just need to work hard and trust in The Lord. I encourage you all to do the same love you so much.
Elder Steven Juker
Week 44
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011 at 12:46 PM
Hey family! HOWS everybody? Fantastic I hope cause I sure am! This week was another great one here in this patch of the vineyard.  One of the greatest things was…..Elder Oaks came and spoke to just our mission, it was so great!!  Man I’ve never really paid attention I guess, but when he talks his voice is awesome.  He talks with such power and authority; it was great. He spoke about a lot of great things that I loved.  Also we were able to shake his hand and talk to him for a second.
He like grabbed my suit where my plack is and was like “uhh Elder Juker?” I said
yup and he was all “good, i was scared to say it wrong” lol then he asked
where i was from and that’s basically it. Also Elder Johnson from the 70
was there it was a really great experience. I got to see all my buddy’s
from the MTC well most; it was cool too.
This week we had a baptism; it was pretty great. We met this family
about a month ago i think i told the story before -  but we were talking
with her and asked  - “that first day when we talked on your doorstep,
you didn’t want to let us in. Did you think that this day would come that
you would be here right now?” She said “really no, usually i just blow people like that off. I wanted to go cook but something told me to listen something you guys. she made me think, huh why not listen to a message about God, and now she is one step closer to returning to his presence. It felt so great to know we were the instruments in the Lord’s hands to help this
miracle come to pass.
I’m so grateful for people that will just listen and ask God. Really if we all did that more how much better would our lives be if we consulted with God in all of our dealings.  How much better could we be if we would just think about what He wants first. It makes me think how much I need to improve always and we can never stop to do it ever. Its like what my football coaches would always say if your
not improving your getting worse.
So I’d like to invite you all just to  think. think how good it could be to invite the missionaries to your home to share the gospel. Think about how great it would be to be closer to him and know more of him. Then act on how you feel.  We had an investegator who was supposed to get baptized 3 weeks ago but when she got to the font she didn’t wanna do it two weeks in a row. Before, we shared a lot of scriptures we bore testimony and tried to tell her the importance and the truth even tried to ask her to pray but she just left. This week we went back to teach them and we weren’t gonna talk about baptism cause they got mad and we wanted the mom and daughter to stay active so we were just gonna teach as we taught by the Spirit and we shared the plan of salvation we asked her some questiones. She opened up to us and asked about some of her doubts and her concerns and really talked to us for the first time and then said “Ya me voy a bautizar” I’m gonna get baptized already so we said when would you like to do it and we set up a time. It made me think about some of my family. When we know what we need to do sometimes we just need to think about really how important it is.  It doesn’t matter how much doctrine we hear or testimony if we don’t think about it for ourselves and make the decision. So i want you all to just think about the importance of church of the restored gospel because if this is really
the Church of Jesus Christ that He leads and Guides today, do you think it would be important to be fully invested in it? And how will we know if it really is the true church? Investigating it, reading, praying and asking God. That’s what made me go on my mission I finally thought of these questions and starting putting in my effort and I invite you all to do the same.
I love you all so much thanks for all the prayers and guidance you always give me! you’re great! be good well talk to you soon
love you!
Elder Steven Juker
P.s We played soccer again today(that’s the pic of us) was fun played
goalie but with one hand so don’t worry im ok =) haha
Week 43
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 3:20 PM
Hey family!
how is everything? here in Mexico pretty great so i got my shoulder
checked out the doc said no thing too bad but gave me some pills to cut
down the inflammation.
This week has been pretty great WE were working
hard and we had 4 people that were gonna get baptized this week we
were pretty pumped but then one family had to go out of town and
couldn’t make it. But they’re solid they’ll get baptized this week. Then
on Sunday we had another person that was gonna get baptized the one
that didn’t the week before but then she was all oh i gotta go take my
baby to get shots so we were like you can’t go after your baptism? and
she’s all oh yeah ok. Then her mom came up and was all, oh she doesn’t
wanna do it so we talked to her again. She was like it’s that i’m not
prepared I still need to read all of the Book of Mormon and this and
that so we shared some scriptures and testimony with her and she was
ready to go again. But then at the last minute she was like not today.
no i have to go. So we talked and did everything we could to help her
and invited her to pray and ask God what He wanted her to do but she
didn’t want to, and she left.
But this week we saw a miracle. There is an investigator(lol i was just thinking how do you say investigator in
feminine) Named Perla I’ve talked about her before her and her family
have been taught by missionaries for like 2 and a half 3 years now;
what you would call an eternal investigator. She knows everything is
true and has like every book but hasn’t taken the decision to be
baptized so we haven’t been going by so often. But we went by about a
week ago and she was having some pretty strong problems with her
husband so we told her to pray and ask God to help her with them. Then
we went by on Friday and she said elders I’ve seen a miracle on
Thursday night she ran her husband from the house because of the
problems and he left then that night she was really sad and couldn’t
sleep. Then saw a post-it that we had left like a month ago saying pray
well saying orar lol, but she decided to do it and she said she just
started to pour out her soul to God and she felt so great and could
sleep and woke up feeling great. Then in the afternoon like 3 her
husband came home with flowers and apologized and explained everything
and they worked everything out. Then we showed up at like 5 after he
had left we then explained how she could feel so great always with the
gift of the holy ghost after baptism and how it’s a step she can take
to show her faith in God and she was like yes I wanna do it. And for
real this time; cause she’s said yes like 4 times to us and has had like
3 interviews already, haha but the next morning we came by she had her
interview and then Saturday night her and one daughter were baptized.
They were so happy and the spirit was super strong it was such a
blessing to be a part of that. And to help Gods children to take one
more step closer to him and closer to returning to his presence after
this life.
I love everyone of you so much i thank you for the ejemopla
that you’ve all given me and helped me to be in the place where I’m at
right now.  I love you all so much hope you all have a great week. Oh!
this Wednesday elder Oaks is going to come to speak to only our
mission I’m pretty excited I put my suit in dry cleaners and sent my
shoes to be repaired and everything. haha They were kinda falling apart
the both pairs but they got fixed and shined super good for 50 pesos
less than 5 bucks, it was great haha
Well talk to you all soon be good!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 42
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 9, 2011 at 1:24 PM
Hola familia!
Hows everybody man its been forever since we’ve talked. lol It was
really great to hear from everyone last night hope your all still
doing well was kinda bummed Johnny wasn’t there but i love you buddy
hope you and your family is doing well.
WE went and played soccer this morning like i told you guys we were gonna do and i think you guys
jinxed me asking if i had dislocated my shoulder cause i was playing
goalie and tearing it up but then i dove and as the ball hit my hand
it dislocated my shoulder =( it popped out just like last time but i
got it back in it was a little harder than last time but i think its
Anyway this week was pretty great those who i talked to know but
I’m gonna put the stories here for the others and so i can remember
later too. haha We had a baptism this week it was pretty great i
got to be able to baptize her and the spirit was very strong. It was
kinda scary tho cause we showed up at there house at 3 like we said we
were gonna do for the baptism at 4 but they weren’t there finally at
like 3:45 they passed by in a car and everything was good for the
baptism but i was kinda scared for a while. haha
We also have this family were teaching of 4 the mom’s name is tamara and the like 3 times
we were teaching she was all in to it. She said “the other day i was reading the
Book of Mormon and i prayed after and after i prayed i felt so
peaceful and good it was so great I’ve never felt like that before.” She
truly is an example of somebody searching the truth but did not know
where to find it. She said since she was like 17 she hadn’t felt good
in her church and had been searching for God and finally she says she
feels a peace and happiness that has been missing for a long time.
It’s great to be able to share that with others. And really we can all feel
that and more if we search for what God wants for us and put in
practice what we know, like the scriptures say faith without works is
dead we need to show our faith through our actions and when we do we
have so many blessings because ¨i the lord am bound when ye do what i
say, but when ye do not what i say ye have no promise¨ really it’s so
true. He has to help us out and guide is and bless us when we keep the
commandments but if we don’t we wont receive the many blessings waiting.
it all depends on our actions so the invitation is that you all can
act! read the scriptures pray and go to church, the simple primary
answers but really they are the basics that help build our foundation
in Christ a foundation where if were firm in him we cant fall it
doesn’t matter all the temptations or problems in our path if we trust
in him he will guide us.
I love you all so much be good and ill talk to you next week
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 41
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, May 2, 2011 at 1:37 PM
Hey family!
How’s everything going? This week has been pretty great we had zone conference and it was really great the spirit was really strong and it helped us to go out and work even harder. So we were kinda bummed cause we weren’t gonna have a baptism this week but on Friday we found a person that could be baptized and she accepted for Sunday we were so pumped! But then we passed by on Sunday and her Mom left so she couldn’t go it was kinda a bummer but now her and her sister are gonna get baptized on next Sunday!
This week I ate more weird food on Saturday I had tripa and kran tripa is like sheep intestine and Kran you have to look up if you wanna know cause I’m too ashamed to say what it is haha.
So we were walking around in atla this week and sometimes the catholic church plays music super loud and we walked past and heard highway to hell and were like what?? But it was just a place there close so it just seemed like it.
This week we’ve had to drop a bunch of investigators because they weren’t progressing; its kinda sad but its ok cause we’ve found a lot of new ones. We had 9 this week we found a family of 3 that is really good. The mom is finishing up going though a divorce and there really receptive. It’s cool to see that when you do what the lord wants, he puts more people in your path to help.
On Friday a sister in our ward went to the temple and they got sealed it was pretty cool to see them they were so happy we didn’t go but after we saw them and they were so happy! I hope your all working towards that family. =) Really that is what we’re here for as missionaries sometimes people think that its just baptizing but really it’s because that is the door that leads to eternal families and really I know that if we work hard and strive to follow the teachings of Christ, we can be a family eternal; it’s so great to think about but we gotta work.
So this Sunday was fast Sunday so testimony meeting and this lady was saying how she went to this catholic church and like everyone got up to go do something and she stayed sitting and the father asked her why and she said she wasn’t Catholic and he asked what religion and she said LDS and he was like oh wow that’s so great I live close to one of your chapels and every Sunday it s like a party with all the people walking to the church so happy that’s how it should be really your in the right stay firm because your church is true. It’s so crazy how many stories we’ve heard like that. Like investigators asking their pastors and fathers and they saying that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the church is true its crazy.
Ok one last story to end. We were walking in Tenango and this little girl came running up from nowhere and was like Elderes aquí aquí and she gave us 5 pesos and was like buy yourselves something i tried to give it back but she was like no, no its for you and ran away it was so cute. It makes me feel so good to see kids like that that are so nice and caring its great.
well i love you family ill talk to you Sunday talk with mom to find out the schedule for when I’m gonna call love you all
Elder steven juker
Oh yeah to answer the questions about eating i keep getting; look at the pic from the burger i just ate and the coke haha only 70 pesos it was great and we played basketball it as super fun love you all!

Week 40
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 9:22 AM
This week was pretty good. On last Sunday we were kinda bummed cause we had scheduled to eat in atla every day the last week when we normally work more in San Dimas so we were gonna use more money and not have as much time where we’ve had more success and the food normally isn’t as good there. lol But then we were thinking it’s vacations the daughters of a part member family will be home every morning and we can go teach them so they can get baptized this week so we worked with them and they passed the interview but the dad still thought they weren’t ready and didn’t give permission. We passed by on Thursday in the night to talk to him cause that’s when he said we could but they had just left cause their little baby had fallen and she fractured her skull. =( So we went to talk to him the next day and bore testimony and some scriptures and helped him see that really they were and that they weren’t gonna be perfect and that it would be the best decision he could let them make and and we also gave a blessing to the baby who is doing really good. Stephanie and Jennifer got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.
It was great but we still saw more problems there was a problem with the pump to drain the font so we had to drain it Friday night with buckets. But after all the trials they were able to have there baptism and they were so happy it was great to be a part of that. I told them my sisters have the same names but they didn’t believe me they were born in the states in Ohio but came back to Mexico a while ago. There a really nice family the dad still hasn’t made the decision to be baptized but he’s a nice guy and his time will come.  This week was pretty great for that.
There are pictures I’m sending from last week too. We went to this place where they grow cactus and the picture of the cactus is of peote lol and they had a duck so we caught it too. Lol it was kinda a bummer cause we traveled like an hour to go eat with this family and get there and the food wasn’t ready. Normally its not a problem cause we can leave to work while we wait but they lived in the middle of nowhere so we looked at the cactus and animals lol it was fun. So we went this morning to buy more statues to send home and the lady gave them to us so cheap it was awesome! So look forward to those when they get to you sorry your so far away Steph maybe when you come to the states you can pass by for one. haha Oh yeah i also completed nine months in the mission wow how crazy! its going by super fast and even faster here in Mexico.
Next month Dallin H Oaks and some other people are gonna come speak to us im pretty excited its just for our mission too its gonna be great. Oh wow almost forgot, so this past saturday is some holiday called dia de gloria (day of glory for my gringo friends jaja) but we were walking to our food appointment with our ward mission leader after the baptism and we saw like 15 people running around soaking wet with buckets of water I thought oh how fun they are playing together then they ran towards us and still I thought nothing of it then they stopped in front of us and we turned the corner and I was like uh oh why did they stop and then they all dumped there buckets all over us! Why our ward mission leader didn’t tell us till after idk but i guess its a tradition to run around dumping water all over everyone. lol I was kinda upset but just said Gracias and kept walking. lol But after I told my comp man I cant wait till I bring my brothers back here to visit we can visit on this holiday haha.
But this past week was semana santa (holy week) for the catholics and here its so crazy. The week they play out the life of christ from birth including they have a guy dress up as christ who gets beaten by a bunch of roman soldiers and then he carries a cross up this big hill and is crucified but where im at they dont really crucify him just with rope but in some places in D.F they do it for real. Theyre kinda crazy lol but yeah traditions are a little different here.
Well hope you all have a great week ill talk to you soon and love you all so much
Elder Steven Juker
Week 39
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 10:11 AM
Another week gone another change too. This week were the changes(they say transfers in the states) But luckily there were no changes in my area so i get another change here with Elder Ortega I’m pretty excited for that.
The week was pretty crazy. So we had a family to be baptized on Saturday. Had, now the Mexico city east mission baptized them lol but its ok at least they did it. the dad works in our are and lives here all the week but lives in d.f the weekend so when they went to church last week and said they were gonna get baptized here, i guess the elders there changed there minds. But it’s all good.
