October 5th, 2010

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Next Stop Salt Lake City

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Steven has been blessed to serve in the Salt Lake City mission while he awaits his Visa to continue on to Mexico City.

He is thrilled to be in the field and looking for people to teach!

At General Conference last week he was able to see many of his friends and had pictures taken with some of them.  His sister Jenny was sad to have missed seeing him by five minutes!

Looks like a 6th Ward Missionary Reunion

Looks like a 6th Ward Missionary Reunion

This picture is several 6th Ward missionaries.  Some serving now, some just recently home, and one getting ready to go! Left to Right they are Elder Daniel Burns, Jason Mann, Ian Montierth, Josh Feil, Justin Mann, Ryan Miller, Elder Steven Juker, and Andrew Owen.



Elder Steven Juker, Soon to be Elder Ian Montierth, and Elder Daniel Burns

Daniel and Steven are currently serving in the same mission.