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Steven is leaving soon!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

   Having Steven (Uncle Tenin) as a roomate for the last year was a blessing! He is a great kid! He is one of the kindest people I know. He is my best friend! Steven is very friendly with a magnetic personality. Seeing Steven prepare for his mission and getting to know some of his friends that are on missions or getting ready to go on a mission has been a really neat experience. I loved to see him play with my kids. They already miss Uncle Tenin! I am so excited for Steven to have this opportunity to learn and grow and teach and whatever else happens on a Mission!  I hope that we can maintain this blog to help keep family and friends up to date on Steven and his Mission progress.

Steven is leaving Thursday the 15 to Utah, on his way to the MTC, where he will report on Wednesday the 21st of July. You can register an account with http://www.dearelder.com where you can send steven pouch letters to the MTC and to the Mexico City West Mission for free.

Check back for updates!!


p.s. If you have any problems, or questions please feel free to email me at rjuker@gmail.com.