It has been raining a lot lately the last couple days good thing i bought a rain jacket when i got here. On Saturday it was all hot in the morning so i didn’t bring an umbrella or a jacket but then in the afternoon it started to rain pretty bad i was kinda wet it was fun lol. We were knocking doors and this guy was like sure sure come in i don’t agree with you guys but i like to listen. He said something about how we worship Joseph Smith so we were gonna teach the restoration to clear up that we don’t, but a little bit into the lesson he was all wait i have this little pamphlet with questions I should ask you guys so he pulls out this pamphlet with a bunch of anti questions that had things that we believe with scriptures in the bible that looked like it was contradicting so we showed him how they weren’t then my companion showed him a bunch of contradictions in the bible to prove that man has changed it through time and for that reason God prepared the Book of Mormon. Then we left cause he was asking dumb questions and questions about the temple. (which were lies too)
Then we were knocking doors again and this guy answered and he was all no I’m ok and we were contacting him talking about how our message can help him and stuff and he’s all I actually know a lot about your church I have these little pamphlets that say… then he sent his like 3 year old daughter to get them and he brought one about the Catholics and was all well I don’t have yours but there’s ones for all the religions. I kinda got upset but kept my cool for a while. He had a Chevy in front of his house so I asked if the car was his he said yes, I asked if when he bought it he went to the ford dealer to find out about it or to the Chevy. Of course he said Chevy. I explained how people need to go to the source to find the truth and you cant find the truth in pamphlets of lies. He was all but I’ve seen things I’ve had experiences super natural that let me know I’m right. So I bore my testimony and at the end I said that I know all that because God has given me the answer that He has made me feel that this is His church and the path He wants his children to follow. Then He said but how do you know the super natural things you felt are from God and not another source. So I said No I said my answer was from God you said super natural but this conversation isn’t going to help anyone thanks for your time have a great day and we left. I was kinda down after that just because to see there are so many people out there that think they know about the church cause they read anti stuff its terrible. But then I was thinking people said the Son Of God was a fake people mocked him said his miracles that he worked were from the Devil said he was a fraud. Of course people are gonna say the same things about the men God has called in his place. If they didn’t believe when they sent his son why should they believe us. We just have to keep working and give people the chance to listen to accept the true teachings of Christ and to receive the blessings he wants for them. But we all have our agency and like it says in 2 Nefi 2:28? I’m not sure if its 28 but where it says were free to choose to receive freedom and eternal life through the great mediator or captivity and death through the devil. We need to make the right choices so we can receive the best gifts.
I love You all hope your all doing good and being good =) talk to ya in a week!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 38
So as you may or may not have guessed, I do some editing of Elder Juker’s email before I send it on.  I do not take out or change any content; just put periods, commas, capital letters, paragraphs and such to make it easier to read.  He has never gotten out of the habit of writing one long sentence…lol  So what I want to tell you is that it is getting harder and harder to edit these as his Spanish gets better and better and his English gets worse and worse.  This one was very difficult!!!  He is so sweet and humble and kind, and I hope you feel that from his emails and I hope my editing does not take away from that sweetness. =)
Thanks so much to all of you for keeping track of our boy and for your supporting him through email and letters!  I know he really appreciates it, I know I do!!
have a terrific week!
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From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 12:53 PM
Hey family!
Hows the life in the United States? (and New Zealand for the kiwis).
Here in Mexico everything is going pretty great as usual. So i always
forget what i say in my letters past but we were talking to this lady
were gonna teach but she only speaks English and i forgot a ton of
words haha it was funny.
Anyway this week has been good again we had
our goal to get 30 more lessons this week but only had 25; still
`pretty good. Also we have a family that should get baptized soon and
also a wife of an ex-missionary too! its pretty exciting!
We went and taught a family this week; it’s a husband, wife and 3 daughters 12, 14, & 16.
We brought one of the leaders from Young Womens too and also i was on
exchanges so i went with a different elder his name is Elder Perez.
The lesson was so great the Spirit was so strong we taught them
lesson 3 the gospel of Jesus Christ and they really loved it. Then at
the end the mom told us how the sister of the husband had passed away
and he hadn’t been the same since she passed away. But it was perfect that
these two people where there with me cause Hermana Silvia’s son had
passed away about 4 years ago and also Elder Perez had a really
touching story about how a cousin of his passed away too. It was so
great cause these people we could help them out so much i loved that lesson.
Also about 30 minutes ago i finally got my scripture cases they are pretty sweet i sent some pics! I finally watched conference too it was great but we only saw Sunday morning i really
liked the second talk by brother Paul V Johnson i think. who talked
about our trials and how much we grow from them really sometimes we
see all  the bad things in life and focus on that but if we push on
and focus on the good we see that its way better than the bad. And
that God is always there for us when we need him.
I was reading in El Libro De Mormon this week in my study and started in the isaiah
chapters of second nefi and I really like them haha i was reading in 2
nefi 9:40 and really liked that verse it talks about how the truth and
the laws of God sometimes..grrr i cant think of how to say it in
English… like make people upset when they hear it. because they are
living contrary to the laws but when we are living the way God wants
we are happy and accept them and like them.
well i love you family I hope your all doing good and are writing me letters as you read this
haha =) oh yeah transfers are next Monday so well see what happens i
think well stay another change together but who knows. love you all
talk to you next week and ill pass the news!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 37
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 11:31 AM
Hey family!!
Hows everybody doing? this week has been really good and full of work. we put a goal to be able to have 30 lessons this week. We worked really hard and had lots of problems but we achieved it. A couple days we had a lot of appointments and they fell through but luckily as we continued to work and not to be sad we knocked a bunch of doors and were able to make up for it.
We’re in the ipod store in the mall right now in Metepec; its pretty cool we just played basketball it was really fun. And when we are done here we are going to go to sirloin again to eat a ton! It will be great haha.
This week i got to work with one of our Zone leaders elder Lopez for a day he is from Sonora Mexico and is a really cool guy and great missionary and the only Mexican here who can play basketball haha. We worked hard and it was fun. So when we went home i realized that elder Ortega had the keys to our house so we had to break in haha he crawled in through the window.
So last week i think o told you guys about the family that the dad had to take people over the border so they haven’t gotten baptized yet, right? Well we’ve been going by the wife still and teaching her but the sad thing is she lives in a little city where like everyone is catholic and talk a lot if you are going other places and i guess she has been getting a lot of bad things said to her from her fam and they aren’t supporting her at all, so she asked that we don’t pass by till her husband gets home. It was pretty sad but I’m sure she’ll come around when he comes home.
Also we were in Atlatlahuca and got a reference for this lady that is from the states and doesn’t speak Spanish man it was so weird to speak to her in English, I had to translate what i was saying in my head from Spanish to Eng and forgot a bunch lol but she seems pretty nice were gonna teach her on sat. My companion was making fun of me cause I forgot English. lol It’s that we talk about the gospel only in Spanish when i speak English its to my friends like 2 times a week maybe lol so English about the gospel i think i forgot haha.
So how was general conference? I’m pretty bummed cause i didn’t get to see it =( cause we live far from the stake center. We had normal church but next week were gonna watch it in the chapel here. I love confernce especially now and hope you guys enjoyed it and can hear my thoughts on it next monday! Elder Ortega is a really great missionary I’m really grateful to be his comp. He only has like 3 months but knows a ton and i feel the spirit strongly when he teaches. Investigators are doing pretty good we have a lot but sometimes its hard to find them and get them to do stuff. lol I think I’ve said this before but sometimes i just wish i could make them do the stuff but that’s the plan of satan not Christ. We need to lovingly teach and show what Christ taught so they can follow it. The members don’t really help with the work much. Like our mission leader talks a lot but doesn’t do much. There are like 4 or 5 families that are great and do tons for the missionaries but we don’t have too many referrals or lessons with members; this is something we need to work on.
So you guys should be better for this so I can get more help here =) haha I am assigned to the ward of Atlatlahuca which covers there Tenango, San Dimas and a bunch of little pueblos in between. But the majority if the work is in atla and san dimas. In san dimas I guess there is a bunch of drug dealers but only at night after we leave; but its one of the nicer areas in our area. The people are a lot more open too because they come from all over Mexico. I like knocking doors there because its pretty successful. We have a family that weve been teaching and they are catholic. Someone from the church called their mom and was all, I’m worried about your kids people have told us you guys are having visits from some people. And she totally told them off it was great she was all they teach us the truth and help us know what god wants us and she was all when was Jesus baptized when he was grown right? Why do you guys do it for babies? we were like wow that’s great that she is learning lots and enjoying it.
Well i wrote this first so it could be better now to respond to everyone else’s. Thanks for all the love and support that i get from all of you hope you guys are doing great!
Elder Steven Juker
Week 36
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 3:40 PM
hey everyone another week in the wonderful life as a missionary has passed by and as always it was pretty great. As usual filled with trials and difficulties and failure but also success happiness and great times which always are better than the first and make you forget about them.
Well i sent some pics from the pyramids hope mom or bob fwds them out too. Yesterday we went to our dinner appointment with this family and we were gonna eat lamb. So we had a plate of lamb meat with beans tortillas and spaghetti then they brought out these other tacos, they were good but a little weird. Then they brought me more of the meat and it looked even weirder but i ate it after i found out it was more lamb…but different parts like the stomach live kidneys and heart mmmm it was great! haha
This week was good but we had some problems with people falling through for baptism. We had 7 different people that could have been baptized but they all fell through, but tis ok cause it was the Lords will. One lady left town and has been super busy so we didn’t get to meet with her. Another one, her husband didn’t want to let her; a family of 3 the mom is scared and we have resolved every doubt she has ever put up but, still she doesn’t want to make the decision; then a family of 3, the husband went to the states so they are gonna do it when he gets back. This family is great tho we have only been teaching them like 2 weeks and they have progressed so much. When we were talking about baptism the wife, Loreyna, said we dont want to commit to you guys or do it cause you guys say its good we want to because we see the need and feel that its right. Man I felt so good when she said that it was great to be part of bringing that knowledge to them and their family. The story why he is leaving is funny tho. He is going to take some people to the states I asked how long it took and he was all a couple weeks cause we walk like 10 days through the desert haha it was funny he was all get what i mean? lol theyre great tho.
We were late leaving a lesson with them and went to take a bus home in Atlatlahuca and missed the last one so we had to walk home. It took like an hour and a member saw us and took us home it was nice of them lol. It was a fun walk. We were walking and heard a bear in the bushes so i fought it. It wasn’t really a bear but it scared us haha so we said bear. There are some pretty crazy investigators here and sometimes its funny the things they say just super random. But I love the work here its amazing to be a part of it!
I love you all so much and hope all is great! be good and remember our heavanly father is always there to listen to your prayers and to guide us in our times of need. until next week..
Elder Steven Juker
Week 35
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 10:33 AM
Hey family! how is everything? Here in Mexico its pretty great as usual. This week was super fast as always and with lots of work. Elder Ortega and I started trying to find more people in the areas we didn’t have much work and it sure paid off we found 9 new people to teach this week. Also we had stake conference it was great Pres Villareal spoke his wife the temple pres and his wife and also Elder Daniel Johnson from the 70 came and spoke it was a really good conference. Elder Johnson talked about Pres Monson’s talk from general conference about How every young man should serve a mission and how we need more sisters and elderly couple missionaries it was really good. Pres Villareal spoke about general conference and the importance of preparing for it. It was really good he said we should start a few months before praying to have our minds open and praying for all the lideres of the church the receive the revelation they need to help us. It was really good i loved it all. And it was sweet cause i understood everything and it was all Spanish so that’s good I’m getting better lol.
We have been focusing on this family trying to get them baptized but idk what more we can do. They know everything and even felt the spirit when praying to ‘know if they should be baptized i think we might have to drop them which is a bummer but we cant waste time when there is a ton of people that are ready and willing. But on the other hand we found a couple that are great and really receptive. The live in Atlatlahuca and when I got here my comp was all nobody listens there we have no investigators there but now we found a bunch. But this family is great The mom said the other day I don’t know if it’s coincidence or what but you guys came at the perfect time hen I needed you and everything you guys teach just makes sense. Her mom passed away a few months ago and when we taught plan of salvation she loved it a lot. The only problem is here there is such pressure from the families to even listen to us sometimes cause everyone is so catholic. Its funny cause the majority of the people when we teach how Jesus established his church and what he taught there all like yeah in the catholic church we don’t do that or this and we do this bad and so on. Sometimes i feel bad cause were not here to bash there religion but they do it themselves lol.
I got 3 great packages this week one from Brad from Christmas one from Bob for birthday and one from Steph for birthday they were great thank you all so much bob and charity and the girls sent me some sweet Laker shirts you can see in the fotos and steph some pineapple lumps and a couple sweet ties. Brad also sent a sweet tie so I’m pretty rich with the new ties right now haha its great.
Thank you all for everything. Its pretty crazy like the true love you develop for the people here on the mission. I never thought i could love so many people i don’t know we contacted a ton of people this week and when they reject i don’t feel bad about myself just sad that they don’t want to listen. Because this gospel brings such peace and happiness into our lives. If we let it. But we have to work and listen and do our part. But when we do the blessings are huge. We were teaching baptism to this family the other day and this girl was like but your like obligating us to be baptized because you we read the scripture in john were it says if you dont nacer de agua y espiritu you cant enter into the kingdom of God and she’s all if we don’t get baptized we cant go to Heaven your forcing us and we said no were just explaining what Jesus taught and you have the right to choose for yourself. Our Father in Heavan asks small things from us but the blessings are huge when we do what he wants. We also explained how she doesn’t need to take our word for it but to pray to our Father in heaven cause he’ll always tell the truth. That’s the best thing about the gospel..its true.. If the people do there part they will find out. I love it lol
Well were gonna go visit the pyramids in a minute ill send pics next week i love you all be good talk to you soon.
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 34
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 11:00 AM
First week in my new area was pretty great. We live in Tenango which is pretty sweet cause there are pyramids really close like each day when we leave the house they are right there in front but there not open on Mondays =/ but good news is this Monday they’re gonna do some ritual and they’ll be open, its pretty sweet so were gonna go.
Elder Ortgea is cool i’m teaching him English its funny lol he’s a good missionary. WE worked really hard this week and we have some really great investigators. There is this family that is pretty great its a mom and her 3 kids. They know a lot and really love learning the youngest is like 4 or 5 and shes always like i wanna say the prayer haha there great. Also we have this couple and the wife is so golden we were teaching her and she just paused and was like I know it’s true like everything it just makes sense in my other church no but here yes. They came to church this weekend and liked it I hope they get baptized this weekend that comes.
We have another lady that’s the same way she knows it’s true but she had been making up little doubts like that don’t have any sense. But she said she’s gonna get baptized she’s just leaving for a couple weeks =/
The members are super nice too but in Atlatlahuca the people are kinda crazy; we don’t work there much mostly in San Dimas and a little in Tenango. We went to Atla and this guy let us in and was all how come in the states you all do this and that and this blah blah and I was all not all and he said well why do you. It was funny. Some people think we’re so racist lol but its really them that are. But its cool, there are more nice people just some that are dumb.
We found this new family and the mom really wanted us to come teach them cause there daughter is having problems so we went and taught them after they were asking all sorts of questions and it really helped them, it was cool to be a part of that and to be able to answer all the questions.
Well hope all is good with everyone i love you all talk to you next week.
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 33
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 9:48 AM
To: john juker <>, Nancy Juker <>
So another transfer is gone and this one brings new changes. Really unexpected ones, both Elder Shuler and I left Tenancingo, but I’m only like 35 min away in Atlatlahuca. (the H does nothing in the name) Its nice I left at six this morning my new companion is Elder Ortega he is from Chihuahua Mexico and is pretty cool. This is his second cambio so he’s my hijastro is what they call it or step son. lol Hes a good missionary and a convert of only like 3 years I’m excited for this transfer.
This week was kinda rough we had an investigator Irving on date for this week and on Tuesday we heard he had a bunch of doubts so we went and cleared them all up then for his Intravista on Thursday he said he can’t get baptized cause of his parents. They were mad but then we came back Sat and he said he was gonna do it and passed his interview everything was all ready then he calls us Sunday morning and said his family is really upset cause he told them that he was gonna get baptized. so he couldn’t on Sunday cause he had lots of problems. It was pretty sad. But he says he still wants too just needs more time with his parents. I hope Everything works out with him, and all our other investigators it was sad to leave everyone, and all the members they are all so nice  but at least I’m close and when Tenancingo baptizes they do it in Atla so I’ll be able to go hopefully!
This week I’ve been thinking a lot about a scripture in Moroni 9:6 I believe is the reference it says something like if we are working diligently we won’t fall into condemnation and that is so true. You can see some elders who fall into temptation and do dumb things and I think how can you do that on your mission? but it’s cause they don’t work they have time for dumb things, but if you are always working on righteous things the Lord will guide you and help you in everything!  Like when i think about home or other things i just work harder and it goes away and the only time those thoughts come is when I’m not working as hard as I can. But i really like that scripture cause as were focused on the things of the Lord we will be prepared to overcome the temptations we have. Man I’m forgetting English, as i type i have to think to remember some words in English. lol  It will just get worse this change as ill be speaking Spanish the whole time which I love o I can get better. I’m pretty excited for this next transfer I know a lot of good things will happen as we focus on the Lords work.
Well family i love you all so much and hope all is going great for everyone. Let me know if anyone wants anything from mexico haha
Elder Steven Juker
Week 32
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 3:08 PM
Hey family! how is everything? First off thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I love you all and really appreciate it.
This week was pretty good. On monday we went to a huge buffet in metepec called sirloin to celebrate my birthday with elders from the zone. It was great to have some real american food, kinda haha. But to answer all the questions about if we eat ok just look at all the pictures; man i thought i would die. lol Then tuesday we ate with an hermana and had that giant pile of meat and beans and stuff to make tacos al pastor, they are sooo good, but i ate like 2 of those plates =( and the cake was like the best I’ve had here. It was chocolate cake with flan on top. Then the next day we had enchiladas and i had like 16 so we celebrated a lot and ate so much it was rough lol.
We climbed Cristo Rey again this morning so we could lose some of it haha. Also this week was a good week for teaching. We found a bunch of new people. One guy his name is Irving. He is a friend of a recent convert we were teaching him then taught about baptism and invited him to baptism and he accepted for this week! so hopefully everything goes well! Also we found a new family of 4 who is really interested we were walking down the street and somebody yelled elderes! elderes! so we went to go talk and he said he had a friend who wanted to listen, so he introduced us and we went back the next day to teach him his wife and his two daughters. They’re really interested but its kinda awkward sometimes cause he teases his daughters about us. We also have this lady that lives in a place called zumpuhuacan. spelling might be a little off but its ok; she is really interested and wants to be baptized but her mom is kinda against it and she has a little bit of problems with her coming, but she came to church with her son and they enjoyed it.
I forgot to say last time but hasta 15 dias lol thats how they say 2 weeks ago in sunday we had elder de hollos from the 70 come to our branch it was pretty cool there was a bunch of people like 84 there and normally only like 60 it was cool to have him come. Then this week we had a lot of people at church too, almost the same amount and it felt really good because the majority were less actives that we’ve been talking to and investigators and recent converts it was cool to be a part of so many people coming it felt good.
Today we are gonna go to an investigators restaurant to learn how to make enchiladas and tortillas im excited! lol Shes really nice she also made us these picture things I’ll send a pic when i get them they’re sweet.
On Saturday we had a couple fun experiences with drunk people but this time they were nice. lol We went into a little shop to buy a drink and this guy was wasted and was all hey I’ll buy you a drink so we said oh no its ok and hes all no come on so we got one and he paid then we were talking and he made no sense about like half the stuff he was saying but the he saw my agenda and i have a pic of Jesus on it so he grabbed it and kissed it. It was kinda funny. Then we left and later in the day we were talking to this lady in the street and this guy comes running up and was all can I have that book? Pointing to the libro de mormon in my hand so I was like well hi nice to meet you to try to get to know him and I could smell alcohol on his breath so I wasnt sure if we should give it to him, but when I said it was for a person we were going to visit (cause it was) he looked like he was gonna cry and was like I have been searching for this book for 25 years. 25 years ago I had it but lost it and have been lost ever since so I was all if I give this to you you have to take good care of it and he said of course of course and we said some other things like that and I gave it to him and he was so happy he cradled it like a baby and was so grateful. After he ran back to his car and drove off, I think he saw us when he drove past so he stopped. We got his address and are gonna go by this week.
So everything has been going pretty good this transfer is already almost over this is the last week so on sat we’ll know where were going and monday I could be somewhere else but I think ill stay but who knows. I love you family so much hope all is going good. Thanks for all you do I’ll talk to you next week
Elder Steven Juker
p.s sorry problems loading pics =/
Week 31
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 9:31 AM
And another week just flew by. Just when i feel like the week is getting started its Monday again and time to email lol.
Thanks so much mom and dad for the birthday box”! its great! i opened it and all the American missionaries wanted all the candy inside so i shared some haha I told some of the Hermanas from the ward it was my birthday this week and everyone wanted to give us food so were gonna celebrate like 5 times and eat good this week! haha ill send some pics of all the food we eat. Im pretty excited! haha
We had interviews with President this week and he told, I think everyone, that he wants us to look at the 15 leaders of the church we have and pick a hair style and try to look like them cause were gonna have 2 apostles come in the next couple months and so I picked Holland cause he’s a boss! lol but it wasn’t a hard choice cause it’s either bald or comb over. haha but i need a little more hair to pull it off good lol.
This week has been pretty good I learned something that helps a lot. I’m not a good missionary lol and won’t be one. BUT if i don’t rely only on my strengths and think i can do it then the Lord will make me a good missionary in his hands. Cause if I try to speak spanish and I try to teach and I try to preach the gospel I can kinda do it. But not very good. But when I pray continually for the Lords help and strive to do His will for Him is when I can be a powerful tool. I just need to try to do that and then the Lord will turn me into what He wants and then I will be the best I can. Cause He knows whats best for us He knows where we need to be what we need to do and how and when and why. If we focus and trying to do that, that is when we will be happy that is when we will be in the best place cause no matter how much we think we know; our Heavenly Father knows better. He knows what we need even if we think we don’t need it and knows what we don’t need even if we think we can’t live without it. As we trust in Him we will see the blessings in our lives. So thats what i’m gonna try to do. I wont be able to do it well but I can work at it and that’s all He asks from us is our best efforts. I have a quote from Jeffrey R Holland that I like a lot about missionary work he says, ” when the light dawns and it finally comes to you that this gospel really is true and the work matters and that God is not going to come down to do it Himself, we will realize that we are the only hands He has got, and that we are the only feet he has got. When somebody knocks on those doors it’s with our knuckles. When we make a contact on the street it is our voice out there on that street corner….” it goes on but i dont wanna type it all but i love this cause its so true were what the Savior has to teach his children and we need to do all we can to bring his gospel to them. Its the only way we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and He wants us all there and we have this knowledge we need to share it with all we can.
This week we taught this new lady and she was saying her mom is pretty against other religions and really catholic but we invited her to invite her mom and she did and she came and listened and she was pretty receptive; it was great the lessons went well. It was funny tho we brought our ward mission leader and the whole week he was like oh we had so much success that night we did so good lol he’s a nice guy.
The last two weeks we’ve had a zone fast one day each week for our investigators and it has been pretty great! Last week we had like 14 baptisms in the zone which is really good cause weve been having that in like a month. It’s cool to see the blessings come. About two weeks ago an hermana gave us a referral and we finally found her last week we talked to her and she had talked to missionaries before her name is griselda. They gave her a blessing in the past and she asked for another one cause shes been going through some hard times so We gave her a blessing of comfort and then like 3 days later came back and she said she found like 3 jobs! She had been struggling to find one for like a long time it was so cool and she was so happy and knew it came from God and was so greatful. I think she’ll get baptized soon also the other lady who we taught her mom her name is yanet. They are both really receptive and yanet has already said she wants to get baptized. It’s pretty exciting to be able to help everyone like this.
Well i love you all hope your doing great and being good =)
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 30
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 3:54 PM
Hey family
So I heard i won lots of prizes from the super bowl, good to know things haven’t changed too much ;) haha This week has been pretty great. Time just keeps flying by its ridiculous. And its almost my birthday! That’s pretty exciting i expect lots of gifts and letters it’ll be great =) haha A bunch of members and investigators are already fighting over who is gonna give us food that day but its ok there is plenty of space for all of them through out the week haha.
They’re really nice and always do so much to make sure we eat well when we go to their houses. Just sometimes they make us eat so much i almost explode lol Ive been a little sick the last week so i could be like “oh hermana really i cant eat more cause i’m sick” and they stop ´piling on the food so that’s good. haha
The other day we went to this house and the fed us pig skin tacos normally when they sell it its dried and crunchy like pork rinds i think there called but sometimes like what this hermana did they boil them so they’re soft again it was pretty gross i had a hard time eating it it was super chewey and slimey. lol But hey were in mexico its ok!
Oh so as you can see i sent pictures of our soccer game we had a zone vs zone soccer game so we bought those jerseys they’re pretty sweet and only cost like 15 bucks for everything it was super fun but i kinda went into football mode and ran over a few people but it was fun we all loved it and we won like 8-3. Elder Peacock Elder Shuler and i destroyed it on defense hah that was this morning.
The week has been pretty good we went out to Ixtapan a place like an hour and 15 min away to work it was cool the people are way nice and open there. We knocked 3 doors and got in each one and taught lessons to them all. It was cool, then we met some people that spoke English and a lady from Alabama who is moving there and doesn’t speak English. lol Its a really nice place I’ll bring you back when we come visit after my mission there is a Marriott hotel we can stay in its HUGE you should look it up. I think were gonna try to work more there cause the people seem a lot more open.
This week we had this reference for this lady who was asking for missionarys, so we went to contact her and this lady said she didn’t live here so the next time we went the next day and the same lady was like oh she left then we talked to her and she has her own church that meets outside of her house idk if i’ve told you guys about this but we’ve seen them a lot before and they like sing and chant and worship the virgin mary so we were like well we’d like to talk to you too when can we share our message and we fixed a cita and asked her name and shes all oh im the one you’ve been looking for so it will be interesting to teach her. lol We started to teach another Jehovahs witness shes really nice just like spues out stuff shes heard the J.w´s say lol its kinda funny cause i was reading in a little book they pass out the other day and she said like word for word one of the things i read haha. But shes nice and wants to learn more so that’s what counts. We dropped our other j.w it was kinda sad she knows everything is true she just doesn’t want to act on it or do anything to change hopefully she’ll come around soon.
The work is pretty good its hard but i love it. Sometimes i wish it was easier but what can i expect it was never easy for our savior why should it be easy for me. We watched a talk from Elder Holland a week or so ago and that i really liked it i love his talks they’re really good.
I hope everyone is doing well send grandma my love i hope shes doing better know your all always in my prayers i love you all so much be good!
Love Elder Steven Juker

Week 29
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 2:17 PM
Hola famila! How is everything! Hopefully there are no problems with this weeks email unlike the last couple.
This week has been pretty good Elder Shuler and I joined a gym so thats good we can get ripped in the morning it helps to get up and stay up and not be tired the whole day i like it lol. Also today most of our zone came out to tenancingo to the deportiva to play soccer it was really fun but we played in dirt so that wasn’t too great. We are gonna play a game next Monday against toluca a different zone and we ordered jerseys and stuff its gonna be sweet. lol
I tried mexican pizza for the first time about 30min ago; not so great. It doesn’t have sauce but you do get to put hot sauce on so that was great haha.
Anyway on to things a little more important lol well we had a baptism this week it was great and we had like 3 investigators come and they all really liked it! One we haven’t even taught yet but she loved like everything and wants to learn more the only problem is that she likes like 45 min away and doesn’t have much money so its hard to go to church and stuff but she’s way nice.  Also we had this lady and her son come their names are Reyna and Irving they are way nice they sell ice cream on the street down the street from our house and always give us ice cream and are just nice people they really liked it but because of work also didn’t come to church. lol
About 2 weeks ago like the 2nd appontment we had with them she asked if her son could go live with my parents cause he was going to the states and i was like what um where’s he goin, and shes all not sure but can he stay so i told her the best thing to do would be to find a church and they can help him find a job and place and stuff lol it was funny. We’ve taught them a bunch and they’re pretty receptive but i think pretty catholic too so well see.
Speaking of catholic, oh man the last week on this one street these people gather outside this house we always pass and sing songs and chants worshiping the virgin maria kinda strange lol we wanted to contact them all but didn’t want them to run us out of town so we just left lol
anyways vicky also went to the baptism she’s our testigo de jehovah investigator and she really liked it. The only bad thing is when Elder Gamez and Shuler went to teach her she just kept saying that she had already been baptized but Elder Shuler and i went by the next night and she was like i wanna get baptized just give me time. lol
She just has lots of questions and doubts and most are about things that don’t matter like tetigos dont celebrate holidays cause they think there bad so shes all how can you have a prophet who talks with god but still celebrate, that’s bad, so its kinda rough but not bad. But she does know everything is true just needs to act on it.
We have another good person who wants to learn but she just has no time but i guess she is really interested i talked with her once and invited her to church and she was really excited but her dad wouldn’t let her i guess so she didn’t come =/ que triste even tho shes like 19 but here people really don’t want to upset there parents which is good but some other standards aren’t so high. lol You see so many kids pregnant its sad but thats off topic haha
So President Eyring and an apostle and someone else are coming in a month or so thats pretty exciting And my birthday is coming up too and were gonna work hard and baptize the world so lots of great things coming up! haha
We’re gonna go to this buffet in metepec called sirloin for my birthday its huge and has lots of steak and ribs and meat and stuff so that will be fun haven’t eaten like that in forever lol i had a powerade today it was soo good. especially after 3 hours of soccer in a dirt field haha.
One of our investigators paints these little ceramic things so i asked her to paint one of jesus knockng on the door that one painting so that will be pretty good the only problem will be keeping it nice till i get home. lol theres these things called teangys where people just sell stuff on the road all day and it takes up like 4 streets and they have these cars crocs everytime i see them i think how much juj would love them haha well i hope everything is going great for everyone else sure is here in mexico. Its hard but i love it so much. well be good family talk to you next week.
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 28
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 4:28 PM
hello family! sorry the last letter was so terrible!  The internet cut out when i was writing but i figured it had auto saved and i was done so i asked another elder to send it but it didn’t auto save.  =(
Well the work here has been pretty good we’ve found a few new families and people and also this morning we went to some pyramids! in malinalco. I think I spelled that terribly, but it was way cool! The guy was talking about the purpose and said one was made in honor of the lamantinas which is way cool cause in spanish lamanitas is lamanites, just one of those the church is true moments! haha It was cool, ill iclude some pictures. There are also others in Tenango we’re gonna try to go to some day. They’re really close, we can see them when we go to meetings every tues and thurs.
We had zone conference this past week it was really good the mission pres and his wife spoke and also the stake pres from metepec spoke. The stake pres was talking about the growth here and what he sees for the future of tenancingo and how he sees it as a future stake center, pretty exciting when now we only have a casa de oracion or hous of prayer. lol its basically a big house we live in.
We went to our recent converts house last week and had a really great lesson, we watched on the way home and talked about how families can be eternal and about work for the dead they loved it an the spirit was so strong their the mom has 2 sons who have passed away so she really liked it a lot.
We were gonna have a baptism on Sunday but it got postponed because the girls Mom got mad at her so she made her push it back. It was for a bad reason too like the mom wanted to do something bad so the daughter told her she shouldn’t so the mom was like you need to respect me you need to change before your baptism so she postponed it. The worst part is is that her telling her mom she should keep commandments was showing her change and showing she was doing better but its ok everything will go good this weekend.
Oh this past week i learned how to do a rubiks cube, that was pretty exciting haha and i was taught in Spanish so it made it even batter haha. Our investigator who is a Jehovah’s witness is getting really close to being baptized. She knows she needs to and the church is true just has a bunch of doubts and questions but we always help her out and she told her friend she would start coming to church and paying tithing if she found a new job but she is just scared. but shes getting close you can tell.
So the other night elder Dearden and I were walking to this appointment and this drunk guy stopped to talk to us. It happens a lot and usually were just like ok well talk to you later bye. But he like had his arm around me and was talking to elder dearden and just cussing in english trying to talk and not making any sense so i was all ok we gotta go ttyl and like shrugged his arm off me and walked away and he grabbed my backpack and tried to get in my face and wanted to fight so i told him were servants of Jesus Christ and here for peace not to fight and he was still mad but his friend like pulled him back so he was talking to elder Dearden and finally let go of him. so i was like ok bye and he got mad and started cussing me out in spanish and taking off his jacket but we just walked away, it was great fun lol. Elder Dearden is lucky cause he doesnt know the cusswords in spanish but he said some bad stuff. and because we stopped for him we were late for our next appointment and they didn’t show up but as we were waiting this guy walked past and said oh hey elders so we contacted him and he had been taught out of town and we fixed another appointment so it turned out to be a good! If we woulda been on time we never woulda found him The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes.
well i gotta go but i love you all and you’re all in my prayers talk to you soon!
Love Elder Juker
Week 27
This weeks email got cut off as his computer shut down before he had saved it. =(
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 2:28 PM
Another week in mexico. How time flies i already have 6 months in the mission. Elder Dearden who lives in our apartment also has the same time and so we burnt ties together last week it was great! i have pics but forgot them at home ill send next week the only bad thing is it smelt terrible.
This week was pretty good. We found out that Elder Shuler and i get to be together for the next change too so that’s pretty sweet, im excited. There is a lot of work to be done here and were gonna do it! Also I went to D.F to sign with immigration that was pretty boring but we took a nice bus back with like foot rests and stuff it was sweet lol.
Then the night after i stayed in metepec with Elder Peacock and we ate tacos . 3 different kinds. Chorizo, al pastor, y ojo de vaca. Lol cow eye it wasnt too bad. The guy choopped up the eye right in front of us it was cool.
This week we found a couple new families to teach and they are super nice. One we are emailing in her ciber right now. its just a little store with comps where you pay like 10 pesos an hora to use comps. Shes super nice we left her with a pamphlet to read so she could know a little about our message and she read the whole thing then filled out the questionnaire in the back. I didn’t even know it had one. Shes catholic but really open and wants to learn more and help her family.
Also we found another family of like 4 that own a restaurant. She is super nice too the first lesson she really loved then we went back again but with a member she knew and so they talked a lot it was hard to get control of the conversation so the lesson wasn’t to great but they’re great people an
Week 26
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 1:24 PM
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>
Another great week in Mexico! We had to go to Distrito Federal last Monday so it took like 2 days of work away basically which was a bummer, but we found this investigator that was out of town and we taught them and invited them to be baptized and they got baptized yesterday! it was great!!  A lady her daughter and then a grandson of hers all got baptized it was great! They were so happy and elder Shuler did the baptism, his first ever, he was so happy to it was great to see his face. They are a really nice family and some of them were already members but now almost all are. I hope this reactivates the rest of them it seemed like it would.  Both the 8 yr old grandson and the 16 year old daughter said they wanna be missionaries that’s so cool.
This morning we climbed up to cristo rey(see the fotos) it was pretty cool a ton of stairs though. haha We were gonna get up at 6 and go but our alarm didn’t go off so we didn’t get up till normal time lol it was pretty fun. There are a couple more investigators that have been out of town. We need to find more people, they just leave for like ever sometimes lol but we have citas this Wed and Thurs with 2 separate ones. From what i heard they are pretty solid and want to get baptized we just gotta help them out.
We got a referral from the temple visitors center and so we went to go check it it was in villa which is like 25 min away so we go then ask where its at and they said like 20 more min walking down the road; so we go and find the house but nobody was home. This lady said his grandma was right down the street. so we went to talk to her and she was staring at us all mean and turns out she is a Jehovah’s Witness there are a lot down here too. But we asked where he was and said why we were there and shes all well hes studying with the j.w and said she was one too so we said we’d like to share our message with her and she didn’t like that and just said she had no time so we left.
We are teaching another testigo de jehovah and she’s pretty nice she has lots of questions and is kinda stubborn sometimes but she started to read the Book of Mormon and its softening her up a lot i think she likes it. Tenancingo is pretty great i love going out to the different little pueblos here close and to be up in the mountains; its beautiful.
The work is going ok; it should be way better tho we just don’t have that many people to teach we need to find more. Sometimes its kinda discouraging but you just gotta push forward and find the people who want the gospel. Miracles come after the trial of faith and so here they come! haha
I was kinda bummed this past week cause my morning study was taken away from cause we had to go to d.f and the Metepec 2 for meetings i love being able to have time to just dedicate to studying the scriptures it helps so much and all the time i use the stuff that i study during the day its so great. So I started reading my last like 30 min before bed too its nice. You guys should all read your scriptures every morning it sets the tone for the day and there’s no better way to do it than with the spirit you can feel from them.
Well i love you all hope all is well.
Week 25
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 1:32 PM
Subject: mexico week 2
To: Nancy Juker <>, john juker <>
So week 2 in mexico brought a lot of changes. I am now in Tenancingo. And it covers a bunch of little outskirts towns too and a lot of them are up in the hills its sweet. There is also a giant Jesus statue on top of one of the hills like Brazil its pretty cool haha.
The reason this change happened is because some other missionary needed to be emergency transferred for some reason. So now he’s with Elder Peacock and my comps old comp is dl where the other guy is. So I’m here and I’m senior companion. Man do i feel i cant think of the word; I’m forgetting English. lol But like i can’t do it and not good enough. But its true and that’s why i need the Lord. haha
My companions name is Elder Shuler he is from Payson, Utah he’s great. He is a transfer behind me but has been in Mexico like 4 weeks longer. His Spanish is pretty good but we both have way to go. Its been a trial and will continue to be but the Lord is always there to help us press forward.
This past week was kinda rough a lot of appointments fell through we need to focus on finding people that want to listen not just say sure stop by sometime. lol The people here are super nice and its cool to get to know them. There still are all the people that stare and cuss but there are a bunch of nice people too. lol  We went and played soccer this morning in Metepec. It was pretty fun and i got to see my parents and brother (mission ones) again so pretty cool. lol
This week i was met a lot of people here it was pretty cool. There is this one couple who is kinda older who we teach and they are so ready for baptism but they need to get married =/ and the guy thinks he needs a divorce but he’s not sure so they have to find that out. lol if that wasn’t in the way they would be married and baptized already they’re super nice.
Everyday we have food appointments with members at like 2 at first i was kinda bummed cause they feed us sooo much even if you don’t want more lol but then i realized  it was the only meal we eat all day so its ok i wont get fat. We haven’t eaten anything too crazy yet I’m kinda bummed about that Elder Peacock ate cow eye and cheek tacos the other day haha i had pig skin ones on saturday too haha.
On Sunday we got to teach the gospel principles class and found that out like the day before. Then when we got there the counselor asked me to speak lol it wasn’t too bad i just shared a few scriptures and stuff it went decent. They said they could understand me so that’s what counts i guess haha. They don’t have a chapel so they meet in this building there’s not too many people but not tiny i guess if we keep having the number of people in church that we have had for the next 3 months they are gonna build a chapel that would be pretty cool.
For New Years we didn’t do much we were in house by 8 and just hung out then slept; it was nice. Everyone was partying all night long it was funny we woke up and the people below us were still singing and drinking . Then on the next day we watched mi villano favorito or despicable me it was pretty funny. Cause it was p day and the pres said we could for new years, then on the 6th they have a thing called kings day like for the wise men bringing gifts. They all eat this bread with babies in it like little plastic ones and if you get one you gotta bring tamales some time or something. lol My comp got like 3 we ate it at basically every house we went to that night so we were kinda sick of it but its pretty good. So the next week has a lot of work ahead and i hope we can do what we need to.
I love you all and miss you all hope everything is going great! Everyone be good and be nice to missionaries so people return the favor here =) haha
Love Elder Steven Juker

Week 24
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 10:47 AM
Subject: MEXICO!
Mexico is great! I love it here! i just cant find my way around anywhere haha but its still sweet.
its so different as im sure you can tell by the pics ill send but everything is made of cement and rundown and dirty its great. And there are dogs all over the place just roaming around its funny but i havent ran into any mean ones yet haha
So the first day we got in and Pres Villarreal picked us up and we dropped off our stuff and went to dinner with his family it was good then slept in the mission office that night.
Then the next day we had interviews and some training and stuff and then found out where we go right now im in Metepec im sure that means a lot to all of you haha but its cool its in the state of Mexico and its not as city as D.F- distrito federal.
When pres talked to us he told us not to drink the water, eat seafood, or eat food off the street vendors that has been sitting for a while.  so we have these filter bottles from the mtc to drink out of and i put the water in and was drinking it for a few days only to find out that the filter part was loose so it wasn’t even going through the filter so i drank the water. lol then we went to a lady’s house for lunch and she asked us if something was ok for food and i said yes cause all i heard was sopa then she brought out after a giant plate of this crab stuff it was great lol not really so i’m 2/3 right now haha.
My companions name is Elder Molina he is from Peru and speaks very little English so that’s great. i get to learn a lot hes pretty cool he goes home in 2 months and is a great missionary we also live with Elder Berezay who is zl with Elder Molina and Elder Peacock from my mtc district its cool .We’re with them until next transfers in like 3 weeks so that’s cool.
Last night we were walking home and these people gave us a schnauzer sp? cause they couldn’t keep it and we didn’t want it to die lol so we took it home and gave it a name and food then we gave it to an investigator that wanted it lol it was great his name is juan miguel batman hidalgo. haha
If you wanna write me just send it reg i think is best you can try pouch if you want and dear elder is free again i think so hit that up and they say fedex is best down here just slap a virgin pic on it haha our address is
Elder Steven Juker
C. Sierra de las Vertientes 310
Col. Lomas De Chapultepec
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico, D.F. C.P. 11010
Make sure it is exactly like that so it doesn’t get lost stuff takes a while to get here so you should probably work on my birthday box now =) haha and we cant have ipods so mines at the mission presidents house lol good thing i gave away my speakers to Daniel lol im gonna try t find some cheap here. Well i love you all hope all is well everything is  great here! Be good and ill talk to you soon.
Elder Steven Juker
Week 23
No email this week as Elder Juker moved from Salt Lake City to Mexico City.
Week 22
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 12:41 PM
Merry Christmas from snowy SLC. Except its raining right now so all the snow is melting =/.
A great Christmas present came this week and my visa came in! woo!! I went to the consulate yesterday and signed and everything and were on the way on Monday! I’m pretty happy i get to stay here for Christmas and not in a totally new strange place but its gonna be great I’m so pumped!
But its still going great here we had a mission Christmas devo and Elder Hinckley spoke it was cool he reminds me a lot of his dad at times.
This weekend the sisters that work in our same Spanish branch had a baptism and last minute they asked me to baptize her so i was all late and the water was freezing because they didn’t start early so it could be warm and then the lady had to wait like 45 min for her kids to to get there. So it was pretty crazy; then i got in the water and she asked if it was warm and i was like kinda as i froze, lol then she stepped in and was all oh frio ohh no puedo no puedo and she was gonna walk out but we finally got her to come in and she was scared i was gonna drop her. but it all worked out and she was baptized it was great!
Yesterday Guillermo got baptized! it was great we went to temple square the night before with his daughters and the mother of the daughters that left him 3 months ago to get baptized and it was great they were so happy together and the daughter was so happy at the baptism. It was so cool to be able to help him fix his family i hope he can just do it the rest of the way and they can be an eternal family next year!
Also we have another baptism next i mean tomorrow! Shes great. her husband will follow soon too! he already committed to even pay tithing when hes a member but he works a ton so we haven’t taught him well i love you all talk to you on Christmas
Love Elder Steven Juker

Week 21
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 2:27 PM
Another Great week in Best Valley (our zone). Except everything changed today they changed all the zones and pday will be Mondays starting next year. our zone is way bigger now and in n out is in it now! woo we ate there today it was great! and also my companion from the MTC is in my zone so that will be cool but no Daniel =/ i mean elder burns its ok tho.
The work is great this past weekend was fun! We had two miracle baptisms! One was a 10 year old son of a member family who has autism and the family wanted to have him baptized before they got sealed in the temple on sat. So on Thurs we went to test out the water because they wanted to make sure he wasn’t scared. He got in fine but would leave as soon as he was in and did that like 10 times before he was comfortable and stayed. So then on Friday for the baptism we were kinda nervous and prayed a lot. but he went right in stayed there and just let his dad baptize him it was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong! Everyone in the family was so happy. Then the next morning we got to go with them to see the sealing in the temple it was great!
then on Sunday Dulce got baptized! shes the one that was lost but we found her again! I had the opportunity to baptize her and it was a great experience! Then on Monday and Tuesday I got to change areas for a little bit because an elder went to Mexico and since i’m in a threesome i went to be his comp till today. It was a good exp and i enjoyed it. It was cool to go out with somebody else and learn from them and see how Ive grown too.
How is everything back home? Any great plans for Christmas? i hope so! and where is jenny going on her mission? wheres her call?? haha im anxious too. any news about ian and his papers? i haven’t heard from him in a while either. did everyone get my Christmas card? i hope you liked it sorry i didn’t send to everyone i only bought like 10 lol but mom can photocopy them and send them out or something well i love you all sorry email is short today lots to do. Oh We got a new companion his name is Elder Diaz hes from Venezuela but left from Miami he moved there when he was like6 hes cool but a heat fan so thats a bummer but its all good
well i love you family be good and have a great week!
Week 20
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 12:21 PM
Another week down and im pretty sure this one went even faster!
So news on the visa….None for me at least…another visa waiter in our zone that got here the same time as me got a call to go to the consulate yesterday and is leaving on monday…is mine coming soon? who knows? not me lol but the work is still wonderful!
The mission had a goal of 2500 baptisms this year and in order to reach it each companionship needs to baptize 5 this month! its a big task but with the lord its possible! We have already seen a bunch of miracles! Last Friday our mission pres came and talked to us about it and also the A.Ps so we were all pretty pumped.
Since then We found an investigator that was on date like 2 months ago and she is gonna get baptized soon. Also found a lady that has been going to church for a year and is gonna get baptized this Saturday. A man we met 2 weeks ago then he disappeared came back and said he wants to fix things with his wife and be baptized so he will too. Another lady with basically the same story called us 2 days ago and she wants to learn more about the church and wants to get involved because she really likes it (she just needs to get married) and we also found two kids that were gonna get baptized but moved, they are kinda crazy they just need patience and to be taught but they’re all great!
Its so great to see the Lord Providing for us when we trust in him and do all we can! I love it!
So a story about today… We were at the distribution center by the temple and this man walked up and was like if you guys wanna buy anything from this store ill buy it for you as a Christmas gift so I got a cd then found out that it was Elder Baxter from the 70! it was so cool he was such a nice guy and bought stuff for every missionary that was in there.
Also last Sunday we had 6 investigators to church It was such a blessing I think our most before was like 2 or 3 but we worked hard and the lord helped us out. We had a training during zone meeting that week about helping inv. get to church and i think applying that helped so much. Its amazing how things work out when you just do what you should haha
So everyones been asking what i want for Christmas and i realized what i want. I want everyone of you to go to church that Sunday and then invite the missionaries over for dinner one week and ask them to teach you a little. I promise you if you do that, and do it with an open heart you will enjoy it so much and feel the love of our Heavenly Father and as you bless other missionaries maybe some people will take us more too! we already are way to spoiled tho! well i love you all be good and ill talk to you next week
Elder Steven Juker
Week 19
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 11:42 AM
Another Pday already! So this week has been pretty great as always.
Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff in that package it was awesome! Darian (an r.m we live with) is gonna put a bunch more music on the ipod so ill have even more! =] lol tell the strobles thank you so much for that and also grandma for the dock and steph for the candy and mom and dad for everything else! your all the best! haah
This week Elder Montoya went home for a little while to get his tonsils out so its just me and the Spaniards its been pretty good, We’ve been splitting up still a bunch cause some elders had leadership training so their comps had to stay and we went on splits and Elder dehyle came out with us too.
We have one guy we are teaching who is 21 and he knows basically everything but he’s just scared to be baptized. the sisters were teaching him before we got there area so now we are and i think he will be baptized this Saturday.  we talked to him and he was scared he wont be able to keep on the right path after baptism and also that his family not like him being baptized. We talked to him and resolved a little but today were gonna stop by with a recent convert who also is the only member in his family hes awesome. But with the investigator we had him pray with us to know if he should be baptized this sat and after he said that we knows God wants him to be he’s just scared so we need to help him out hes great tho he knows a lot.
We also met last week this lady who went to church 2 Sundays ago by herself. She said she wanted to talk to us but was scared to there the other 2 missionaries tracted into her then yesterday we stopped by to talk to her shes really solid and wants to learn more.  Her work schedule isn’t fixed so she doesn’t often know when she has free time. Last Sunday she found out she didn’t have work and went out and found the building by herself. lol its crazy how the lord is preparing people! She lives by herself with her 7 yr old daughter and all her family is in Mexico so shes lonely but she knows she can find peace and happiness in the Savior so were gonna help her find it!
I love the work here it is so great! im so grateful for this opportunity and for everyone that has helped me out to get here thank all of you. i love you all hope you have a good week
Elder Steven Juker
Week 18
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 11:18 AM
So Today is not P-day but im e-mailing anyways. But just because its tomorrow for thanksgiving and the library is closed lol
A lot has happened this week its been a pretty good week. Last Wednesday we were playing in the gym all sorts of fun things then we played kickball and i was running home and ran into the wall and dislocated my shoulder. But its ok i should be good for turkey bowl tomorrow ;) haha dont read that mom. And im ok for proselyting so thats what counts.
That night we had a appointment  with a lady to go to temple square so she could have a tour and watch a movie. My arm kinda hurt throughout the whole thing but it was good she really liked it I think the only problem was that she has a son who is almost 2 and is crazy so he would interrupt and run around a lot but she really liked it.
The baptism for Dahlia and Ernesto was wonderful the father did a great job and it was great! It has been pretty cold lately and last night it snowed a bunch! we went inside for dinner and like 45 min later there was like 4 inches of snow on the car. I was kinda nervous about driving but i was safe and we went to the parking lot of the church after proselyting time so i could get more used to it lol
We had a “Power Hour” last night for the Spanish sisters area so we all went and tracted there. It was pretty good we only knocked 3 houses but they all let us in i think being covered in snow gave us some sympathy haha and the fact that 2 of them were members lol but the last lady was very nice she’s from Mexico and is studying with the Jehovah’s witness to find out who is god and what he does and where he comes from we talked a little but told her her answers can be found in the bom but we had to go so we set up a return appointment.
Most Hispanic people here are so nice they invite us in and give us food and stuff even if we don’t want it haha its great to see people being so Christlike even if they aren’t of our faith. but there are tons that just blow us off or slam the door those are nice too haha,
How is everything back home? is grandma ok? did she get my letter?i love her so much and hope she is doing better make sure you let her know please.
We have been working with a couple of couples that need to get married. There is an senior missionary who helps us with that cause hes been doing it for like 13 years here. He’s pretty cool we met with one family last week and have the other one tonight i think the one tonight will want to get married after they talk to him. i look forward to it and when he helps us get someone married we get ties signed by him. lol we got one last week because a couple that was gonna get married moved into our stake and they were kinda avoiding us for a while but we got it done now to just get them baptized =] haha
i love the work so much sometimes during the days its hard but thinking back at times like this its great cause the thought of the good stuff outweighs the bad so much its awesome!
well i love you all hope all is well and your all being good thanks for the emails and letters it helps a lot to know people still care =] haha i love you all talk to you soon
Elder Steven Juker
Week 17
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM
Hello my wonderful Family!
How is everything back in california, washington, utah, and new zealand?? haha getting ready for thanksgiving? we get to play in the turkey bowls here so im pretty excited haha we also started listening to motab christmas music in the cars i love it but i remember how i used to always get mad when mom would play them before thanksgiving haha.
Well this week has been pretty great we saw a few wonderful miracles and I’m so grateful to the Lord for them. The first one was on Friday. We had a night full of plans but nobody was home so we were in the new apartments we just got and we both felt like we should go by to see this couple we met a few days before that needed to get married. So we stopped by to talk with them and after like 5 min the guys 2 brothers stopped by and listened as well. So long story short we invited them to be baptized and they said they wanted to but wanted to be ready so we explained that’s what we do and said we would prepare them for the 27th and they accepted! it was great because i was getting a little down because we had been working hard and not seeing much success.
But then last Saturday we were calling formers to make up appointments and called this one couple who had been taught basically everything then were dropped and it didn’t say why they were. SO we called to see if we could stop by on Sunday they said sure but they had church at one we asked what church and they said the one we go to! lol it was crazy they had been going there with the woman’s parents who are recent converts! So we talked to them Sunday and they said they wanted to be baptized so its happening this Sunday! Its amazing how the Lord just puts people in your path. the best part is, is that the Dad is getting the priesthood on Sunday too so he will be able to baptize his daughter and her husband. Its so sweet! I love the work here.
I saw Daniel at the Temple it was great cause i haven’t seen him for a while. He’s doing good he still hasn’t changed areas he’s been in the same place for 6 months. But he’s doing great he said he was riding his bike to a baptism and saw mike standing on the side of the rode I’m kinda jealous lol
well i love you all hope all is well thanks for the letters and stuff keep them coming be good love you all!
Love Elder Juker

Week 16
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 11:36 AM
ITS SNOWING!! I love the snow! i hope it stays for a while tho. The only problem is im driving now but its ok im safe. I drive a gold 2008 chevy Malibu its sweet!
This week we changed areas a little bit because las hermanas had all of the apartments in the area and we had none so we got some and it is great place to work. I went on exchanges with the dl and we tracted there i was nervous at first cause he doesnt speak any spanish so i had to do it all but it was good. We set up a few appointments and one person even accepted a baptismal commitment. it was so sweet its awesome to see the lord helping me so much! I love it!
Elder Tubio and I are together this transfer its pretty great. The other day we went to stop by for a lady we had taught and was supposed to get baptized before but we couldn’t find her; so we stopped by and this other lady was there. We talked with her and invited her to be baptized she thought about it and asked if she could think about it and we said of course, we don’t wanna rush into anything. We just help out and get her ready then she asked if we could come back and teach a few times during the week. It was perfect and she was just about to say yes when the husband of the lady we taught before who is a member came and yelled at us and slammed the door it was pretty sad. He said they didn’t have time and didn’t wanna change then when we said aren’t you a member he just slammed the door. but we didn’t have the chance to get her number or address cause she didn’t live there so we left sad. As we were driving like 10 min later we saw the guy leave the area in his car so we went back to get her info. We got there and were about to get out but couldn’t remember her name! lol so we said a prayer asked for help to remember and to find her home and for the guy not to come back till we left. As we were waiting by the door it finally come to us! but she didn’t answer so we left her number and hopefully she calls yeah i know kinda anti-climactic but it was still a good exp and i know the lord helped us remember her name cause we always forget names and can never remember them especially with the spanish ones. lol but the work is great a lot of the people are too and i love it!
There’s a guy in the branch prepping for his mission and he always comes out with us hes great it reminds me of when i’d always go out with the elders back home. speaking of that if any of you reading this knows their addresses or talks to them please give me them and give them my address it would be great to say hey and thanks
well, gotta get going before it kicks me off i love you all be good! =]
Love Elder Steven Juker
Week 15
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 11:39 AM
Hey everyone!
So all of my companions survived transfers and were sticking around so that’s great!
the past week has been kinda rough being with Elder Montoya I got to practice my patience a lot lol But it was good Yesterday was the best tho. On Sunday we asked the ward if we could have Noche De Hogar (FHE) at their houses and have them invite friends and passed around a sign up sheet. On Monday the family we went to had 2 investigators there! And they were golden! we had a great lesson and set up a return appointment for yesterday where we talked about baptism and stuff and put him on date for the 20th! it was sweet! and were going to temple square with him tomorrow he is really solid and just one of those elect people that are ready for the gospel.
The week was pretty good on Halloween we had a zone activity it was a lot of fun. Then after we had a testimony meeting out side by a bonfire it was great! Oh yeah that morning we had 2 baptisms too! and i got to baptize the husband it was great i was kinda nervous because it was in Spanish but its the same lol they are awesome people.  I sent a picture with my other emails if you wanna forward that too =] it was an amazing experience.
Spanish is coming along pretty good especially after the last 2 weeks with elder Montoya we struggled a little but did well. Its just hard when nobody wants to listen; but when you find the people that are ready and that you can teach everything is worth it. We have found a few family’s and a couple people but with Hispanic people sometimes its hard to find them home. But most all of them are so nice.
Two nights ago we met this guy for the first time and he invited us in gave us food and we talked for a while there are so many people like that its great. We have spent a lot of time looking and trying to find people to teach this past transfer and i think it will pay of in this next one.
No news about visas just that some wait for ever, others a couple months. Its just up to Heavenly Father the way i see it. When I’m done doing what I’m supposed to here and am needed more in Mexico i will be there.
I love it here though; the people are awesome and our zone too! I’ve made so many friends and learned so much! I love you all and hope everything is going well. be good everyone and ill talk to you soon
Elder Steven Juker

Week 14
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 2:28 PM
Hello family how is everyone? i hope you all had a great week. mine was decent.
Its getting kinda cold here which is not good because i have no winter clothes but i bought a sweater and some gloves today lol.
This week Elder montoya and I are together (the other visa waiter) It’s going decent the first couple of days weren’t the best we didn’t talk to many people but its getting better. We talked to this catholic minister lol that was fun all in Spanish and he told me i could be a priest someday i told him I’m a missionary for the true church of Jesus Christ and there’s nothing else id rather be. He was a nice guy just confused and stubborn.
Yesterday we had a mission tour which is just where a general authority comes and talks to us. It was Elder Evans of the 70 it was very good.
Its been raining a bit and snowed about 6 inches last night but most of it is melted. I love the snow we had a snowball fight lol Since this week im with elder montoya my spanish is getting a lot better because i have to do most of the talking which is good but its hard sometimes. We taught this one couple who the other elders had talked and dropped because he got into some anti stuff and it went pretty good mostly because when he would be like well in the bible it says this blah blah blah instead of just bashing we can  be like oh we don’t understand and just show him the gospel and what he needs to do hes still un poco pancho(word they use here for like punk) but esta bien we’re working.
In the mission tour we talked about a lot of stuff it was good one of the things i liked a lot about it was when he talked about prayer and the power it has. And that is so true I love having someone i can turn to at any point in time that can help me with everything its such a strength and comfort especially in times of trouble.I hope you all are praying often and if you don’t you should start cause if you feel like you shouldn’t, that’s when you need it most.
Bishop Teo’s son came home last week and on Sunday they had a giant party there was so much food it was ridiculous lol it was so good there was crab chop suey shrimp rice taro meatballs fish and so much cake and a ton more i cant even remember lol it was wonderful!   They are such a nice family and were so blessed to be able to live there with them! When he introduced us he was all these are my other son’s, he’s great.
At temple square this morning i saw Sister Anderson and got to talk to her it was cool, I’m jealous she got to call jenny tho especially since she didn’t even come see me lol but its
Transfers are next week so ill email on Thursday. I probably will stay here but who knows i love you all and hope your doing well thanks for the emails and letters and keep them coming =]
elder steven juker

From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 12:14 PM
Week 13
Hey everyone!
each Week it seems like i was just emailing the weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter and tomorrow ive been out for 3 months! how crazy!!
I got your package dad thank you so much! Me and elder tubio attqacked our other companions with the silly string last night and we all carved a pumpkin we had haha.
The work is kinda slow we just dont have too many solid invistagators but we are just working hard and trying to do all  we can.
Miracle moment So last sunday we talked to a man who has been coming to church for a long time and said he wanted to get baptized. He hasn’t talked to missionaries before its crazy how they find there own way in but we were gonna teach him after sacrament cause he lives in the south misison but he left. So the next week we saw him again and his wife came got to talk to them after church and they are getting baptized on the 30th its crazy how some people are so ready we just need to do all we can so that the lord will place them in our path. Because if we dont take advantage of our oppurtunitys he wont put them there because we wont teach them. So were just trying to find more people its fun.
Im worried about next week tho ill be with the other visa waiter the whole time just us and his spanish is not to great and mine is a little better but still not good lol hopefully we get the gift of tongues well time is running out sorry its short i love you all so much be good stay strong write me =] haha hand writtens are always nice too =]
Love elder Juker
ps i saw daniel this morning at tmepagain its so awesome
Week 12
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 11:21 AM
Another week already gone! its so crazy! This week has been awesome a big blur tho lol i need to take notes throughout the week again so that i can remember everything i want to say haha.
Thanks mom for the package that was awesome! and thanks to grandma too! She is awesome! who made the cookies? This week we split up the companionship for the whole week so elder flaquer and i were companions separate from our other companions. It was pretty cool And we got to ride bikes! I actually felt like a real missionary instead of being in a car all the time haha but it was kind of a bummer because there where these little nat bug things all over the place it was ridiculous but it was still fun.
We split our area in half so my comp and i cover now 1/4 of a stake lol and its been kinda rough finding people. we have been doing some tracting but that’s not very effective and mostly people don’t wanna talk. Well at least that’s how it was yesterday, but the day before we had a lot of lessons but not many return appointments because they just say there too busy; but well keep working on them.
We talked to this older catholic lady from mexico and she said she thought the libro de mormon was the word of god and is true and so then i committed her to baptism and she said yes but she must not have understood me completely because after i told her we were having a baptism on the 30 and asked her to prepare herself and she was like oh i already was baptized so kinda a bummer when they’re so stuck in their traditions. She just kept saying oh my beliefs are catholic just tradition and stuff but who knows maybe she just needs more time.
My companions are pretty good sometimes kinda annoying but i try to be nice haha. we’re just trying to work hard and find people to help. We have another baptism this saturday for this woman elder tubio and i found a few weeks ago its awesome!
So the elders from my district that were waiting in the mtc finally got to mexico thats so sweet. we cant be too far behind now. Last week they said they got 90 permisos in and there were 150 going to mexico and 44 got there permisos on time so in that math i have a pretty good chance to have mine but i just need to meet with the consolate if so. But im loving it here its awesome we went to the temple again this morning its beautiful.
I still haven’t gotten a chance to see sister anderson really here just once really quickly from across the way during conference. And daniel didn’t go to the same session as me this time so i don’t get to see him this week but its all good well i love you all and hope your all doing wonderful and being good thanks for all you do =]
Elder Juker
Week 11
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:32 PM
Hey everyone! how was conference weekend? I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did but i doubt it. It was so amazing. we got tickets to every session and made it in to all but one! and 3 times we were in the plaza seccion! it was sooo awesome! Its amazing to be able to have a prophet to lead and guide the church of Christ on the earth today. During the last session we got to sit like 5 rows back right where he walks out!!! it was so sweet! I loved every second of it!
so last Friday also we had our first baptism! Piero Mucha! He is awesome at first i was a little worried about him but his change after the baptism was amazing he was so happy and pumped and ready to baptize his mom once he gets the priesthood. it was an awesome experience! also we have another one tomorrow! the work is so awesome and i am so grateful to be allowed to be apart of it!
As for news on visas one of the elders still waiting at the mtc told me that they got in 90 permiso’s so i could be one of them! but idc its so awesome here i wouldnt be upset if i stayed longer.
It was sweet at conference i got to see so many friends! Elder burns of course then Ian and elder Arnold and all the rm’s from 6th ward josh andy ryan and justin! it was so seet to see all them also we saw megan hollman and her sister that was cool too. Also a few friends from ventura which was awesome as well and 3 mtc teachers lol it was a great time!
Teaching is so awesome especially as i come out of my shell and speak more in my broken spanish lol its coming along but its tough especially with the natives that speak 100 mph haha but i love it i wouildnt trade it for the world!
well I love you all hope everything is going well be good and if you didnt watch conference go look it up right now it was amazing!
love you all
Elder Steven juker

Week 10
Hey everybody! como estan? Its so crazy to be out here in the field! time flies its so awesome!
I saw Elder Burns today at the temple! It was awesome to see him hes doing wonderful i hope i get to go to a session of conference with him we have some tickets and for the others well be at the tabernacle! I heard uncle dave and possibly jenny will be there ill look for the head above everyone else lol.
So we’ve been trying to find people a lot because were all new to the area and i guess the last elders weren’t doing too much so we had like 1 investigator and he’s good to get baptized whenever but he works a lot. We found a bunch of pretty good people and hopefully we can teach them and help them out. Its rough with the spanish and im really nervous about speaking but its still a blast.
we met this member family and the father has got to be the nicest person i’ve ever met.  every time we walk past he invites us in for water and is telling us its our house and to always come by and he’ll do anything he can to help.  he is awesome its amazing to see people with not very much that are so willing to give.
Hows everyone back home? hope good. Days go by so fast like in the morning i wake up and it seems like it’ll be a long day next thing you know its over so loco but its lots of fun to teach and try to understand all the spanish i can understand most people but talking is another story, but its great. some people speak super fast and its hard to understand with there accents but its coming i hope everyone is doing well and being good i love you all talk to you soon
love elder steven juker
Week 9
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From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 12:47 PM
hello everyone! so im in SLC right now!  we got here this morning its pretty cool. its pday tho so not much has happened. usually pday is wednesday but cause of transfers its today.
i have 2 comps from spain and 1 thats new too waiting for visas. there are 4 so were probably just gonna split up a lot idk.  haven’t learned much yet lol. haven’t had a chance to see daniel yet but i probably will at general conference; which we do get to go to. also we get to go to the slc temple so im pretty excited. there’s not too much been going on here the bus ride was short and president winn is pretty cool.  we had a little testimony meeting this morning with the new elders it was good.
Yesterday the gym was opened and we balled it up it was so great!! we did 3v3 the whole gym time it was fun and i can still dunk =] oh i also bought new eng scriptures =] lol my mission address is
SLC Mission
3487 S 1300 E west Entrance
SLC Ut, 84106
so i think you can just send stuff there and dear elder ask uncle mike how he does for daniel.  probably just put the salt lake mission in the name instead of mexico
they say ill be here for bout a month or so.  7 visa waiters left this morning, longest one was here i think 3 months. I was just talking to an elder i had met when i went out with daniel he said hes doing well and his trainer is in my zone.
We washed the car and shopped and we don’t get our money till monday if you could let me know how im doing with that mother that would be awesome. i love you all so much hows everything going? im pretty excited to be out here doing work. even tho its not in mexico its still sweet to be out and especially out of the mtc lol.
it was rough packing everything up without you mom haha but i did it one bag is pretty over but it didnt matter cause i took a bus. The red bag did get ripped up from the bus driver. he got it stuck underneath its kind of a bummer. tell most people to email me here so i can respond easier. We’re at some library; i think our area is in west valley not sure. something like that we live with a bishop of a Samoan ward he’s nice. we live in the bottom floor and the ceilings are pretty low like i could probably almost touch on my tip toes lol but its cool and theres lots of room although we are sleeping on air mattresses haha. its cool tho i just wanna do something.
We are spanish speaking so that’s good i was worried that we weren’t gonna be but our mish pres said wed be teaching in spanish tonight so thats exciting and crazy. Our companions are new to the area as well so nobody really knows it to well so were all starting from scratch i just hope we get to work and have fun im excited.
well i love you all hope everything is going well and remember to do the little things and just keep reading and praying daily it helps so much sorry this letters lame i have not much time and so much is going on im kinda crazy i love you all ill talk to you soon.
love elder steven juker
Week 8

Steven Juker

to me, tugcaptn
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Buenas dia de P familia y amigos! Como fue sus semanas? Yo espero que muy bien. La CCM es bien. Estoy muy loco porque necisito salir pero esta bien. So we just stopped by the travel office and i am getting reassigned to………..morrow lol
possibly first they said the assignments would come in wed or thuirs then we stoppped by and he said possibly tomorrow so no clue but good news is if i get it and leave before thursday i get to call you! So see if we can get a conference call or something when i call also ill be able to call from the airport ill just buy a calling card from here theyre fairly cheap i have to get my shotsd today like at 1:45 they cost $126 =[ its so dumb they wont just let me get them elsewhere. maybe i can get them when im reassigned ill ask. this week was super busy with all the ZL stuff last thursday we taught the new elders y hermanas muchas cosas y los damos un tour de la CCM (MTC). It was cool theyre all awesome dont really know the hermanas well but getting to know the elders is super bien its cool to be able to help them out and answer all their questions soccer has been pretty fun the germans dont play with us anymore so lot less contention lol i like that so its basically our zone just having fun Elder green from england left this morning so thats kinda a bummer he was a stud at soccer hed always cross it over to me to boot it in lol we played volleyball yesterday for the first time in a while it was really fun. One of the new hermanas got a box with 32 lbs of junk food it was rediculous but she shared so thats nice. On a more spiritual note the devotional was awesome the speaker used to be in the 70 i cant remember his name off the top of my head but it was awesome i really enjoyed all the things he said it was said because it could have very likely been our last district devo review so everyone was kidna bummed but were moving on to bigger and better things. the fireside on tuesday was cancelled cause theyre refinishing the gym floor its such a bummer that its closed i havent been aable to ball the whole time and probably wont unless im here like an extra 2 weeks. Could be a blessing in disguise tho if i get upset when people do stupid things in a game i dont like it probably wouldnt be good with some elders in basketball haha. espanish is going good our progressive investigator benjamin is being baptized saturday pretty exciting we taught all but lesson 1 to him in spanish it was sweet to see tghe change in him oand us. It was nowhere near good spanish but it got us passed. I can generally get my point across but sometimes i wont know how to say a word so ill describe it a different way then not know a word for that way and try again sometimes ill finally get it but my comp helps out a lot and i do the same for him as well we get along pretty well even tho were pretty different hes awesome tho i love him. Being Zone leaders we get to go around to everyone each nioight and share spiritual thoughts its pretty sweet cause i get to know everyone way better and its fun to just talk with people i normally dont have the opurtunity to. Our class is getting kinda stir crazy with being stuck in a tiny room for 8 weeks and not knowing our future but were trying to keep going well. i miss you all and hope your doing well! i love just reading my scrip[tures everymornning and being able to get so much out of them and learn here i wish i would got more into it earlier any news on ians mission? how bout sam is he pretty pumped yet? the only good thing that would happen if im here for a while is if i get to see sam lol and id probably learn a lto more too i guess thats good too. Hermana Anderson is in slc now thats pretty crazy it was sweet to be able to see her often and i still see elder alvieso basically daily also elder edwards from ventura reported last wednesday it was cool to see him he is going to peru and already has his travel plans cause hes leaving to the mtc down there soon. heard anything about Elder hooke bob? Elder edwards was saying he might just stay in alabama cause of visa problems i hope he gets to brazil i hope i get to mexico too but its not my plan its the lords he knows where is best for me well i love you all i would encourage you all to read the scriptures every morning and pray morning and night and see how that basic simple thing can help you out i know youll feel mas paz y consuelo en sus vidas y tambien el amor de nuestro padre celestial el nos ama muchisimo y queire el mejor por todos de nosotros solament necisitamos venir a El y preguntar por ayuda. Yo se que este Iglesia es verdadera por que me siento el Espiritu todos las dias aqui en la ccm y el amor do Dios. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es el mejor libro en el mundo y mediante este libro me siento mas paz y gozo y felizidad de todos otros libros. Me amo este Iglesia muchisimo y se que todos personas pouden sentir la felicidad de El si ellos escuchan y apprenden sobre el. Mi familia es el mas importante cosa en mi vida estoy muy agradicido por ellos y todos coasas hacen para me. Los amio muchisimo nos vemos la proxima semana
elder juker
Week 7
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 10:44 AM
Hola! Como estan Familia? Clase este semana fue bien. No super bien perro fue bien.
I just got your package today mom thank you so much its awesome! the little book i asked for for quotes and stuff was supposed to be small like to put in a pocket but its ok ill buy one here with the discount thank you tho.
As for travel plans and what not tomorrow if our visas are here or it looks like they will be we should recieve travel plans to leave on the 20 (our expected departure date). but its not for sure if we get them because if we get plans and our visas don't come in they will cancel them and let us know like next thursday. so were basically waiting and i dont get to call or anything i just tell you about it next p-day; unless we get reassigned and i leave before the next p-day in which case i think we get to call.
This sunday Elder Reynolds and I were called as zone Leaders its pretty cool lots of meetings and stuff but we get to teach the new elderes y hermanas stuff and get to know them and everyone in the zone a lot better.
Sunday for fireside a member of the mtc pres. spoke with his family. It was pretty cool, they all shared exp about missions and stuff. On tuesday devo it was elder snow, of the 2nd quorom of 70 i believe,  it was a great talk about choices; i enjoyed it! we tried to be in the mtc choir but got there late and all the seats were taken we would have been on time but as we walked in we saw an elder get back from the doctor who had gotten hurt during soccer earlier that day. he broke his leg and has at least 6 more weeks here. our district is crazy with people being hurt and stuff. lol but good news Elder Haskell's cortazone shot went well and hes cleared to go to mexico on time!
Espanol is coming were learning subjunctive which is un poco dificil especialmente con nuestro nueva maestra its her first time teaching and she came in in the middle so its kinda rough with some things but its ok. We got to host yesterday so i got to be the guy to take everyones kids away. lol it was cool to get to know the new elders and relive it from the other side. We get to do it again next wednesday as well.
So elder duffin has a friend from byu-i who does magic tricks and hes amazing. lol he showed us some pretty sweet stuff. I'm getting pretty anxious to get to mexico cause im tired of being cooped up in the mtc all the time; but im surviving. lol
Thanks for the information about Bishop Sanner that's really sad what happened. an elder in my district is where he is from so he knew about it as well, but i love the story mom put in my dear elder about the scripture she read. it was so inspiring because that comfort and peace and happiness comes from this gospel that we have; and as a missionary i am bringing this comfort and peace to the people of mexico city west mission and will be able to help them in times of need and times of sorrow and its just a wonderful example of the great love our heavenly father has for us.
I Didnt take notes this week so im kinda slow lol but we talked with our progressive investigator benjamin hoy and we hadnt seen him for like a week cause he switched classes he was supposed to be baptized this saturday but he drank while we were gone and we still have the 4th lesson to teach so were postponing till next saturday.
A part of Z.L duties is we get to go to all the rooms at night and give spiritual thoughts to everyone and talk to the zone its sweet to go talk and help people out. One of the elders in our zone is getting transferred i think today because he's having probelms with the language and doesnt wanna go to El Salvador (this isnt something i know cause of ZL just common knowledge he tells everyone lol).  its sad to see him go he was pretty cool the other day we were talking and he said i remind him of his best friend from before his mission who had passed away. It was pretty sad story he had a mission call to mexico city and was long boarding down a hill in i think washington and a wheel fell off and he fell and cracked his head on the cement and died. it was super sad i dont know what i would do if i had a great friend and have something like that happen but he seems ok from it.
This week we've been teaching plan of salvation in spanish which is pretty cool to learn more and learn scriptures about it especially in spanish. Its so crazy to think that a couple weeks i could be in mexico. its gonna be weird leaving my family here in my zone but its gonna be awesome even if ill be stuck with some short mexican guy who probably speaks zero english lol it will be great.
Oh hey a special request i have whoever gets it for me i will love the most and will be my favorite ;) A couple people up here had them and Elder hall in vta had one. Its a mini Preach my gospel just like shrunk down pocket size they're sweet one in spanish would be sweet or both or eng =] so the challenge is on search! haha and you never told me what the surprise from elder arnold was, so tell me haha. I got my camera back did i tell you but i need to get like 30 bucks for my teacher cause he paid that for me he keeps saying he wont take it but ill make him dont worry.
well family and friends i love you all and thank you for your support,  be good remember who you are and make good choices. i love you all take care
-elder steven juker

Week 6
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 12:10 PM
What a crazy week. Of course time flew by just as fast as always if not faster but a tons of things happened. I even took notes for my letter this time =] haha I got the package Dad! thanks a bunch its awesome everyone loves it lol
i think in my last letter i talked about how our progressive investigator lesson in only spanish went bad the first time. The next one was good and we commit ed him to baptism and he finally said yes; but its hard to meet with him now cause his hours here changed.
Also i was walking out of the mail room and i saw an elder with a parowan shirt on and i was all hey parowan i lived there back in the day then he looked over and it was Elder carter (slader).  it was pretty cool to see him hes doing good hes headed back east i think he said he played d-line for parowan but he’s tiny lol he said he did well tho and was like 3rd biggest. Too bad we didnt stay i would have been a giant there haha.
On monday in our weekly Large Group Meeting we had Elder Ruiz from the district 1 teach it. i always love when he does cause i learn so much and get a lot out of it. He talked about using the book of mormon powerfully and we practiced and it helps so much with my teaching and im even getting decent at doing it in spanish as well.
tuesday we had elder hinckley speak he’s in the 70 hes awesome looks and sounds a lot like his father. His talk was really good and at the end he had a Q & A thing it was nice as well.  Elder Haskell (from our distrtict) asked a question about how to get his aunt to get back to church cause just before he went on his mission she said she wanted to and shes been inactive for years. I appreciated that Q and got a lot from it.
But i think the best part was our district devo review we all go around and just talk about what we liked and it was awesome that night spirit was so strong and i loved it. Its crazy to see all the english speakers get here and leave while we’ve been here the whole time; its kinda disappointing but i like it here and i’ve made some pretty good friends with some elders who leave.
So what was elder arnold supposed to bring me? and no i havent seen him is he going to byu? Hows josh feil? did he give his homecoming talk yet oh wait no thats when sam gives his farewell huh? lol
So i heard about 2nd wards bishop getting shot that is so sad what happened? i havent heard too many details? Which building was he in? His family has been in my prayers and i asked our district to do the same.
Elder haskell had some back problems and got to call his mom to figure out financial stuff and he heard about it from her too and she lives here. But with his back probloems he went out to a dr to get an mri and see whats up and was gone like all day. he got back and was like i have good news and bad news. good news is i brought back taco bell and pulls out a big bag of tacos it was awesome but the bad news was really bad they said he reinjured his back cause he had surgery before he came but they said it was hurt again and needed surgeory and he was prolly going home this was yesterday. he talked to branch pres he said yeah proabably best cause he needs to heal. So we decided to fast today for him and also we gave him a blessing last night. It was really awesome cause he asked me too give it. It was intimidating but so awesome to give a blessing with 8 other missionaries the spirit was so strong. So this morning he had meetings to find out when he was going home and stuff while we were at the temple. After temple were walking back and see him and elder solheim sitting where missionaries wait to leave. I was so bummed. We asked what was going to happen and he said he was getting all the paperwork filled out and stuff cause he had to like talk to an apostle before he left and stuff  - crazy. so while he was waiting on that he got a call to the front desk and they said the main surgeon called and said that the other surgeon and doctor had both misread the mri. the stuff pinching wasnt his bulging disc it was scar tissue from his last suregry so he just needs a cortazone shot and he’ll be able to still go to mexico and not have to go home! how amazing is that! So were all pumped right now cause were not losing another elder.
Deanna sent me some delicous lemon bars yesterday too and she was kind enough to send like 4! haha ;)  Welp not much else has been going on oh yeah i got the wonder buttons thanks mom that might be able to last me haha. its cool having elder alvieso in my same building i get to see him all the time.  he’s jealous of my spanish tho =] and i see hermana Anderson almost every meal usually.  she was all pumped when she got the dear elder from you mom haha.
it was hard to communicate yesterday because yesterday our district set a goal to speak only spanish for a week. We can speak english in the morning before we leave dorms and night before sleep but other than that you get 20 english words a day just in case and for every 1 word over you have to do 5 push ups as a companionship we were doing really good but the stuff with elder haskell kinda threw it off cause we had to speak english but its going decent. Hard but kinda fun.
Has anyone heard where elder hooke is or if he got his visa yet? The gym still isnt open for basketball im kinda bummed but the date now is the 15 i think bummer. But weve been playing some hardcore soccer. Its the Spanish speakers vs the germans usually and it gets kinda crazy. the germans are hmm how to put it…not very christlike haha but its ok cause im not competitive and always keep my cool =] haha
Steph! thanks for the letter im gonna reply here cause i have no idea what to do to send to nz haha i do however have a tie from nz i got froma friend its pretty sweet anywho  Glad your doing well thats so crayz your kids are growing up so fast make sure you show pictures of their favorite unlce =] I bet alister was pretty bummed to get pampered all weekend haha thats awesome i meet a bunch of people from australia and nz and every time i do i tell them about you guys =] and those cupcakes sound pretty good too bad theyd take like a yr to get here lol and about stuff i need not too sure a special surprise? haha maybe a beautiful nz tie idk haha =] anywasy thanks to the whole family for the prayers and letter and packages i love you all keep being good and staying strong i love you all
love elder steven juker
Week 5
from Steven Juker <>
date Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 10:52 AM
Hola Familia y amigos! ¿Como estan ustedes? La Mtc es muy Bien! Yo hablando mucho espanol y tambien dos muy bien speakes en este semana!
Thanks for all the dear elders they are wonderful! So this past week we had two awesome speakers. On sundays fireside Stephen B allen Spoke he’s from something to do with the mtc i cant remember exactly what, but he used to make commercials and stuff. anyways he spoke and i enjoyed his talk a lot. I especially liked when he talked about missionary work en el Libro De Mormon it was cool. he talked about ammon; who is a stud. haha He had some very good remarks.
Then this past tuesday somebody came he was pretty good…what was his name…. oh yeah Elder Jefferey R Holland Of the Quorom of the twelve apostles! que Marvilloso! Fue Super Bien! It was soo sweet and the bleachers in the gym were done so we got to all be in there instead of overflow..except hermana anderson sat overflow cause she was late. But i got to sit on the floor level 7 rows back on the side it was amazing to be in the presence of an apostle and hear his words and inspiration and spirit. he talked a lot about how thankful he was for us and how much he loved us and how important missionary work is and to make sure and take advantage of every minute. He is so passionate about missions and it is awesome to see how much it affected him. he also was the first one from his family to go so kinda like me. he didnt know too much about it but he said not a day goes by that he doesnt think about it. Also the songs we sang were awesome that night he walked in as we were singing we’ll bring the world his truth - i love that song - then we sang called to serve for opening. i wish we sang it in spanish tho cause it has 4 verses en espanol tambien en las semana pasada(no se si es correcto) elder reynolds y yo enseñamos en español para nuestro tarea en el trc fue muy bien enseñamos la lección uno y es mas facil de yo pienso pero despues nuestro tarea tenemos un lección con nuestro progressive investagator y el dice solamente espanol entonces fue muy dificil porque enseñamos muchos cosas antes y el tiene muchas preguntas y fue dificil para nostotros respuesta en ingles.
It wasnt too great hopefully we can do better next time but spanish is coming along pretty good its hard sometimes but when we speak it it just flows. We have been contacting people around the mtc more and its fun sharing sccriptures and stuff in spanish and we memorized el primero vision en espanol and im pretty good at it so its fun to say it fast when were taching people and just blow their minds. jajaja-lol also about scriptures we’ve been marking them and i have a pretty sweet system down so its easy to get them ill have to take and send a picture if i ever get my camera back lol hopefully tonight.
So how have you all been? glad bob and dave and fams had good time in jamaica some elders on our floor just left to there the other day. Theres free boxes on every floor where people put stuff they dont like and i found some nice shoes the other day haha one of the elders has the same pair he said they cost like $90 at mr mac.
Glad you got your package dad and dont worry I didnt spend much money it wasnt too expensive plus stuff like that i get 40% off! hope you enjoy it and read often =] you might have to rip the sleeves off the shirt cause of your huge biceps but i hope it works =] jaja. And as far as stuff i need Im farely decent on pens and paper and stuff but i could use an address book just like a little cheap one and also a little book to put quotes and stuff i like in. just a target or walmart thing if you could. and maybe another wonderbutton like i got at mish mall mom? a couple cause when i use one every day it kinda stretches out.
Also i had a question could you try to get me signed up for byu while im gone? my friends Gf is doing it for him and he said you can apply every semester and if you get in just defer it so if you could look into it that would be awesome and i think i just need to get like an ecclesiastical endorsment from my branch pres here or probably my mish pres while in mexico.
Oh theres an Elder in the new district in our zone that got here last wedmesday who is from delano and he knows derrick and alex and some other people from Visalia. hes pretty cool he went to cesar chavez for school. jenny you never wrote back to the letter i sent you it makes me sad every night =/ oh speaking of stuff that makes me sad an elder went home yesterday =/ from the district a week younger than us he was awesome but he said he needed to take care of some stuff and come back so he had to go home it was a bummer to say bye but im proud of him for taking care of it.
That’s basically it that has happened times just flying by and its so crazy! this is the start of my 6th week here! pretty soon ill be leaving. Oh i also talked to the travel office people cause my comp had to go in to see someone and she said that how we crossed out the wrong address and put in the new one is fine and wont affect visa time so i should be ok well family and friends i love you a lot and thanks for all you do for me! keep up the letters and dear elders and maybe a package =] haha and for sure the prayers thank you i love you.
Elder Steven Juker
Week 4
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Hey family so its been four weeks now and time just keeps flying by i seems like just yesterday i was typing here lol but i slacked off this weekend and didnt take notes about what to write so ill probably be pretty scattered in my convo.
so today we went to temple as always did a session it was awesome.  oh i saw sister anderson today at breakfast it was pretty cool to see her.  tell her parents she says hello and is doing well.
also at breakfast i ran into an elder who is headed to the everett washington mission so i told him to go visit you dad lol.  ive ran into a lot of elders going to fresno even a couple speaking mong but yeah that was cool.
during our trc this week we did pretty good we talked about prayer in spanish helped them move in spanish and then taught in english about plan of salvation and word of wisdom it was sweet. im nervous now tho because we have to teach only in spanish. we started making lesson plans and its gonna be hard but i think we can do it.
My companion and I (i forgot to tell you last week hes the D.L now) but weve been striving to speak as much spanish as possible. its hard sometimes especially when nobody else tries but were getting better.  we set a goal to talk from after lunch till after dinner in only spanish so thats good.
On tuesday President gonzalez of the 70 spoke it was it good talk i enjoyed it. he talked a lot about how are families are being blessed back home so much for our service. it was cool i hope you guys are lol. our fireside on sunday was terrible lol. they had these 3 guys who wrote hymns and the first two were basically bragging about their family writing hymns and stuff and talking in all these music terms; it was rough and hard to pay attention to. the last guy was ok tho he wasnt as bad and brought the spirit and directed his comments a little more towards missionarys so that was good.
the past like week weve been going kinda crazy haha.  for a few days like as soon as we went back to our dorms for the night everyone would grab their ties they wanna trade and walk around trading with everyone it got kinda out of hand after a while. lol but i came up on some nice ties =] i gave my camera to my teacher to return and he said he was probabky gonna get it monday but he went to the lake this week so i havent seen it yet. everyone makes fun of me saying he stole it to go to the lake and its gonna have all sorts of pics of him on it. anyways i did get dads letter just after i wrote yours mom and i forgot to change it but i do have a surprise for dad im sending off today =] hope you enjoy it father =]
we watched a talk by elder holland called the miracle of a mission. It was wayy good i love his talks and his mission meant so much to him and he said not a day has gone by when he hasnt thought about something from it. that stood out to me and seemed very important to make it worth it.  Also at the end he said we should work so that at the end of our missions we can say “I suffered the will of the father for my mission from the begining” or something like that i wrote it down in my book but its not here. i really liked that and took it to heart to not waste anytime and try to work hard always. ive been saying that a lot lately and its tough putting it into actions but im trying and i guess thats what counts?
so how was jamaica? steph happy birthday!!! sorry i missed it but look at the brightside ill only miss one more. lol its so crazy how fast the days and weeks go by here i figured it would drag on  more but its flying i just hope i can prepare myself enough for the people of mexico. the oldest district left this week.  last 3 left today so now were the 3 oldest but the next oldest leaves tuesday so were getting to be the veterans.
one of the elders that just came in went to cesar chavez for high school i made fun of him cause we beat them at football. lol there were like at least 4 or 5 elders from ca in their disrtict. last night elder glass (one of the elders who got reassigned and left this morning) told us his conversion story it was pretty awesome. he is so strong in the gospel and a cool guy. our whole zone is really for the most part. I guess thats what you get at the mtc haha
well im sure there is stuff i need but i never remember to write it down till its past email time haha oh thanks mom for the package the cookies were  good everyone loved them and thanks for the clothes. i saw elder winslow the other day i think he’s in france already thats so crazy it was good to see him one last time i rarely saw him.
in class a couple days ago hermana tsymochenko took us outside and it was to learn about love and charity. so we sat in a circle and said what we liked and thought was charitable about each other, it was a really good exp. sounds kinda corny at first but it was good. one comment elder haskell made was he liked how my packages became district packages cause i always share everything with everyone. haha thought you guys would like to know you packages get put to good use. but it was good and i really enjoyed what everyone had to say.
well my time is running out i love you all thanks for your thoughts, love, letters, prayers, packages and everything and keep them coming =] haha oh no! i forgot about pilliow room. ok quick. So theres this room we heard about called the pillow room and supposedly it was a big dorm and from head to toes was pillows we finally got in this week it was so amazing we just like swam around pillows haha it was fun and super comfy i just layed in their and wrote in my journal with some elders one night it was sweet lol well be good everyone i love and miss you all see ya in 2 years minus 4 weeks and a day haha
elder juker =]
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 10:57 AM
Subject: 3 weeks
so its been 3 whole weeks since i reported que loco! lol its been a blast but lots of repetition so its hard to know what to talk about. lol
i got bobs package just after i sent off my email it was awesome thanks brother!  everyone was like look you got a dell cause of the giant dell box it was in lol.  also deanna sent me a package for our 2 yr lol it was nice lots of goodies and a tie and some shorts.
Domination in the volleyball courts continues our district had a tourney with 2 other districts and we dominated we had 2 dif teams and both of our teams destroyed but mine won of course lol.
but on a sadder note like a week and a half or so ago when we were playing i went up to block elder hunt (who left to peru yesterday =( ) and i hurt my pinky.  it was pretty swollen, so i went to the dr he said to just buddy tape it for a few weeksa and it should get better.  but i told him it was super loose cause it seemed like it would pop out of socket kinda when i moved it.  so he felt it again and said yeah it does feel really loose so i probably tore some ligaments or something in it but hopefully it will heal on its own. i have another appointment on wednesday for it. oh and for the immunization lady she said i cant go off campus for them but we can send you a receipt and insurance usually reimburses you for it so hopefully that will work out.

when does bob and dave and fam go to jamaica? and when does beth report? and sam? tell everyone hi and thanks for letters and keep it up lol
but now on to more spiritual matters. so the devotionals and firesides are probably one of my favorite things here.  its such a blessing to hear from a general authority basically twice a week; especially when their comments are based just for you and your cause. last sunday during devo we sang we’ll bring the world the truth it was way cool i felt the spirit so strongly especially as we sang “and we ARe the lords missionaries to bring the world his truth”.  it was awesome singing it with the packed room of missionaries! also after we watched a joseph smith video. it started from when he was little with his leg problem and stuff all the way till he died. it was such an awesome video, i encourage all of you to go watch it even if you’ve seen it before cause it is really amazing what he and the members back then went through for us.
I got a haircut on last saturday too lol random i know but next on my list of notes to talk about. it looks wonderful haha on or temple walk on sunday we were walking around and this family was walking past and this little girl who looked super young like just started talking was all look mom its the missionaries.  it felt so awesome to finally be the missionary people point  out instead of pointing them out lol.  same thing when i went to the dr everyone was like hey elder and i just thought yeah thats me =] haha its kinda wierd but very cool like.
i mentioned about elder hunt he and elder mckeachnie left yesterday it was sad cause they came in with us and were such good friends but its awesome they get to go to peru already theyre in the mtc for 6 more weeks there. its pretty sweet the oldest district in our zone was supposed to go to mexico this past week but visa’s are delayed they leave in 5 days to reassignments tilll they come through some to vegas colorado arizona and sacramento.  it was so exciting to see people we know get travel plans and makes me really want mine. i think it would be pretty cool to get reassigned for a little bit that way i could serve in 2 different places but i know the lord will make happen what needs to happen for me. that is a big thing ive come to realize this past week like i can ask and hope for stuff all i want but its his will and i need to accept and embrace it and i will be blessed for it.
during our tuesday night fire side we sang called to serve again an awesome experience. i lov singing with everyone here. oh yeh btw can comeone try to find the words to we’ll briing the world his truth in spanish and send it please. that reminds me i also got a package with a spanish himno y himno’s on cd but dont know who its from so tell me lol. whoever it is thank you very much im getting the book engraved only 2 bucks at the bookstopre! =]
anyways the firseide an elder from the 1st quorom of the 70 spoke i cant read his name in my notes lol but it was great he talked a lot about teaching from the book of mormon and having them read from the beginning. its amazxing the teachings and principles that come out when you really look at it even from just the beginning.  also we watched a clip from elder hollands fireside 10 yrs ago in class yesterday. it was soooo powerful he is so passionate about mish work its amazing. he really stressed the importance of working hard and not wasting the lords time. it hit home cause sometimes weve been messing around as a class when we have mdt but were getting better.  yesterday during our 4 hr mdt period we went to one of the rooms with pianos for a little while and played and sang and read scrips and memorized the first vision in spanish it was great.
spanish is coming along decent.  time just flies bye so quickly here. so our progressive investigator i talked about last email has been goign pretty good we had a nice big lesson plan for him but when we got to the lesson we were talking and found out he had problem with drinking and so we helped him with that it was amazing to see how the spirit guides a lesson even when its fake.  i felt sincere love for him and i think were helping a lot although he is on a boating vacation with his friends and family if he drinks im gonna have to beat him down lol jk….but really… hahah i love it its pretty fun and cool to see how they progress cause they use someone they really know or taught and can totally be them.

our teachers are awesome and really help out a lot it kinda upsets me cause this one guy complains about hermana tsymochenko and says shes boring but he just sleeps in class and he wonders why hes behind in spanish lol. but i love both classes in different ways hers she always has us bear testimony of things and it helps us grow a lot and she teaches lots of spanish in hermano angus’s class its always fun he gets everyone involved and makes it fun and we have lots of practices in both classes. i gave them both some of my candy as presents lol and we brought some of the brownies deanna sent as a present for our progressive investigator
well i love all of you and miss you so much i hope everyone is doing well and striving to be closer to our heavanly father. im so grateful for the help and influences you all have been in my life to get me here and i know this is the best place i could be right now.  i love it so much and im growing a lot and learning even more. i just started reading jesus the christ- awesome book so much stuff in there its amazing. all should read lol oh yeah went to temple today did init. it was awesome to hear the many blessings again well 30 sec left gotta send love all thanks again keep up love support and letters
elder steven juker
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 12:51 PM
this week has flown by so quickly its crazy seems like just yesterday we werent the new guys anymore and now theres another group in.
Thanks everyone for the packages they were awesome everyone in my district was mad at me this week cause i got 2 mon 1 tues and 2 wed lol it was awesome.
dad the bball hoop is sweet i was about to write home to ask for one this week thanks so much!!  ahha and everyone loved the cake deanna thanks for the cupcakes they are soo good i shared and still have a couple left over.  tell sis curiale thanks for the bread it was wonderful; alex said he like it too i mean elder alvieso lol.  dave those cookies you sent are heavanly thank you so much megan made them huh? haha thanks a lot they are great. mom the package you sent was good too it was awesome to have my patriarchal blesssing back to read i cant believe i was so dumb and forgot it. lol  we had a giant party with all the treats you guys sent me everyone loved the fudge but the mexican candy wasnt as big as a hit haha.  but thank you all so much and for your letters.
got to go to the temple today again it was great we did some names for a member of our branch presidency i have gained a strong testimony of temples and prayer this last week. for the past few weeks ive been thinking about sealings and eternal families and stuff and wondering like how it all worked and everything and so ive been praying about it looking for an answer. last week at the temple i went in with that question in mind praying for an answer. its very important to go with a question because it is just such an awesome place and the spirit is so strong. well this week in class hermano angus (one of our teachers) was getting ready to start teaching but we started talking about a bunch of stuff and just got carried away in a deep gospel conversation. a lot of it involved what i had been looking for i know it was an answer to my prayers and im so glad for it. We got into some pretty deep stuff and it shook up a couple guys and i was even worried about one guy going home but we all leaned on each other for support and have been great.
so this week in zone conf the teachers were gonna pick like 4 companionships to teach this “investigator” in front of everyone. So joking around while preping for it i said to my comp and friends hey lets just play the odds that we dont get picked so naturally the time came and i had to go up there it went pretty good and i enjoyed it (i didnt just not study i was kidding but still ironic).
so we have these things called progressive investigators they’re teachers who take a person they know or taught and pretend to be them as we give them the lessons. its pretty cool cause its a lot like teaching a real invest and i feel the spirit a lot while teaching ours name is benjamin hes a 7th day adventist but we’ve been able to answer his q’s and committed him to read and pray about scrips and jose smith, so hopefully were doing pretty good.
the other night one of the z.l’s told a story about how he almost died like twice first time getting attacked by a bull and second a heffer knocked him out with a gate when he wasnt looking but it was such an awesome story i wish i could write more about it ill try to write it in a letter but it was amazing to see how god blessed him and the help he received.
so in our large group meeting again this week we got the guy from the district 1 it was really cool hes awesome and teaches very well. on tuesday we had devotional and elder kendrick and his wife spoke hes from the 70 it was an awesome talk they all are always.
its so great to be here learning so much i seriously have never studied this much in my life especially in church lol but its awesome its rough sometimes like yesterday we had like 5 hours of mdt mish directed time so we had to keep ourselves busy the whole time but im  getting a lot better at it planning helps a lot.
our teachers are awesome hermana tysmochenko is are other one shes from brasil and they both teach a lot espanol es muy bien perro dificil con el conjugations y memorizing so many words pero yo aprender mucho.
i really miss you guys but you are also what keep me going with all the love and support and letters and also the wonderful place this is.
we play volleyball on pday almost everyday we dominate its really fun gym opens back up next month so bball will be craking haha i cant wait
oh as for stuff i need im running low on aftershave kinda  never got those nail clippers  or shortsd and shirts um my camera is kinda breaking it was like a black spot on the top of the screen wuill you send me the box and receipt cause hmno angus said hed try to exchange it for me also if you wanted to just send a cd player with burnt cds with hymns and stuff that would work too cds are super cheap at the bookstore as well.
i really love how we have gospel convos here at the mtc just randomly like when i first got here i was like thats kinda weird as i walked past these guys just discussing stuff at lunch but now i love it lol
well ill try to send out some hand written letter to everyone and stuff but i gotta get going soon i have a appointment at 150 with the immunizations lady. oh hows the webpage working? do you just put my letter or summarize it? sis hooke found it and has sent me a couple letters tell her i say thank you so much its great to hear from her she also sent me jons email he sent home it was way cool to see how hes doing hes in alabama and it sounds great to be in the field. i cant wait i just gotta get spanish down first
well i love everyone thanks for everything and remember to read scriptures and pray everyday it helps so much and i promise you will all be blessed for it.
oh crap i forgot lol tell stephanie i dont know how to send to nz but id love to maybe ill just type here and you can fwd but thanks for letter and hope her family is doing great i love you all be good ill talk to  you in another week
From: Steven Juker <>
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 1:13 PM
Subject: Re: Immunization inf
Hey everyone,
so im at the mtc and its been pretty great the spirit is very strong. The first song we sang as new missionaries was amazing. Theres so much stuff i just cant think of what to say in this short time. haha
Well the food is decent it kinda has been messing with my stomach for the first couple days but i just blessed it better so it wouldnt ;) haha and the chocolate milk is delicous and also the unlimited grape juice. haha
I hope all is going well, it never really hit me how i will be gone for two years but i think that part of it is from being set apart and blessed to put that stuff behind me so i havent really been homesick. But i still miss all of you and im grateful for your letters.
Ill write responses back personally cause there is too much to put all right here but again thanks for the letters and keep them coming. i love when i get to read a letter from my family and friends it makes the night a lot better. packages would be nice too =] everyone keeps getting all this stuff and i dont =[
I ran out of garments cause it was so long till p-day but i barely made it cause i get to wash today haha and i can only respond to letters and emails on thursdays. The first 2 were exceptions cause it was our first week then the temple letter. our teachers said there will be more like that but those are just every so often. i took a bunch of pictures ill try to save some time and see if i can upload them later cause i forgot my cord but i did buy a cd with them all on there for like a buck or two that ill get sat and send as soon as i can. my companions name is Elder reynolds he's from tampa florida hes kinda quiet at first but an awesome guy hes really strong in the gospel and im glad were comps.  we taught our first lesson in the trc where we teach volunteers who act like real investigators it was really good the actors make it seem pretty real. sometimes we contacted in spanish then got to come back 10 min later to teach the first lesson. i think it went great for our first realtime. the spanish is going surprisingly well i learn a lot and remember some too our district is awesome everyone in it is really cool and we know how to have fun but also get serious and spiritual its a good combo. we just got back from the temple it was way cool but it only has the two rooms so not as cool as LA. sorry im so all over the place i just type as it comes in my head with no order trying to go fast.  we have gym everyday pretty much, its fun.
soccer first day i scored a goal but its lame cause theres too many elders playing so we switched it up and played latter golf next day then some volleyball then gym then horseshoes and volleyball some more. the basketball gym is closed but we'll get to play the last couple weeks hopefully.
we watched the district 2 on sunday and a little more last night it is so cool it takes place in san diego and we all felt the spirit and were so excited to get out in the field and teach. but we need spanish first lol.
i saw jon the first day it was funny he was a host and took one of my roommates into our room then i saw rex at lunch same day and saw rex yesterday. i saw jon all the time but he got reassigned to alabama cause of visa things and i saw alex alvieso like 15 min ago we have our classes in the same building so i ll see him a lot it was cool to see him tell his family he says hi and is doing good.
i dont think i really need much idk maybe a tie or two cause some of the ones i brought suck lol umm or an extra pair of shorts cause we have gym so often. other than that i think im doing pretty good the worst part is shaving every morning i go through a razor blade like every 3 days so we might need to find a better solution.
i have 2 teachers hermano angus and hermana tsymochenko they are awesom even though the first day we had no teacher lol there was misunderstanding about when we would get in so we didnt have a teacher for a while but we got to work and got stuff done. the mtc isnt what i expected fully. there is a lot of time when its just up to you  to study and learn which can be tough sometimes like yesterday when we had to do that for 4 hours lol but its good.  ive grown a lot and i know i just will keep growing oh i met a sister missionary from hanford her name sister olsen i didnt know her.
It wasnt too bad adjusting to the mission life like the first morning i woke up all pumped to get going and then the next morning a little more tired and next more then next more but i kinda hit a bump where i just got into the swing i guess. in our district we have 6 going to mexico city west 4 going to east and 2 to peru but they leave in a couple weeks so theyre short term. evidently visas are doing super bad and a lot of people have been here a while and a lot are getting reasssigned till visas clear all i can do is pray and go where the lord needs me.
well i miss you all and hope your doing well ill write some spanish in letters but time is running short i dont think ill be able to get pics on but i hope you guys know how much i love and miss you and how much our heavanly father does too. its amazing to feel his love so strong here and to be able to concentrate fully on his work, its amazing. i love it ive learned so much already and cant wait to keep going i know that our heavenly father wants us to come back to him and that we can through his son jesucristo and that the atonement is real and that it has helped me so much and continues to do everyday. i hope you guys can follow him as best you can and know you will.
well time is running out i love you all and miss you all so much cant wait to see ya in 2 yrs minus a week haha well like a said keep up the letters and send a few packages maybe =] love you all be good oh and we had a G.A come tues and speak it was awesome he had some awesome advice and my branch pres is an awesome guy we had a great convo ok i have to send before i get kicked off love everyone
-elder steven juker